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Published: Apr 22, 2024 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 2 Imported by: 12,463



Package errors provides a shared set of errors for use in the SDK, aliases functionality in the module that used to be in this package, and provides some helpers for converting errors to ABCI response code.

New code should generally import directly and define a custom set of errors in custom codespace, rather than importing this package.



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const RootCodespace = "sdk"

RootCodespace is the codespace for all errors defined in this package


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var (
	// ErrTxDecode is returned if we cannot parse a transaction
	ErrTxDecode = errorsmod.Register(RootCodespace, 2, "tx parse error")

	// ErrInvalidSequence is used the sequence number (nonce) is incorrect
	// for the signature
	ErrInvalidSequence = errorsmod.Register(RootCodespace, 3, "invalid sequence")

	// ErrUnauthorized is used whenever a request without sufficient
	// authorization is handled.
	ErrUnauthorized = errorsmod.Register(RootCodespace, 4, "unauthorized")

	// ErrInsufficientFunds is used when the account cannot pay requested amount.
	ErrInsufficientFunds = errorsmod.Register(RootCodespace, 5, "insufficient funds")

	// ErrUnknownRequest to doc
	ErrUnknownRequest = errorsmod.Register(RootCodespace, 6, "unknown request")

	// ErrInvalidAddress to doc
	ErrInvalidAddress = errorsmod.Register(RootCodespace, 7, "invalid address")

	// ErrInvalidPubKey to doc
	ErrInvalidPubKey = errorsmod.Register(RootCodespace, 8, "invalid pubkey")

	// ErrUnknownAddress to doc
	ErrUnknownAddress = errorsmod.Register(RootCodespace, 9, "unknown address")

	// ErrInvalidCoins to doc
	ErrInvalidCoins = errorsmod.Register(RootCodespace, 10, "invalid coins")

	// ErrOutOfGas to doc
	ErrOutOfGas = errorsmod.Register(RootCodespace, 11, "out of gas")

	// ErrMemoTooLarge to doc
	ErrMemoTooLarge = errorsmod.Register(RootCodespace, 12, "memo too large")

	// ErrInsufficientFee to doc
	ErrInsufficientFee = errorsmod.Register(RootCodespace, 13, "insufficient fee")

	// ErrTooManySignatures to doc
	ErrTooManySignatures = errorsmod.Register(RootCodespace, 14, "maximum number of signatures exceeded")

	// ErrNoSignatures to doc
	ErrNoSignatures = errorsmod.Register(RootCodespace, 15, "no signatures supplied")

	// ErrJSONMarshal defines an ABCI typed JSON marshaling error
	ErrJSONMarshal = errorsmod.Register(RootCodespace, 16, "failed to marshal JSON bytes")

	// ErrJSONUnmarshal defines an ABCI typed JSON unmarshalling error
	ErrJSONUnmarshal = errorsmod.Register(RootCodespace, 17, "failed to unmarshal JSON bytes")

	// ErrInvalidRequest defines an ABCI typed error where the request contains
	// invalid data.
	ErrInvalidRequest = errorsmod.Register(RootCodespace, 18, "invalid request")

	// ErrTxInMempoolCache defines an ABCI typed error where a tx already exists
	// in the mempool.
	ErrTxInMempoolCache = errorsmod.Register(RootCodespace, 19, "tx already in mempool")

	// ErrMempoolIsFull defines an ABCI typed error where the mempool is full.
	ErrMempoolIsFull = errorsmod.Register(RootCodespace, 20, "mempool is full")

	// ErrTxTooLarge defines an ABCI typed error where tx is too large.
	ErrTxTooLarge = errorsmod.Register(RootCodespace, 21, "tx too large")

	// ErrKeyNotFound defines an error when the key doesn't exist
	ErrKeyNotFound = errorsmod.Register(RootCodespace, 22, "key not found")

	// ErrWrongPassword defines an error when the key password is invalid.
	ErrWrongPassword = errorsmod.Register(RootCodespace, 23, "invalid account password")

	// ErrorInvalidSigner defines an error when the tx intended signer does not match the given signer.
	ErrorInvalidSigner = errorsmod.Register(RootCodespace, 24, "tx intended signer does not match the given signer")

