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func NewAppConfig

func NewAppConfig(opts ...ModuleOption) depinject.Config


type Config added in v0.47.4

type Config struct {
	ModuleConfigs      map[string]*appv1alpha1.ModuleConfig
	PreBlockersOrder   []string
	BeginBlockersOrder []string
	EndBlockersOrder   []string
	InitGenesisOrder   []string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Config should never need to be instantiated manually and is solely used for ModuleOption.

type ModuleOption

type ModuleOption func(config *Config)

func AuthModule

func AuthModule() ModuleOption

func AuthzModule added in v0.47.4

func AuthzModule() ModuleOption

func BankModule

func BankModule() ModuleOption

func CircuitModule added in v0.50.0

func CircuitModule() ModuleOption

func ConsensusModule

func ConsensusModule() ModuleOption

func DistributionModule

func DistributionModule() ModuleOption

func EvidenceModule added in v0.47.4

func EvidenceModule() ModuleOption

func FeegrantModule

func FeegrantModule() ModuleOption

func GenutilModule

func GenutilModule() ModuleOption

func GovModule

func GovModule() ModuleOption

func GroupModule added in v0.47.4

func GroupModule() ModuleOption

func MintModule

func MintModule() ModuleOption

func NFTModule added in v0.47.4

func NFTModule() ModuleOption

func OmitInitGenesis

func OmitInitGenesis() ModuleOption

func ParamsModule

func ParamsModule() ModuleOption

func SlashingModule

func SlashingModule() ModuleOption

func StakingModule

func StakingModule() ModuleOption

func TxModule

func TxModule() ModuleOption

func VestingModule

func VestingModule() ModuleOption

func WithCustomBeginBlockersOrder added in v0.47.4

func WithCustomBeginBlockersOrder(beginBlockOrder ...string) ModuleOption

func WithCustomEndBlockersOrder added in v0.47.4

func WithCustomEndBlockersOrder(endBlockersOrder ...string) ModuleOption

func WithCustomInitGenesisOrder added in v0.47.4

func WithCustomInitGenesisOrder(initGenesisOrder ...string) ModuleOption

func WithCustomPreBlockersOrder added in v0.50.0

func WithCustomPreBlockersOrder(preBlockOrder ...string) ModuleOption

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