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const (

	// DefaultAPIAddress defines the default address to bind the API server to.
	DefaultAPIAddress = "tcp://localhost:1317"

	// DefaultGRPCAddress defines the default address to bind the gRPC server to.
	DefaultGRPCAddress = "localhost:9090"

	// DefaultGRPCMaxRecvMsgSize defines the default gRPC max message size in
	// bytes the server can receive.
	DefaultGRPCMaxRecvMsgSize = 1024 * 1024 * 10

	// DefaultGRPCMaxSendMsgSize defines the default gRPC max message size in
	// bytes the server can send.
	DefaultGRPCMaxSendMsgSize = math.MaxInt32
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const DefaultConfigTemplate = `` /* 10297-byte string literal not displayed */


This section is empty.


func SetConfigTemplate added in v0.43.0

func SetConfigTemplate(customTemplate string)

SetConfigTemplate sets the custom app config template for the application

func WriteConfigFile

func WriteConfigFile(configFilePath string, config interface{})

WriteConfigFile renders config using the template and writes it to configFilePath.


type ABCIListenerConfig added in v0.50.0

type ABCIListenerConfig struct {
	Keys          []string `mapstructure:"keys"`
	Plugin        string   `mapstructure:"plugin"`
	StopNodeOnErr bool     `mapstructure:"stop-node-on-err"`

ABCIListenerConfig defines application configuration for ABCIListener streaming service

type APIConfig added in v0.40.0

type APIConfig struct {
	// Enable defines if the API server should be enabled.
	Enable bool `mapstructure:"enable"`

	// Swagger defines if swagger documentation should automatically be registered.
	Swagger bool `mapstructure:"swagger"`

	// EnableUnsafeCORS defines if CORS should be enabled (unsafe - use it at your own risk)
	EnableUnsafeCORS bool `mapstructure:"enabled-unsafe-cors"`

	// Address defines the API server to listen on
	Address string `mapstructure:"address"`

	// MaxOpenConnections defines the number of maximum open connections
	MaxOpenConnections uint `mapstructure:"max-open-connections"`

	// RPCReadTimeout defines the CometBFT RPC read timeout (in seconds)
	RPCReadTimeout uint `mapstructure:"rpc-read-timeout"`

	// RPCWriteTimeout defines the CometBFT RPC write timeout (in seconds)
	RPCWriteTimeout uint `mapstructure:"rpc-write-timeout"`

	// RPCMaxBodyBytes defines the CometBFT maximum request body (in bytes)
	RPCMaxBodyBytes uint `mapstructure:"rpc-max-body-bytes"`

APIConfig defines the API listener configuration.

type BaseConfig

type BaseConfig struct {
	// The minimum gas prices a validator is willing to accept for processing a
	// transaction. A transaction's fees must meet the minimum of any denomination
	// specified in this config (e.g. 0.25token1;0.0001token2).
	MinGasPrices string `mapstructure:"minimum-gas-prices"`

	// The maximum amount of gas a grpc/Rest query may consume.
	// If set to 0, it is unbounded.
	QueryGasLimit uint64 `mapstructure:"query-gas-limit"`

	Pruning           string `mapstructure:"pruning"`
	PruningKeepRecent string `mapstructure:"pruning-keep-recent"`
	PruningInterval   string `mapstructure:"pruning-interval"`

	// HaltHeight contains a non-zero block height at which a node will gracefully
	// halt and shutdown that can be used to assist upgrades and testing.
	// Note: Commitment of state will be attempted on the corresponding block.
	HaltHeight uint64 `mapstructure:"halt-height"`

	// HaltTime contains a non-zero minimum block time (in Unix seconds) at which
	// a node will gracefully halt and shutdown that can be used to assist
	// upgrades and testing.
	// Note: Commitment of state will be attempted on the corresponding block.
	HaltTime uint64 `mapstructure:"halt-time"`

	// MinRetainBlocks defines the minimum block height offset from the current
	// block being committed, such that blocks past this offset may be pruned
	// from CometBFT. It is used as part of the process of determining the
	// ResponseCommit.RetainHeight value during ABCI Commit. A value of 0 indicates
	// that no blocks should be pruned.
	// This configuration value is only responsible for pruning CometBFT blocks.
	// It has no bearing on application state pruning which is determined by the
	// "pruning-*" configurations.
	// Note: CometBFT block pruning is dependant on this parameter in conjunction
	// with the unbonding (safety threshold) period, state pruning and state sync
	// snapshot parameters to determine the correct minimum value of
	// ResponseCommit.RetainHeight.
	MinRetainBlocks uint64 `mapstructure:"min-retain-blocks"`

