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const (
	// EtcdEndpointsName is the resource name for CKE-managed etcd
	EtcdEndpointsName = "cke-etcd"
	// EtcdEndpointSliceName is the resource name for CKE-managed etcd
	EtcdEndpointSliceName = EtcdEndpointsName
	// EtcdServiceName is the resource name for CKE-managed etcd
	EtcdServiceName = EtcdEndpointsName
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const (
	// EtcdContainerName is container name of etcd
	EtcdContainerName = "etcd"
	// KubeAPIServerContainerName is name of kube-apiserver
	KubeAPIServerContainerName = "kube-apiserver"
	// KubeControllerManagerContainerName is name of kube-controller-manager
	KubeControllerManagerContainerName = "kube-controller-manager"
	// KubeProxyContainerName is container name of kube-proxy
	KubeProxyContainerName = "kube-proxy"
	// KubeSchedulerContainerName is container name of kube-scheduler
	KubeSchedulerContainerName = "kube-scheduler"
	// KubeletContainerName is container name of kubelet
	KubeletContainerName = "kubelet"
	// RiversContainerName is container name of rivers
	RiversContainerName = "rivers"
	// EtcdRiversContainerName is container name of etcd-rivers
	EtcdRiversContainerName = "etcd-rivers"

	// RiversUpstreamPort is upstream port of rivers container
	RiversUpstreamPort = 6443
	// RiversListenPort is listen port of rivers container
	RiversListenPort = 16443
	// EtcdRiversUpstreamPort is upstream port of etcd-rivers container
	EtcdRiversUpstreamPort = 2379
	// EtcdRiversListenPort is listen port of etcd-rivers container
	EtcdRiversListenPort = 12379

	// ClusterDNSAppName is app name of cluster DNS
	ClusterDNSAppName = "cluster-dns"
	// NodeDNSAppName is app name of node-dns
	NodeDNSAppName = "node-dns"

	// DefaultEtcdVolumeName is etcd default volume name
	DefaultEtcdVolumeName = "etcd-cke"
	// EtcdAddedMemberVolumeName is volume name for flag of add-etcd-member has completed or not
	EtcdAddedMemberVolumeName = "etcd-added-member"

	// TimeoutDuration is default timeout duration
	TimeoutDuration = 5 * time.Second

	// CKELabelMaster is the label name added to control plane nodes
	CKELabelMaster = "cke.cybozu.com/master"
	// CKETaintMaster is the taint name added to control plane nodes
	CKETaintMaster = "cke.cybozu.com/master"

	// CKELabelAppName is application name
	CKELabelAppName = "cke.cybozu.com/appname"

	// CKEAnnotationReboot is the annotation to mark reboot targets
	CKEAnnotationReboot = "cke.cybozu.com/reboot"

	// SchedulerConfigPath is a path for scheduler extender config
	SchedulerConfigPath = "/etc/kubernetes/scheduler/config.yml"
	// SchedulerKubeConfigPath is a path for scheduler kubeconfig
	SchedulerKubeConfigPath = "/etc/kubernetes/scheduler/kubeconfig"

	// ControllerManagerKubeConfigPath is a path for controller-manager kubeconfig
	ControllerManagerKubeConfigPath = "/etc/kubernetes/controller-manager/kubeconfig"


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func APIServerStopOp

func APIServerStopOp(nodes []*cke.Node) cke.Operator

APIServerStopOp returns an Operator to stop API server

func CheckHealthz added in v1.20.0

func CheckHealthz(ctx context.Context, inf cke.Infrastructure, addr string, port uint16) (bool, error)

CheckHealthz checks that Kubelet is healthy

func ControllerManagerStopOp

func ControllerManagerStopOp(nodes []*cke.Node) cke.Operator

ControllerManagerStopOp returns an Operator to stop kube-controller-manager

func EtcdPKIPath

func EtcdPKIPath(p string) string

EtcdPKIPath returns a certificate file path for k8s.

func EtcdRiversStopOp added in v1.14.1

func EtcdRiversStopOp(nodes []*cke.Node) cke.Operator

EtcdRiversStopOp returns an Operator to stop etcd-rivers

func EtcdStopOp

func EtcdStopOp(nodes []*cke.Node) cke.Operator

EtcdStopOp returns an Operator to stop etcd

func EtcdVolumeName

func EtcdVolumeName(e cke.EtcdParams) string

EtcdVolumeName returns etcd volume name

func GetEtcdClusterStatus

func GetEtcdClusterStatus(ctx context.Context, inf cke.Infrastructure, nodes []*cke.Node) (cke.EtcdClusterStatus, error)

GetEtcdClusterStatus returns EtcdClusterStatus

func GetKubernetesClusterStatus

func GetKubernetesClusterStatus(ctx context.Context, inf cke.Infrastructure, n *cke.Node, cluster *cke.Cluster) (cke.KubernetesClusterStatus, error)

