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const (
	// EtcdEndpointsName is the resource name for CKE-managed etcd
	EtcdEndpointsName = "cke-etcd"
	// EtcdEndpointSliceName is the resource name for CKE-managed etcd
	EtcdEndpointSliceName = EtcdEndpointsName
	// EtcdServiceName is the resource name for CKE-managed etcd
	EtcdServiceName = EtcdEndpointsName
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const (
	// EtcdContainerName is container name of etcd
	EtcdContainerName = "etcd"
	// KubeAPIServerContainerName is name of kube-apiserver
	KubeAPIServerContainerName = "kube-apiserver"
	// KubeControllerManagerContainerName is name of kube-controller-manager
	KubeControllerManagerContainerName = "kube-controller-manager"
	// KubeProxyContainerName is container name of kube-proxy
	KubeProxyContainerName = "kube-proxy"
	// KubeSchedulerContainerName is container name of kube-scheduler
	KubeSchedulerContainerName = "kube-scheduler"
	// KubeletContainerName is container name of kubelet
	KubeletContainerName = "kubelet"
	// RiversContainerName is container name of rivers
	RiversContainerName = "rivers"
	// EtcdRiversContainerName is container name of etcd-rivers
	EtcdRiversContainerName = "etcd-rivers"

	// RiversUpstreamPort is upstream port of rivers container
	RiversUpstreamPort = 6443
	// RiversListenPort is listen port of rivers container
	RiversListenPort = 16443
	// EtcdRiversUpstreamPort is upstream port of etcd-rivers container
	EtcdRiversUpstreamPort = 2379
	// EtcdRiversListenPort is listen port of etcd-rivers container
	EtcdRiversListenPort = 12379

	// ClusterDNSAppName is app name of cluster DNS
	ClusterDNSAppName = "cluster-dns"
	// NodeDNSAppName is app name of node-dns
	NodeDNSAppName = "node-dns"

	// DefaultEtcdVolumeName is etcd default volume name
	DefaultEtcdVolumeName = "etcd-cke"
	// EtcdAddedMemberVolumeName is volume name for flag of add-etcd-member has completed or not
	EtcdAddedMemberVolumeName = "etcd-added-member"

	// TimeoutDuration is default timeout duration
	TimeoutDuration = 5 * time.Second

	// CKELabelMaster is the label name added to control plane nodes
	CKELabelMaster = "cke.cybozu.com/master"
	// CKETaintMaster is the taint name added to control plane nodes
	CKETaintMaster = "cke.cybozu.com/master"

	// CKELabelAppName is application name
	CKELabelAppName = "cke.cybozu.com/appname"

	// CKEAnnotationReboot is the annotation to mark reboot targets
	CKEAnnotationReboot = "cke.cybozu.com/reboot"

	// SchedulerConfigPath is a path for scheduler extender config
	SchedulerConfigPath = "/etc/kubernetes/scheduler/config.yml"
	// SchedulerKubeConfigPath is a path for scheduler kubeconfig
	SchedulerKubeConfigPath = "/etc/kubernetes/scheduler/kubeconfig"

	// ControllerManagerKubeConfigPath is a path for controller-manager kubeconfig
	ControllerManagerKubeConfigPath = "/etc/kubernetes/controller-manager/kubeconfig"


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func APIServerStopOp

func APIServerStopOp(nodes []*cke.Node) cke.Operator

APIServerStopOp returns an Operator to stop API server

func CheckDrainCompletion added in v1.22.8

func CheckDrainCompletion(ctx context.Context, inf cke.Infrastructure, apiserver *cke.Node, c *cke.Cluster, rqEntries []*cke.RebootQueueEntry) ([]*cke.RebootQueueEntry, []*cke.RebootQueueEntry, error)

func CheckHealthz added in v1.20.0

func CheckHealthz(ctx context.Context, inf cke.Infrastructure, addr string, port uint16) (bool, error)

