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func BeautifyText

func BeautifyText(text, color string) string

    BeautifyText function for send (colored or common) message to output.

    func CreateProjectFromCmd

    func CreateProjectFromCmd(p *registry.Project, c map[string]*registry.Command, m string) error

      CreateProjectFromCmd function for create a new project from a comand line.

      func CreateProjectFromRegistry

      func CreateProjectFromRegistry(p *registry.Project, r map[string]*registry.Repository, m string) error

        CreateProjectFromRegistry function for create a new project from repository.

        func ExecCommand

        func ExecCommand(command string, options []string) error

          ExecCommand function to execute a given command.

          func GitClone

          func GitClone(rootFolder, templateName string) error

            GitClone function for `git clone` defined project template.

            func MakeFiles

            func MakeFiles(rootFolder string, filesToMake map[string][]byte) error

              MakeFiles function for massively create folders.

              func MakeFolder

              func MakeFolder(folderName string, chmod os.FileMode) error

                MakeFolder function for create folder.

                func RemoveFolders

                func RemoveFolders(rootFolder string, foldersToRemove []string)

                  RemoveFolders function for massively remove folders.

                  func SendMsg

                  func SendMsg(startWithNewLine bool, caption, text, color string, endWithNewLine bool)

                    SendMsg function forsend message to output.


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