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  • Drop command will not work on Cassandra 2.X because it rely on system_schema table which comes with 3.X
  • Other commands should work properly but are not tested
  • The Cassandra driver (gocql) does not natively support executing multipe statements in a single query. To allow for multiple statements in a single migration, you can use the x-multi-statement param. There are two important caveats:
    • This mode splits the migration text into separately-executed statements by a semi-colon ;. Thus x-multi-statement cannot be used when a statement in the migration contains a string with a semi-colon.
    • The queries are not executed in any sort of transaction/batch, meaning you are responsible for fixing partial migrations.



URL Query Default value Description
x-migrations-table schema_migrations Name of the migrations table
x-multi-statement false Enable multiple statements to be ran in a single migration (See note above)
port 9042 The port to bind to
consistency ALL Migration consistency
protocol Cassandra protocol version (3 or 4)
timeout 1 minute Migration timeout
username nil Username to use when authenticating.
password nil Password to use when authenticating.

timeout is parsed using time.ParseDuration(s string)

Upgrading from v1

  1. Write down the current migration version from schema_migrations
  2. DROP TABLE schema_migrations
  3. Download and install the latest migrate version.
  4. Force the current migration version with migrate force <current_version>.




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var (
	ErrNilConfig     = errors.New("no config")
	ErrNoKeyspace    = errors.New("no keyspace provided")
	ErrDatabaseDirty = errors.New("database is dirty")
	ErrClosedSession = errors.New("session is closed")
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var DefaultMigrationsTable = "schema_migrations"


func WithInstance

func WithInstance(session *gocql.Session, config *Config) (database.Driver, error)


type Cassandra

type Cassandra struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Cassandra) Close

func (c *Cassandra) Close() error

func (*Cassandra) Drop

func (c *Cassandra) Drop() error

func (*Cassandra) Lock

func (c *Cassandra) Lock() error

func (*Cassandra) Open

func (c *Cassandra) Open(url string) (database.Driver, error)

func (*Cassandra) Run

func (c *Cassandra) Run(migration io.Reader) error

func (*Cassandra) SetVersion

func (c *Cassandra) SetVersion(version int, dirty bool) error

func (*Cassandra) Unlock

func (c *Cassandra) Unlock() error

func (*Cassandra) Version

func (c *Cassandra) Version() (version int, dirty bool, err error)

Return current keyspace version

type Config

type Config struct {
	MigrationsTable       string
	KeyspaceName          string
	MultiStatementEnabled bool

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