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func AIKChallengeResponse

func AIKChallengeResponse(context *tspi.Context, aikblob []byte, asymchallenge []byte, symchallenge []byte) (secret []byte, err error)

AIKChallengeResponse takes the output from GenerateChallenge along with the encrypted AIK key blob. The TPM then decrypts the asymmetric challenge with its EK in order to obtain the AES key, and uses the AES key to decrypt the symmetrically encrypted data. It verifies that this data blob corresponds to the AIK it was given, and if so hands back the secret contained within the symmetrically encrypted data.

func CreateAIK

func CreateAIK(context *tspi.Context) ([]byte, []byte, error)

CreateAIK asks the TPM to generate an Attestation Identity Key. It returns the unencrypted public half of the AIK along with an encrypted blob containing both halves of the key, and any error.

func GetEKCert

func GetEKCert(context *tspi.Context) (ekcert []byte, err error)

GetEKCert reads the Endorsement Key certificate from the TPM's NVRAM and returns it, along with any error generated.


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