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const (
	//PlatformWindows const for windows
	PlatformWindows = "windows"


This section is empty.


func ParseConfigFlag added in v1.40.0

func ParseConfigFlag(f *flag.FlagSet) map[string]TomlInfo

ParseConfigFlag parse toml information for flag


type Config added in v1.40.0

type Config struct {
	Root        string    `toml:"root"`
	TmpDir      string    `toml:"tmp_dir"`
	TestDataDir string    `toml:"testdata_dir"`
	Build       cfgBuild  `toml:"build"`
	Color       cfgColor  `toml:"color"`
	Log         cfgLog    `toml:"log"`
	Misc        cfgMisc   `toml:"misc"`
	Screen      cfgScreen `toml:"screen"`

Config is the main configuration structure for Air.

func InitConfig added in v1.40.0

func InitConfig(path string) (cfg *Config, err error)

InitConfig initializes the configuration.

func (*Config) WithArgs added in v1.40.0

func (c *Config) WithArgs(args map[string]TomlInfo)

WithArgs returns a new config with the given arguments added to the configuration.

type Engine

type Engine struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Engine ...

func NewEngine

func NewEngine(cfgPath string, debugMode bool) (*Engine, error)

NewEngine ...

func NewEngineWithConfig added in v1.40.0

func NewEngineWithConfig(cfg *Config, debugMode bool) (*Engine, error)

NewEngineWithConfig ...

func (*Engine) Run

func (e *Engine) Run()

Run run run

func (*Engine) Stop

func (e *Engine) Stop()

Stop the air

type TomlInfo added in v1.40.0

type TomlInfo struct {
	Value *string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

TomlInfo is a struct for toml config file

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