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var (
	MaxVersion = semver.Version{
		Major: 2,
		Minor: 2,


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type CaReference

type CaReference struct {
	Source       string       `json:"source,omitempty"`
	Verification Verification `json:"verification,omitempty"`

func (CaReference) ValidateSource

func (c CaReference) ValidateSource() report.Report

type Config

type Config struct {
	Ignition Ignition `json:"ignition"`
	Networkd Networkd `json:"networkd,omitempty"`
	Passwd   Passwd   `json:"passwd,omitempty"`
	Storage  Storage  `json:"storage,omitempty"`
	Systemd  Systemd  `json:"systemd,omitempty"`

func (Config) Validate

func (c Config) Validate() report.Report

type ConfigReference

type ConfigReference struct {
	Source       string       `json:"source,omitempty"`
	Verification Verification `json:"verification,omitempty"`

func (ConfigReference) ValidateSource

func (c ConfigReference) ValidateSource() report.Report

type Create

type Create struct {
	Force   bool           `json:"force,omitempty"`
	Options []CreateOption `json:"options,omitempty"`

type CreateOption

type CreateOption string

type Device

type Device string

type Directory

type Directory struct {

func (Directory) ValidateMode

func (d Directory) ValidateMode() report.Report

type DirectoryEmbedded1

type DirectoryEmbedded1 struct {
	Mode *int `json:"mode,omitempty"`

type Disk

type Disk struct {
	Device     string      `json:"device,omitempty"`
	Partitions []Partition `json:"partitions,omitempty"`
	WipeTable  bool        `json:"wipeTable,omitempty"`

func (Disk) Validate

func (n Disk) Validate() report.Report

func (Disk) ValidateDevice

func (n Disk) ValidateDevice() report.Report

func (Disk) ValidatePartitions

func (n Disk) ValidatePartitions() report.Report

type File

type File struct {

func (File) Validate

func (f File) Validate() report.Report

func (File) ValidateMode

func (f File) ValidateMode() report.Report

type FileContents

type FileContents struct {
	Compression  string       `json:"compression,omitempty"`
	Source       string       `json:"source,omitempty"`
	Verification Verification `json:"verification,omitempty"`

func (FileContents) ValidateCompression

func (fc FileContents) ValidateCompression() report.Report

func (FileContents) ValidateSource

func (fc FileContents) ValidateSource() report.Report

type FileEmbedded1

type FileEmbedded1 struct {
	Append   bool         `json:"append,omitempty"`
	Contents FileContents `json:"contents,omitempty"`
	Mode     *int         `json:"mode,omitempty"`

type Filesystem

type Filesystem struct {
	Mount *Mount  `json:"mount,omitempty"`
	Name  string  `json:"name,omitempty"`
	Path  *string `json:"path,omitempty"`

func (Filesystem) Validate

func (f Filesystem) Validate() report.Report

func (Filesystem) ValidatePath

func (f Filesystem) ValidatePath() report.Report

type Group

type Group string

type Ignition

type Ignition struct {
	Config   IgnitionConfig `json:"config,omitempty"`
	Security Security       `json:"security,omitempty"`
	Timeouts Timeouts       `json:"timeouts,omitempty"`
	Version  string         `json:"version,omitempty"`

func (Ignition) Semver

func (v Ignition) Semver() (*semver.Version, error)

func (Ignition) Validate

func (v Ignition) Validate() report.Report

type IgnitionConfig

type IgnitionConfig struct {
	Append  []ConfigReference `json:"append,omitempty"`
	Replace *ConfigReference  `json:"replace,omitempty"`
type Link struct {

type LinkEmbedded1

type LinkEmbedded1 struct {
	Hard   bool   `json:"hard,omitempty"`
	Target string `json:"target,omitempty"`

type Mount

type Mount struct {
	Create         *Create       `json:"create,omitempty"`
	Device         string        `json:"device,omitempty"`
	Format         string        `json:"format,omitempty"`
	Label          *string       `json:"label,omitempty"`
	Options        []MountOption `json:"options,omitempty"`
	UUID           *string       `json:"uuid,omitempty"`
	WipeFilesystem bool          `json:"wipeFilesystem,omitempty"`

func (Mount) Validate

func (m Mount) Validate() report.Report

func (Mount) ValidateDevice

func (m Mount) ValidateDevice() report.Report

func (Mount) ValidateLabel

func (m Mount) ValidateLabel() report.Report

type MountOption

type MountOption string

type Networkd

type Networkd struct {
	Units []Networkdunit `json:"units,omitempty"`

type NetworkdDropin

type NetworkdDropin struct {
	Contents string `json:"contents,omitempty"`
	Name     string `json:"name,omitempty"`

func (NetworkdDropin) Validate

func (d NetworkdDropin) Validate() report.Report

type Networkdunit

type Networkdunit struct {
	Contents string           `json:"contents,omitempty"`
	Dropins  []NetworkdDropin `json:"dropins,omitempty"`
	Name     string           `json:"name,omitempty"`

func (Networkdunit) Validate

func (u Networkdunit) Validate() report.Report

type Node

type Node struct {
	Filesystem string     `json:"filesystem,omitempty"`
	Group      *NodeGroup `json:"group,omitempty"`
	Overwrite  *bool      `json:"overwrite,omitempty"`
	Path       string     `json:"path,omitempty"`
	User       *NodeUser  `json:"user,omitempty"`

func (Node) Depth

func (n Node) Depth() int

func (Node) ValidateFilesystem

func (n Node) ValidateFilesystem() report.Report

func (Node) ValidatePath

func (n Node) ValidatePath() report.Report

type NodeGroup

type NodeGroup struct {
	ID   *int   `json:"id,omitempty"`
	Name string `json:"name,omitempty"`