CheckHealthz checks that Kubelet is healthy

func CheckRebootCancelled added in v1.27.10

func CheckRebootCancelled(ctx context.Context, c *cke.Cluster, rqEntries []*cke.RebootQueueEntry) []*cke.RebootQueueEntry

func CheckRebootDequeue added in v1.22.8

func CheckRebootDequeue(ctx context.Context, c *cke.Cluster, rqEntries []*cke.RebootQueueEntry) []*cke.RebootQueueEntry

func ChooseDrainedNodes added in v1.22.8

func ChooseDrainedNodes(c *cke.Cluster, apiServers map[string]bool, rqEntries []*cke.RebootQueueEntry) []*cke.RebootQueueEntry

chooseDrainedNodes chooses nodes to be newly drained. For now, this function does not check "drainability".

func ControllerManagerStopOp

func ControllerManagerStopOp(nodes []*cke.Node) cke.Operator

ControllerManagerStopOp returns an Operator to stop kube-controller-manager

func EtcdPKIPath

func EtcdPKIPath(p string) string

EtcdPKIPath returns a certificate file path for k8s.

func EtcdRiversStopOp added in v1.14.1

func EtcdRiversStopOp(nodes []*cke.Node) cke.Operator

EtcdRiversStopOp returns an Operator to stop etcd-rivers

func EtcdStopOp

func EtcdStopOp(nodes []*cke.Node) cke.Operator

EtcdStopOp returns an Operator to stop etcd

func EtcdVolumeName

func EtcdVolumeName(e cke.EtcdParams) string

EtcdVolumeName returns etcd volume name

func GetEtcdClusterStatus

func GetEtcdClusterStatus(ctx context.Context, inf cke.Infrastructure, nodes []*cke.Node) (cke.EtcdClusterStatus, error)

GetEtcdClusterStatus returns EtcdClusterStatus

func GetKubernetesClusterStatus

func GetKubernetesClusterStatus(ctx context.Context, inf cke.Infrastructure, n *cke.Node, cluster *cke.Cluster) (cke.KubernetesClusterStatus, error)

GetKubernetesClusterStatus returns KubernetesClusterStatus

func GetNodeStatus

func GetNodeStatus(ctx context.Context, inf cke.Infrastructure, node *cke.Node, cluster *cke.Cluster) (*cke.NodeStatus, error)

GetNodeStatus returns NodeStatus.

func GetRepairQueueStatus added in v1.27.4

func GetRepairQueueStatus(ctx context.Context, inf cke.Infrastructure, n *cke.Node, cluster *cke.Cluster) (cke.RepairQueueStatus, error)

func GuessMemberName added in v1.14.1

func GuessMemberName(m *etcdserverpb.Member) (string, error)

GuessMemberName returns etcd member's ip address

func K8sPKIPath

func K8sPKIPath(p string) string

K8sPKIPath returns a certificate file path for k8s.

func KubeEndpointSliceCreateOp added in v1.21.0

func KubeEndpointSliceCreateOp(apiserver *cke.Node, eps *discoveryv1.EndpointSlice) cke.Operator

KubeEndpointSliceCreateOp returns an Operator to create EndpointSlice resource.

func KubeEndpointSliceUpdateOp added in v1.21.0

func KubeEndpointSliceUpdateOp(apiserver *cke.Node, eps *discoveryv1.EndpointSlice) cke.Operator

KubeEndpointSliceUpdateOp returns an Operator to update Endpoints resource.

func KubeEndpointsCreateOp added in v1.14.13

func KubeEndpointsCreateOp(apiserver *cke.Node, ep *corev1.Endpoints) cke.Operator

KubeEndpointsCreateOp returns an Operator to create Endpoints resource.

func KubeEndpointsUpdateOp added in v1.14.13

func KubeEndpointsUpdateOp(apiserver *cke.Node, ep *corev1.Endpoints) cke.Operator

KubeEndpointsUpdateOp returns an Operator to update Endpoints resource.

func KubeEtcdServiceCreateOp added in v1.14.13

func KubeEtcdServiceCreateOp(apiserver *cke.Node) cke.Operator

KubeEtcdServiceCreateOp returns an Operator to create Service resource for etcd.

func KubeEtcdServiceUpdateOp added in v1.14.13

func KubeEtcdServiceUpdateOp(apiserver *cke.Node) cke.Operator

KubeEtcdServiceUpdateOp returns an Operator to update Service resource for etcd.

func KubeNodeRemoveOp

func KubeNodeRemoveOp(apiserver *cke.Node, nodes []*corev1.Node) cke.Operator

KubeNodeRemoveOp removes k8s Node resources.