	// InterBlockCache enables inter-block caching.
	InterBlockCache bool `mapstructure:"inter-block-cache"`

	// IndexEvents defines the set of events in the form {eventType}.{attributeKey},
	// which informs CometBFT what to index. If empty, all events will be indexed.
	IndexEvents []string `mapstructure:"index-events"`

	// IavlCacheSize set the size of the iavl tree cache.
	IAVLCacheSize uint64 `mapstructure:"iavl-cache-size"`

	// IAVLDisableFastNode enables or disables the fast sync node.
	IAVLDisableFastNode bool `mapstructure:"iavl-disable-fastnode"`

	// AppDBBackend defines the type of Database to use for the application and snapshots databases.
	// An empty string indicates that the CometBFT config's DBBackend value should be used.
	AppDBBackend string `mapstructure:"app-db-backend"`

BaseConfig defines the server's basic configuration

type Config

type Config struct {
	BaseConfig `mapstructure:",squash"`

	// Telemetry defines the application telemetry configuration
	Telemetry telemetry.Config `mapstructure:"telemetry"`
	API       APIConfig        `mapstructure:"api"`
	GRPC      GRPCConfig       `mapstructure:"grpc"`
	GRPCWeb   GRPCWebConfig    `mapstructure:"grpc-web"`
	StateSync StateSyncConfig  `mapstructure:"state-sync"`
	Streaming StreamingConfig  `mapstructure:"streaming"`
	Mempool   MempoolConfig    `mapstructure:"mempool"`

Config defines the server's top level configuration

func DefaultConfig

func DefaultConfig() *Config

DefaultConfig returns server's default configuration.

func GetConfig added in v0.40.0

func GetConfig(v *viper.Viper) (Config, error)

GetConfig returns a fully parsed Config object.

func ParseConfig

func ParseConfig(v *viper.Viper) (*Config, error)

ParseConfig retrieves the default environment configuration for the application.

func (*Config) GetMinGasPrices

func (c *Config) GetMinGasPrices() sdk.DecCoins

GetMinGasPrices returns the validator's minimum gas prices based on the set configuration.

func (*Config) SetMinGasPrices

func (c *Config) SetMinGasPrices(gasPrices sdk.DecCoins)

SetMinGasPrices sets the validator's minimum gas prices.

func (Config) ValidateBasic added in v0.43.0

func (c Config) ValidateBasic() error

ValidateBasic returns an error if min-gas-prices field is empty in BaseConfig. Otherwise, it returns nil.

type GRPCConfig added in v0.40.0

type GRPCConfig struct {
	// Enable defines if the gRPC server should be enabled.
	Enable bool `mapstructure:"enable"`

	// Address defines the API server to listen on
	Address string `mapstructure:"address"`

	// MaxRecvMsgSize defines the max message size in bytes the server can receive.
	// The default value is 10MB.
	MaxRecvMsgSize int `mapstructure:"max-recv-msg-size"`

	// MaxSendMsgSize defines the max message size in bytes the server can send.
	// The default value is math.MaxInt32.
	MaxSendMsgSize int `mapstructure:"max-send-msg-size"`

GRPCConfig defines configuration for the gRPC server.

type GRPCWebConfig added in v0.43.0

type GRPCWebConfig struct {
	// Enable defines if the gRPC-web should be enabled.
	Enable bool `mapstructure:"enable"`

GRPCWebConfig defines configuration for the gRPC-web server.

type MempoolConfig added in v0.47.0

type MempoolConfig struct {
	// MaxTxs defines the behavior of the mempool. A negative value indicates
	// the mempool is disabled entirely, zero indicates that the mempool is
	// unbounded in how many txs it may contain, and a positive value indicates
	// the maximum amount of txs it may contain.
	MaxTxs int `mapstructure:"max-txs"`

MempoolConfig defines the configurations for the SDK built-in app-side mempool implementations.

type StateSyncConfig added in v0.40.0

type StateSyncConfig struct {
	// SnapshotInterval sets the interval at which state sync snapshots are taken.
	// 0 disables snapshots.
	SnapshotInterval uint64 `mapstructure:"snapshot-interval"`

	// SnapshotKeepRecent sets the number of recent state sync snapshots to keep.
	// 0 keeps all snapshots.
	SnapshotKeepRecent uint32 `mapstructure:"snapshot-keep-recent"`

StateSyncConfig defines the state sync snapshot configuration.

type StreamingConfig added in v0.50.0

type StreamingConfig struct {
	ABCI ABCIListenerConfig `mapstructure:"abci"`

StreamingConfig defines application configuration for external streaming services

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