func (NodeGroup) Validate

func (ng NodeGroup) Validate() report.Report

type NodeUser

type NodeUser struct {
	ID   *int   `json:"id,omitempty"`
	Name string `json:"name,omitempty"`

func (NodeUser) Validate

func (nu NodeUser) Validate() report.Report

type Partition

type Partition struct {
	GUID     string `json:"guid,omitempty"`
	Label    string `json:"label,omitempty"`
	Number   int    `json:"number,omitempty"`
	Size     int    `json:"size,omitempty"`
	Start    int    `json:"start,omitempty"`
	TypeGUID string `json:"typeGuid,omitempty"`

func (Partition) ValidateGUID

func (p Partition) ValidateGUID() report.Report

func (Partition) ValidateLabel

func (p Partition) ValidateLabel() report.Report

func (Partition) ValidateTypeGUID

func (p Partition) ValidateTypeGUID() report.Report

type Passwd

type Passwd struct {
	Groups []PasswdGroup `json:"groups,omitempty"`
	Users  []PasswdUser  `json:"users,omitempty"`

type PasswdGroup

type PasswdGroup struct {
	Gid          *int   `json:"gid,omitempty"`
	Name         string `json:"name,omitempty"`
	PasswordHash string `json:"passwordHash,omitempty"`
	System       bool   `json:"system,omitempty"`

type PasswdUser

type PasswdUser struct {
	Create            *Usercreate        `json:"create,omitempty"`
	Gecos             string             `json:"gecos,omitempty"`
	Groups            []Group            `json:"groups,omitempty"`
	HomeDir           string             `json:"homeDir,omitempty"`
	Name              string             `json:"name,omitempty"`
	NoCreateHome      bool               `json:"noCreateHome,omitempty"`
	NoLogInit         bool               `json:"noLogInit,omitempty"`
	NoUserGroup       bool               `json:"noUserGroup,omitempty"`
	PasswordHash      *string            `json:"passwordHash,omitempty"`
	PrimaryGroup      string             `json:"primaryGroup,omitempty"`
	SSHAuthorizedKeys []SSHAuthorizedKey `json:"sshAuthorizedKeys,omitempty"`
	Shell             string             `json:"shell,omitempty"`
	System            bool               `json:"system,omitempty"`
	UID               *int               `json:"uid,omitempty"`

func (PasswdUser) Validate

func (p PasswdUser) Validate() report.Report

type Raid

type Raid struct {
	Devices []Device     `json:"devices,omitempty"`
	Level   string       `json:"level,omitempty"`
	Name    string       `json:"name,omitempty"`
	Options []RaidOption `json:"options,omitempty"`
	Spares  int          `json:"spares,omitempty"`

func (Raid) ValidateDevices

func (n Raid) ValidateDevices() report.Report

func (Raid) ValidateLevel

func (n Raid) ValidateLevel() report.Report

type RaidOption

type RaidOption string

type SSHAuthorizedKey

type SSHAuthorizedKey string

type Security

type Security struct {
	TLS TLS `json:"tls,omitempty"`

type Storage

type Storage struct {
	Directories []Directory  `json:"directories,omitempty"`
	Disks       []Disk       `json:"disks,omitempty"`
	Files       []File       `json:"files,omitempty"`
	Filesystems []Filesystem `json:"filesystems,omitempty"`
	Links       []Link       `json:"links,omitempty"`
	Raid        []Raid       `json:"raid,omitempty"`

type Systemd

type Systemd struct {
	Units []Unit `json:"units,omitempty"`

type SystemdDropin

type SystemdDropin struct {
	Contents string `json:"contents,omitempty"`
	Name     string `json:"name,omitempty"`

func (SystemdDropin) Validate

func (d SystemdDropin) Validate() report.Report

type TLS

type TLS struct {
	CertificateAuthorities []CaReference `json:"certificateAuthorities,omitempty"`

type Timeouts

type Timeouts struct {
	HTTPResponseHeaders *int `json:"httpResponseHeaders,omitempty"`
	HTTPTotal           *int `json:"httpTotal,omitempty"`

type Unit

type Unit struct {
	Contents string          `json:"contents,omitempty"`
	Dropins  []SystemdDropin `json:"dropins,omitempty"`
	Enable   bool            `json:"enable,omitempty"`
	Enabled  *bool           `json:"enabled,omitempty"`
	Mask     bool            `json:"mask,omitempty"`
	Name     string          `json:"name,omitempty"`

func (Unit) ValidateContents

func (u Unit) ValidateContents() report.Report

func (Unit) ValidateName

func (u Unit) ValidateName() report.Report

type Usercreate

type Usercreate struct {
	Gecos        string            `json:"gecos,omitempty"`
	Groups       []UsercreateGroup `json:"groups,omitempty"`
	HomeDir      string            `json:"homeDir,omitempty"`
	NoCreateHome bool              `json:"noCreateHome,omitempty"`
	NoLogInit    bool              `json:"noLogInit,omitempty"`
	NoUserGroup  bool              `json:"noUserGroup,omitempty"`
	PrimaryGroup string            `json:"primaryGroup,omitempty"`
	Shell        string            `json:"shell,omitempty"`
	System       bool              `json:"system,omitempty"`
	UID          *int              `json:"uid,omitempty"`

type UsercreateGroup

type UsercreateGroup string

type Verification

type Verification struct {
	Hash *string `json:"hash,omitempty"`

func (Verification) HashParts

func (v Verification) HashParts() (string, string, error)

HashParts will return the sum and function (in that order) of the hash stored in this Verification, or an error if there is an issue during parsing.

func (Verification) Validate

func (v Verification) Validate() report.Report

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