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Published: Oct 15, 2021 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 20 Imported by: 642



Package snap stores raft nodes' states with snapshots.



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var (
	ErrNoSnapshot    = errors.New("snap: no available snapshot")
	ErrEmptySnapshot = errors.New("snap: empty snapshot")
	ErrCRCMismatch   = errors.New("snap: crc mismatch")
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var ErrNoDBSnapshot = errors.New("snap: snapshot file doesn't exist")


func Read

func Read(snapname string) (*raftpb.Snapshot, error)

Read reads the snapshot named by snapname and returns the snapshot.


type Message

type Message struct {
	ReadCloser io.ReadCloser
	TotalSize  int64
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Message is a struct that contains a raft Message and a ReadCloser. The type of raft message MUST be MsgSnap, which contains the raft meta-data and an additional data []byte field that contains the snapshot of the actual state machine. Message contains the ReadCloser field for handling large snapshot. This avoid copying the entire snapshot into a byte array, which consumes a lot of memory.

User of Message should close the Message after sending it.

func NewMessage

func NewMessage(rs raftpb.Message, rc io.ReadCloser, rcSize int64) *Message

func (Message) CloseNotify

func (m Message) CloseNotify() <-chan bool

CloseNotify returns a channel that receives a single value when the message sent is finished. true indicates the sent is successful.

func (Message) CloseWithError

func (m Message) CloseWithError(err error)

type Snapshotter

type Snapshotter struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func New

func New(dir string) *Snapshotter

func (*Snapshotter) DBFilePath

func (s *Snapshotter) DBFilePath(id uint64) (string, error)

DBFilePath returns the file path for the snapshot of the database with given id. If the snapshot does not exist, it returns error.

func (*Snapshotter) Load

func (s *Snapshotter) Load() (*raftpb.Snapshot, error)

func (*Snapshotter) LoadNewestAvailable

func (s *Snapshotter) LoadNewestAvailable(walSnaps []walpb.Snapshot) (*raftpb.Snapshot, error)

LoadNewestAvailable loads the newest snapshot available that is in walSnaps.

func (*Snapshotter) ReleaseSnapDBs

func (s *Snapshotter) ReleaseSnapDBs(snap raftpb.Snapshot) error

func (*Snapshotter) SaveDBFrom

func (s *Snapshotter) SaveDBFrom(r io.Reader, id uint64) (int64, error)

SaveDBFrom saves snapshot of the database from the given reader. It guarantees the save operation is atomic.

func (*Snapshotter) SaveSnap

func (s *Snapshotter) SaveSnap(snapshot raftpb.Snapshot) error


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