	// ErrorInvalidGasAdjustment defines an error for an invalid gas adjustment
	ErrorInvalidGasAdjustment = errorsmod.Register(RootCodespace, 25, "invalid gas adjustment")

	// ErrInvalidHeight defines an error for an invalid height
	ErrInvalidHeight = errorsmod.Register(RootCodespace, 26, "invalid height")

	// ErrInvalidVersion defines a general error for an invalid version
	ErrInvalidVersion = errorsmod.Register(RootCodespace, 27, "invalid version")

	// ErrInvalidChainID defines an error when the chain-id is invalid.
	ErrInvalidChainID = errorsmod.Register(RootCodespace, 28, "invalid chain-id")

	// ErrInvalidType defines an error an invalid type.
	ErrInvalidType = errorsmod.Register(RootCodespace, 29, "invalid type")

	// ErrTxTimeoutHeight defines an error for when a tx is rejected out due to an
	// explicitly set timeout height.
	ErrTxTimeoutHeight = errorsmod.Register(RootCodespace, 30, "tx timeout height")

	// ErrUnknownExtensionOptions defines an error for unknown extension options.
	ErrUnknownExtensionOptions = errorsmod.Register(RootCodespace, 31, "unknown extension options")

	// ErrWrongSequence defines an error where the account sequence defined in
	// the signer info doesn't match the account's actual sequence number.
	ErrWrongSequence = errorsmod.Register(RootCodespace, 32, "incorrect account sequence")

	// ErrPackAny defines an error when packing a protobuf message to Any fails.
	ErrPackAny = errorsmod.Register(RootCodespace, 33, "failed packing protobuf message to Any")

	// ErrUnpackAny defines an error when unpacking a protobuf message from Any fails.
	ErrUnpackAny = errorsmod.Register(RootCodespace, 34, "failed unpacking protobuf message from Any")

	// ErrLogic defines an internal logic error, e.g. an invariant or assertion
	// that is violated. It is a programmer error, not a user-facing error.
	ErrLogic = errorsmod.Register(RootCodespace, 35, "internal logic error")

	// ErrConflict defines a conflict error, e.g. when two goroutines try to access
	// the same resource and one of them fails.
	ErrConflict = errorsmod.Register(RootCodespace, 36, "conflict")

	// ErrNotSupported is returned when we call a branch of a code which is currently not
	// supported.
	ErrNotSupported = errorsmod.Register(RootCodespace, 37, "feature not supported")

	// ErrNotFound defines an error when requested entity doesn't exist in the state.
	ErrNotFound = errorsmod.Register(RootCodespace, 38, "not found")

	// ErrIO should be used to wrap internal errors caused by external operation.
	// Examples: not DB domain error, file writing etc...
	ErrIO = errorsmod.Register(RootCodespace, 39, "Internal IO error")

	// ErrAppConfig defines an error occurred if application configuration is
	// misconfigured.
	ErrAppConfig = errorsmod.Register(RootCodespace, 40, "error in app.toml")

	// ErrInvalidGasLimit defines an error when an invalid GasWanted value is
	// supplied.
	ErrInvalidGasLimit = errorsmod.Register(RootCodespace, 41, "invalid gas limit")

	// ErrPanic should only be set when we recovering from a panic
	ErrPanic = errorsmod.ErrPanic


func QueryResult

func QueryResult(err error, debug bool) *abci.ResponseQuery

QueryResult returns a ResponseQuery from an error. It will try to parse ABCI info from the error.

func ResponseCheckTxWithEvents added in v0.44.5

func ResponseCheckTxWithEvents(err error, gw, gu uint64, events []abci.Event, debug bool) *abci.ResponseCheckTx

ResponseCheckTxWithEvents returns an ABCI ResponseCheckTx object with fields filled in from the given error, gas values and events.

func ResponseExecTxResultWithEvents added in v0.50.0

func ResponseExecTxResultWithEvents(err error, gw, gu uint64, events []abci.Event, debug bool) *abci.ExecTxResult

ResponseExecTxResultWithEvents returns an ABCI ExecTxResult object with fields filled in from the given error, gas values and events.


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