func KubeNodeUpdateOp

func KubeNodeUpdateOp(apiserver *cke.Node, nodes []*corev1.Node) cke.Operator

KubeNodeUpdateOp updates k8s Node resources.

func KubeWaitOp

func KubeWaitOp(apiserver *cke.Node) cke.Operator

KubeWaitOp returns an Operator to wait for Kubernetes resources gets initialized

func ProxyStopOp added in v1.20.4

func ProxyStopOp(nodes []*cke.Node) cke.Operator

ProxyStopOp returns an Operator to stop kube-proxy

func RebootCancelOp added in v1.27.10

func RebootCancelOp(entries []*cke.RebootQueueEntry) cke.Operator

RebootCancelOp returns an Operator to dequeue cancelled reboot entries.

func RebootDequeueOp added in v1.18.3

func RebootDequeueOp(entries []*cke.RebootQueueEntry) cke.Operator

RebootDequeueOp returns an Operator to dequeue reboot entries.

func RebootDrainStartOp added in v1.22.8

func RebootDrainStartOp(apiserver *cke.Node, entries []*cke.RebootQueueEntry, config *cke.Reboot) cke.InfoOperator

func RebootDrainTimeoutOp added in v1.22.8

func RebootDrainTimeoutOp(entries []*cke.RebootQueueEntry) cke.Operator

func RebootRebootOp added in v1.22.8

func RebootRebootOp(apiserver *cke.Node, entries []*cke.RebootQueueEntry, config *cke.Reboot) cke.InfoOperator

RebootRebootOp returns an Operator to reboot nodes.

func RebootUncordonOp added in v1.18.6

func RebootUncordonOp(apiserver *cke.Node, nodeNames []string) cke.Operator

RebootUncordonOp returns an Operator to uncordon nodes.

func RepairDequeueOp added in v1.27.4

func RepairDequeueOp(entry *cke.RepairQueueEntry) cke.Operator

func RepairDrainStartOp added in v1.27.4

func RepairDrainStartOp(apiserver *cke.Node, entry *cke.RepairQueueEntry, config *cke.Repair) cke.Operator

func RepairDrainTimeoutOp added in v1.27.4

func RepairDrainTimeoutOp(entry *cke.RepairQueueEntry) cke.Operator

func RepairExecuteOp added in v1.27.4

func RepairExecuteOp(entry *cke.RepairQueueEntry, step *cke.RepairStep) cke.Operator

func RepairFinishOp added in v1.27.4

func RepairFinishOp(entry *cke.RepairQueueEntry, succeeded bool) cke.Operator

func ResourceApplyOp added in v1.13.9

func ResourceApplyOp(apiServer *cke.Node, resource cke.ResourceDefinition, forceConflicts bool) cke.Operator

ResourceApplyOp creates or updates a Kubernetes object.

func RiversBootOp added in v1.14.1

func RiversBootOp(nodes, upstreams []*cke.Node, params cke.ServiceParams, name string, upstreamPort, listenPort int) cke.Operator

RiversBootOp returns an Operator to bootstrap rivers.

func RiversParams added in v1.14.1

func RiversParams(upstreams []*cke.Node, upstreamPort, listenPort int) cke.ServiceParams

RiversParams returns parameters for rivers.

func RiversRestartOp added in v1.14.1

func RiversRestartOp(nodes, upstreams []*cke.Node, params cke.ServiceParams, name string, upstreamPort, listenPort int) cke.Operator

RiversRestartOp returns an Operator to restart rivers.

func SchedulerStopOp

func SchedulerStopOp(nodes []*cke.Node) cke.Operator

SchedulerStopOp returns an Operator to stop kube-scheduler

func UpgradeOp added in v1.15.7

func UpgradeOp(current string, nodes []*cke.Node) cke.Operator

UpgradeOp returns an Operator to upgrade cluster configuration.

func UpgradeToVersion2Command added in v1.15.7

func UpgradeToVersion2Command(nodes []*cke.Node) cke.Commander

UpgradeToVersion2Command returns a Commander to upgrade from version 1 to 2.


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Path Synopsis
Package common provides generic commands shared by many Operators.
Package common provides generic commands shared by many Operators.

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