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const (
	// FlagAddress is the flag for the user's address on the command line.
	FlagAddress = "address"
	// FlagPublicKey represents the user's public key on the command line.
	FlagPublicKey = "pubkey"
	// FlagBechPrefix defines a desired Bech32 prefix encoding for a key.
	FlagBechPrefix = "bech"
	// FlagDevice indicates that the information should be shown in the device
	FlagDevice = "device"
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const (

	// DefaultKeyPass contains the default key password for genesis transactions
	DefaultKeyPass = "12345678"


This section is empty.


func AddKeyCommand

func AddKeyCommand() *cobra.Command

AddKeyCommand defines a keys command to add a generated or recovered private key to keybase.

func Commands

func Commands() *cobra.Command

Commands registers a sub-tree of commands to interact with local private key storage.

func DeleteKeyCommand

func DeleteKeyCommand() *cobra.Command

DeleteKeyCommand deletes a key from the key store.

func ExportKeyCommand

func ExportKeyCommand() *cobra.Command

ExportKeyCommand exports private keys from the key store.

func ImportKeyCommand

func ImportKeyCommand() *cobra.Command

ImportKeyCommand imports private keys from a keyfile.

func ImportKeyHexCommand added in v0.47.5

func ImportKeyHexCommand() *cobra.Command

func ListKeyTypesCmd added in v0.47.1

func ListKeyTypesCmd() *cobra.Command

ListKeyTypesCmd lists all key types.

func ListKeysCmd

func ListKeysCmd() *cobra.Command

ListKeysCmd lists all keys in the key store.

func MigrateCommand

func MigrateCommand() *cobra.Command

MigrateCommand migrates key information from legacy keybase to OS secret store.

func MnemonicKeyCommand

func MnemonicKeyCommand() *cobra.Command

MnemonicKeyCommand computes the bip39 memonic for input entropy.

func ParseKeyStringCommand

func ParseKeyStringCommand() *cobra.Command

ParseKeyStringCommand parses an address from hex to bech32 and vice versa.

func RenameKeyCommand added in v0.46.0

func RenameKeyCommand() *cobra.Command

RenameKeyCommand renames a key from the key store.

func ShowKeysCmd

func ShowKeysCmd() *cobra.Command

ShowKeysCmd shows key information for a given key name.


type AddNewKey

type AddNewKey struct {
	Name     string `json:"name"`
	Password string `json:"password"`
	Mnemonic string `json:"mnemonic"`
	Account  int    `json:"account,string,omitempty"`
	Index    int    `json:"index,string,omitempty"`

AddNewKey request a new key

func NewAddNewKey

func NewAddNewKey(name, password, mnemonic string, account, index int) AddNewKey

NewAddNewKey constructs a new AddNewKey request structure.

type DeleteKeyReq

type DeleteKeyReq struct {
	Password string `json:"password"`

DeleteKeyReq requests deleting a key

func NewDeleteKeyReq

func NewDeleteKeyReq(password string) DeleteKeyReq

NewDeleteKeyReq constructs a new DeleteKeyReq structure.

type KeyOutput added in v0.2.0

type KeyOutput struct {
	Name     string `json:"name" yaml:"name"`
	Type     string `json:"type" yaml:"type"`
	Address  string `json:"address" yaml:"address"`
	PubKey   string `json:"pubkey" yaml:"pubkey"`
	Mnemonic string `json:"mnemonic,omitempty" yaml:"mnemonic"`

KeyOutput defines a structure wrapping around an Info object used for output functionality.

func MkAccKeyOutput added in v0.50.0

func MkAccKeyOutput(k *keyring.Record) (KeyOutput, error)

MkAccKeyOutput create a KeyOutput in with "acc" Bech32 prefixes. If the public key is a multisig public key, then the threshold and constituent public keys will be added.

func MkAccKeysOutput added in v0.50.0

func MkAccKeysOutput(records []*keyring.Record) ([]KeyOutput, error)

MkAccKeysOutput returns a slice of KeyOutput objects, each with the "acc" Bech32 prefixes, given a slice of Record objects. It returns an error if any call to MkKeyOutput fails.

func MkConsKeyOutput added in v0.50.0

func MkConsKeyOutput(k *keyring.Record) (KeyOutput, error)

MkConsKeyOutput create a KeyOutput in with "cons" Bech32 prefixes.

func MkValKeyOutput added in v0.50.0

func MkValKeyOutput(k *keyring.Record) (KeyOutput, error)

MkValKeyOutput create a KeyOutput in with "val" Bech32 prefixes.

func NewKeyOutput added in v0.16.0

func NewKeyOutput(name string, keyType keyring.KeyType, a sdk.Address, pk cryptotypes.PubKey) (KeyOutput, error)

NewKeyOutput creates a default KeyOutput instance without Mnemonic, Threshold and PubKeys

type RecoverKey

type RecoverKey struct {
	Password string `json:"password"`
	Mnemonic string `json:"mnemonic"`
	Account  int    `json:"account,string,omitempty"`
	Index    int    `json:"index,string,omitempty"`

RecoverKeyBody recovers a key

func NewRecoverKey

func NewRecoverKey(password, mnemonic string, account, index int) RecoverKey

NewRecoverKey constructs a new RecoverKey request structure.

type UpdateKeyReq

type UpdateKeyReq struct {
	OldPassword string `json:"old_password"`
	NewPassword string `json:"new_password"`

UpdateKeyReq requests updating a key

func NewUpdateKeyReq

func NewUpdateKeyReq(old, new string) UpdateKeyReq

NewUpdateKeyReq constructs a new UpdateKeyReq structure.

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