Tectonic Installer

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Tectonic is built on pure-upstream Kubernetes but has an opinion on the best way to install and run a Kubernetes cluster. This project helps you install a Kubernetes cluster the "Tectonic Way". It provides good defaults, enables install automation, and is customizable to meet your infrastructure needs.

Goals of the project:

  • Installation of Self-Hosted Kubernetes Cluster
  • Secure by default (use TLS, RBAC by default, OIDC AuthN, etcd)
  • Automatable install process for scripts and CI/CD
  • Deploy Tectonic on any infrastructure (Amazon, Azure, OpenStack, GCP, etc)
  • Runs Tectonic on any OS (Container Linux, RHEL, CentOS, etc)
  • Customizable and modular (change DNS providers, security settings, etc)
  • HA by default (deploy all Kubernetes components HA, use etcd Operator)

Checkout the ROADMAP for details on where the project is headed.

Getting Started

To use a tested release on an supported platform, follow the links below.

To hack or modify the templates or add a new platform, use the scripts in this repo to boot and tear down clusters.

Official releases

See the official Tectonic documentation:

Common Usage

At a high level, using the installer follows the workflow below. See each platform guide for specifics.

Install Terraform

This project is built on Terraform and requires version 0.9.4. Download and install an official Terraform binary for your OS or use your favorite package manager.

Choose your platform

The example below will use PLATFORM=azure but you can set the value to something different. Also, as you configure the cluster refer to the linked documentation to find the configuration parameters.

Initiate the Cluster Configuration

This will create a new directory build/<cluster-name> which holds all module references, Terraform state files, and custom variable files.

PLATFORM=azure CLUSTER=my-cluster make localconfig

Configure Cluster

Set variables in the terraform.tfvars file as needed, or you will be prompted. Available variables can be found in the and files present in the platforms/<PLATFORM> directory. Examples for each platform can be found in the examples directory.

Terraform Lifecycle

Plan, apply, and destroy are provided as Make targets to make working with the build directory and custom binary easier.

PLATFORM=azure CLUSTER=my-cluster make plan
PLATFORM=azure CLUSTER=my-cluster make apply
PLATFORM=azure CLUSTER=my-cluster make destroy

Tests are run for all approved pull requests via Jenkins. See the Jenkinsfile for details.

Tests can be run locally by:


export PLATFORM="aws"
export AWS_REGION="us-east-1"
export TF_VAR_tectonic_cluster_name=my-smoke-test
export TF_VAR_tectonic_license_path=/path/to/license.txt
export TF_VAR_tectonic_pull_secret_path=/path/to/pull-secret.json

make localconfig
ln -sf ../../test/aws.tfvars build/${TF_VAR_tectonic_cluster_name}/terraform.tfvars
make plan
make apply
make destroy


Path Synopsis
Package version provides the build version.
Package version provides the build version.
Package main is the Tectonic Installer binary app for end-users.
Package main is the Tectonic Installer binary app for end-users.
Package asset abstracts generated asset representations.
Package asset abstracts generated asset representations.
Package version provides the build version.
Package version provides the build version.