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type ReadMetricsDecorator

type ReadMetricsDecorator struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ReadMetricsDecorator wraps a spanstore.Reader and collects metrics around each read operation.

func NewReadMetricsDecorator

func NewReadMetricsDecorator(spanReader spanstore.Reader, metricsFactory metrics.Factory) *ReadMetricsDecorator

NewReadMetricsDecorator returns a new ReadMetricsDecorator.

func (*ReadMetricsDecorator) FindTraces

func (m *ReadMetricsDecorator) FindTraces(traceQuery *spanstore.TraceQueryParameters) ([]*model.Trace, error)

FindTraces implements spanstore.Reader#FindTraces

func (*ReadMetricsDecorator) GetOperations

func (m *ReadMetricsDecorator) GetOperations(service string) ([]string, error)

GetOperations implements spanstore.Reader#GetOperations

func (*ReadMetricsDecorator) GetServices

func (m *ReadMetricsDecorator) GetServices() ([]string, error)

GetServices implements spanstore.Reader#GetServices

func (*ReadMetricsDecorator) GetTrace

func (m *ReadMetricsDecorator) GetTrace(traceID model.TraceID) (*model.Trace, error)

GetTrace implements spanstore.Reader#GetTrace

type WriteMetrics added in v0.5.2

type WriteMetrics struct {
	Attempts   metrics.Counter `metric:"attempts"`
	Inserts    metrics.Counter `metric:"inserts"`
	Errors     metrics.Counter `metric:"errors"`
	LatencyOk  metrics.Timer   `metric:"latency-ok"`
	LatencyErr metrics.Timer   `metric:"latency-err"`

WriteMetrics is a collection of metrics for write operations.

func NewWriteMetrics added in v0.5.2

func NewWriteMetrics(factory metrics.Factory, tableName string) *WriteMetrics

NewWriteMetrics takes a metrics scope and creates a metrics struct

func (*WriteMetrics) Emit added in v0.5.2

func (t *WriteMetrics) Emit(err error, latency time.Duration)

Emit will record success or failure counts and latency metrics depending on the passed error.

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