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Published: Oct 15, 2021 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 20 Imported by: 450



Package mvcc defines etcd's stable MVCC storage.



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var (
	ErrCompacted = errors.New("mvcc: required revision has been compacted")
	ErrFutureRev = errors.New("mvcc: required revision is a future revision")
	ErrCanceled  = errors.New("mvcc: watcher is canceled")
	ErrClosed    = errors.New("mvcc: closed")
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var DefaultIgnores map[backend.IgnoreKey]struct{}

DefaultIgnores is a map of keys to ignore in hash checking.

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var (
	ErrRevisionNotFound = errors.New("mvcc: revision not found")
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var (
	ErrWatcherNotExist = errors.New("mvcc: watcher does not exist")


func NewStore

func NewStore(b backend.Backend, le lease.Lessor, ig ConsistentIndexGetter) *store

NewStore returns a new store. It is useful to create a store inside mvcc pkg. It should only be used for testing externally.

func ReportEventReceived

func ReportEventReceived(n int)

ReportEventReceived reports that an event is received. This function should be called when the external systems received an event from mvcc.Watcher.

func UpdateConsistentIndex

func UpdateConsistentIndex(be backend.Backend, index uint64)

func WriteKV

func WriteKV(be backend.Backend, kv mvccpb.KeyValue)


type ConsistentIndexGetter

type ConsistentIndexGetter interface {
	// ConsistentIndex returns the consistent index of current executing entry.
	ConsistentIndex() uint64

ConsistentIndexGetter is an interface that wraps the Get method. Consistent index is the offset of an entry in a consistent replicated log.

type ConsistentWatchableKV

type ConsistentWatchableKV interface {
	// ConsistentIndex returns the current consistent index of the KV.
	ConsistentIndex() uint64

ConsistentWatchableKV is a WatchableKV that understands the consistency algorithm and consistent index. If the consistent index of executing entry is not larger than the consistent index of ConsistentWatchableKV, all operations in this entry are skipped and return empty response.

type FilterFunc

type FilterFunc func(e mvccpb.Event) bool

FilterFunc returns true if the given event should be filtered out.

type KV

type KV interface {

	// Read creates a read transaction.
	Read() TxnRead

	// Write creates a write transaction.
	Write() TxnWrite

	// Hash computes the hash of the KV's backend.
	Hash() (hash uint32, revision int64, err error)

	// HashByRev computes the hash of all MVCC revisions up to a given revision.
	HashByRev(rev int64) (hash uint32, revision int64, compactRev int64, err error)

	// Compact frees all superseded keys with revisions less than rev.
	Compact(rev int64) (<-chan struct{}, error)

	// Commit commits outstanding txns into the underlying backend.

	// Restore restores the KV store from a backend.
	Restore(b backend.Backend) error
	Close() error

type RangeOptions

type RangeOptions struct {
	Limit int64
	Rev   int64
	Count bool

type RangeResult

type RangeResult struct {
	KVs   []mvccpb.KeyValue
	Rev   int64
	Count int

type ReadView

type ReadView interface {
	// FirstRev returns the first KV revision at the time of opening the txn.
	// After a compaction, the first revision increases to the compaction
	// revision.
	FirstRev() int64

	// Rev returns the revision of the KV at the time of opening the txn.
	Rev() int64

	// Range gets the keys in the range at rangeRev.
	// The returned rev is the current revision of the KV when the operation is executed.
	// If rangeRev <=0, range gets the keys at currentRev.
	// If `end` is nil, the request returns the key.
	// If `end` is not nil and not empty, it gets the keys in range [key, range_end).
	// If `end` is not nil and empty, it gets the keys greater than or equal to key.
	// Limit limits the number of keys returned.
	// If the required rev is compacted, ErrCompacted will be returned.
	Range(key, end []byte, ro RangeOptions) (r *RangeResult, err error)

type TxnRead

type TxnRead interface {
	// End marks the transaction is complete and ready to commit.

TxnRead represents a read-only transaction with operations that will not block other read transactions.

type TxnWrite

type TxnWrite interface {
	// Changes gets the changes made since opening the write txn.
	Changes() []mvccpb.KeyValue

TxnWrite represents a transaction that can modify the store.

func NewReadOnlyTxnWrite

func NewReadOnlyTxnWrite(txn TxnRead) TxnWrite

type WatchID

type WatchID int64

type WatchResponse

type WatchResponse struct {
	// WatchID is the WatchID of the watcher this response sent to.
	WatchID WatchID

	// Events contains all the events that needs to send.
	Events []mvccpb.Event

	// Revision is the revision of the KV when the watchResponse is created.
	// For a normal response, the revision should be the same as the last
	// modified revision inside Events. For a delayed response to a unsynced
	// watcher, the revision is greater than the last modified revision
	// inside Events.
	Revision int64

	// CompactRevision is set when the watcher is cancelled due to compaction.
	CompactRevision int64

type WatchStream

type WatchStream interface {
	// Watch creates a watcher. The watcher watches the events happening or
	// happened on the given key or range [key, end) from the given startRev.
	// The whole event history can be watched unless compacted.
	// If `startRev` <=0, watch observes events after currentRev.
	// The returned `id` is the ID of this watcher. It appears as WatchID
	// in events that are sent to the created watcher through stream channel.
	Watch(key, end []byte, startRev int64, fcs ...FilterFunc) WatchID

	// Chan returns a chan. All watch response will be sent to the returned chan.
	Chan() <-chan WatchResponse

	// RequestProgress requests the progress of the watcher with given ID. The response
	// will only be sent if the watcher is currently synced.
	// The responses will be sent through the WatchRespone Chan attached
	// with this stream to ensure correct ordering.
	// The responses contains no events. The revision in the response is the progress
	// of the watchers since the watcher is currently synced.
	RequestProgress(id WatchID)

	// Cancel cancels a watcher by giving its ID. If watcher does not exist, an error will be
	// returned.
	Cancel(id WatchID) error

	// Close closes Chan and release all related resources.

	// Rev returns the current revision of the KV the stream watches on.
	Rev() int64

type Watchable

type Watchable interface {
	// NewWatchStream returns a WatchStream that can be used to
	// watch events happened or happening on the KV.
	NewWatchStream() WatchStream

Watchable is the interface that wraps the NewWatchStream function.

type WatchableKV

type WatchableKV interface {

WatchableKV is a KV that can be watched.

type WriteView

type WriteView interface {
	// DeleteRange deletes the given range from the store.
	// A deleteRange increases the rev of the store if any key in the range exists.
	// The number of key deleted will be returned.
	// The returned rev is the current revision of the KV when the operation is executed.
	// It also generates one event for each key delete in the event history.
	// if the `end` is nil, deleteRange deletes the key.
	// if the `end` is not nil, deleteRange deletes the keys in range [key, range_end).
	DeleteRange(key, end []byte) (n, rev int64)

	// Put puts the given key, value into the store. Put also takes additional argument lease to
	// attach a lease to a key-value pair as meta-data. KV implementation does not validate the lease
	// id.
	// A put also increases the rev of the store, and generates one event in the event history.
	// The returned rev is the current revision of the KV when the operation is executed.
	Put(key, value []byte, lease lease.LeaseID) (rev int64)


Path Synopsis
Package backend defines a standard interface for etcd's backend MVCC storage.
Package backend defines a standard interface for etcd's backend MVCC storage.

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