GetKubernetesClusterStatus returns KubernetesClusterStatus

func GetNodeStatus

func GetNodeStatus(ctx context.Context, inf cke.Infrastructure, node *cke.Node, cluster *cke.Cluster) (*cke.NodeStatus, error)

GetNodeStatus returns NodeStatus.

func GuessMemberName added in v1.14.1

func GuessMemberName(m *etcdserverpb.Member) (string, error)

GuessMemberName returns etcd member's ip address

func K8sPKIPath

func K8sPKIPath(p string) string

K8sPKIPath returns a certificate file path for k8s.

func KubeEndpointSliceCreateOp added in v1.21.0

func KubeEndpointSliceCreateOp(apiserver *cke.Node, eps *discoveryv1.EndpointSlice) cke.Operator

KubeEndpointSliceCreateOp returns an Operator to create EndpointSlice resource.

func KubeEndpointSliceUpdateOp added in v1.21.0

func KubeEndpointSliceUpdateOp(apiserver *cke.Node, eps *discoveryv1.EndpointSlice) cke.Operator

KubeEndpointSliceUpdateOp returns an Operator to update Endpoints resource.

func KubeEndpointsCreateOp added in v1.14.13

func KubeEndpointsCreateOp(apiserver *cke.Node, ep *corev1.Endpoints) cke.Operator

KubeEndpointsCreateOp returns an Operator to create Endpoints resource.

func KubeEndpointsUpdateOp added in v1.14.13

func KubeEndpointsUpdateOp(apiserver *cke.Node, ep *corev1.Endpoints) cke.Operator

KubeEndpointsUpdateOp returns an Operator to update Endpoints resource.

func KubeEtcdServiceCreateOp added in v1.14.13

func KubeEtcdServiceCreateOp(apiserver *cke.Node) cke.Operator

KubeEtcdServiceCreateOp returns an Operator to create Service resource for etcd.

func KubeEtcdServiceUpdateOp added in v1.14.13

func KubeEtcdServiceUpdateOp(apiserver *cke.Node) cke.Operator

KubeEtcdServiceUpdateOp returns an Operator to update Service resource for etcd.

func KubeNodeRemoveOp

func KubeNodeRemoveOp(apiserver *cke.Node, nodes []*corev1.Node) cke.Operator

KubeNodeRemoveOp removes k8s Node resources.

func KubeNodeUpdateOp

func KubeNodeUpdateOp(apiserver *cke.Node, nodes []*corev1.Node) cke.Operator

KubeNodeUpdateOp updates k8s Node resources.

func KubeWaitOp

func KubeWaitOp(apiserver *cke.Node) cke.Operator

KubeWaitOp returns an Operator to wait for Kubernetes resources gets initialized

func ProxyStopOp added in v1.20.4

func ProxyStopOp(nodes []*cke.Node) cke.Operator

ProxyStopOp returns an Operator to stop kube-proxy

func RebootDequeueOp added in v1.18.3

func RebootDequeueOp(index int64) cke.Operator

RebootDequeueOp returns an Operator to dequeue a reboot entry.

func RebootOp added in v1.18.3

func RebootOp(apiserver *cke.Node, nodes []*cke.Node, index int64, config *cke.Reboot) cke.InfoOperator

RebootOp returns an Operator to reboot nodes.

func RebootUncordonOp added in v1.18.6

func RebootUncordonOp(apiserver *cke.Node, nodeNames []string) cke.Operator

RebootUncordonOp returns an Operator to uncordon nodes.

func ResourceApplyOp added in v1.13.9

func ResourceApplyOp(apiServer *cke.Node, resource cke.ResourceDefinition, forceConflicts bool) cke.Operator

ResourceApplyOp creates or updates a Kubernetes object.

func RiversBootOp added in v1.14.1

func RiversBootOp(nodes, upstreams []*cke.Node, params cke.ServiceParams, name string, upstreamPort, listenPort int) cke.Operator

RiversBootOp returns an Operator to bootstrap rivers.

func RiversParams added in v1.14.1

func RiversParams(upstreams []*cke.Node, upstreamPort, listenPort int) cke.ServiceParams

RiversParams returns parameters for rivers.

func RiversRestartOp added in v1.14.1

func RiversRestartOp(nodes, upstreams []*cke.Node, params cke.ServiceParams, name string, upstreamPort, listenPort int) cke.Operator

RiversRestartOp returns an Operator to restart rivers.

func SchedulerStopOp

func SchedulerStopOp(nodes []*cke.Node) cke.Operator

SchedulerStopOp returns an Operator to stop kube-scheduler

func UpgradeOp added in v1.15.7

func UpgradeOp(current string, nodes []*cke.Node) cke.Operator

UpgradeOp returns an Operator to upgrade cluster configuration.

func UpgradeToVersion2Command added in v1.15.7

func UpgradeToVersion2Command(nodes []*cke.Node) cke.Commander

UpgradeToVersion2Command returns a Commander to upgrade from version 1 to 2.


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Path Synopsis
Package common provides generic commands shared by many Operators.
Package common provides generic commands shared by many Operators.

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