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Package params defines the simulation parameters in the simapp.

It contains the default weights used for each transaction used on the module's simulation. These weights define the chance for a transaction to be simulated at any given operation.

You can replace the default values for the weights by providing a params.json file with the weights defined for each of the transaction operations:

	"op_weight_msg_send": 60,
	"op_weight_msg_delegate": 100,

In the example above, the `MsgSend` has 60% chance to be simulated, while the `MsgDelegate` will always be simulated.



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const (
	StakePerAccount           = "stake_per_account"
	InitiallyBondedValidators = "initially_bonded_validators"

Simulation parameter constants

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const (
	DefaultWeightMsgSend                        int = 100
	DefaultWeightMsgMultiSend                   int = 10
	DefaultWeightMsgSetWithdrawAddress          int = 50
	DefaultWeightMsgWithdrawDelegationReward    int = 50
	DefaultWeightMsgWithdrawValidatorCommission int = 50
	DefaultWeightMsgFundCommunityPool           int = 50
	DefaultWeightMsgDeposit                     int = 100
	DefaultWeightMsgVote                        int = 67
	DefaultWeightMsgVoteWeighted                int = 33
	DefaultWeightMsgUnjail                      int = 100
	DefaultWeightMsgCreateValidator             int = 100
	DefaultWeightMsgEditValidator               int = 5
	DefaultWeightMsgDelegate                    int = 100
	DefaultWeightMsgUndelegate                  int = 100
	DefaultWeightMsgBeginRedelegate             int = 100
	DefaultWeightMsgCancelUnbondingDelegation   int = 100

	DefaultWeightCommunitySpendProposal int = 5
	DefaultWeightTextProposal           int = 5
	DefaultWeightParamChangeProposal    int = 5

	// feegrant
	DefaultWeightGrantAllowance  int = 100
	DefaultWeightRevokeAllowance int = 100

Default simulation operation weights for messages and gov proposals


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type EncodingConfig added in v0.40.0

type EncodingConfig struct {
	InterfaceRegistry types.InterfaceRegistry
	Codec             codec.Codec
	TxConfig          client.TxConfig
	Amino             *codec.LegacyAmino

EncodingConfig specifies the concrete encoding types to use for a given app. This is provided for compatibility between protobuf and amino implementations.

func MakeTestEncodingConfig added in v0.40.0

func MakeTestEncodingConfig() EncodingConfig

MakeTestEncodingConfig creates an EncodingConfig for a non-amino based test configuration. This function should be used only internally (in the SDK). App user should'nt create new codecs - use the app.AppCodec instead. [DEPRECATED]

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