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type DeviceNumber

type DeviceNumber struct {
	Major uint
	Minor uint

DeviceNumber captures major:minor

type GetMountsRequest

type GetMountsRequest struct {
	DriverName   string // ceph, nfs
	FsType       string // nfs4, ext4
	KernelDriver string // rbd, device-mapper, etc.

GetMountsRequest captures all the params required for scanning mountinfo

type MountInfo

type MountInfo struct {
	MountID        uint          // unique mount ID
	ParentID       uint          // ID of the parent mount
	DeviceNumber   *DeviceNumber // Major:Minor device numbers
	Root           string        // path of the directory in the filesystem which is the Root of this mount
	MountPoint     string        // path of the mount point
	MountOptions   string        // per mount options
	OptionalFields string        // in the form of key:value
	Separator      string        // end of optional fields
	FilesystemType string        // e.g ext3, ext4
	MountSource    string
	SuperOptions   string // XXX This field is *not* parsed because it is not present on all systems. It is here as a placeholder.

MountInfo captures the mount info read from /proc/self/mountinfo

func GetMounts

func GetMounts(request *GetMountsRequest) ([]*MountInfo, error)

GetMounts captures the list of mounts that satisfies the given criteria (ceph/nfs/..)

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