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var (
	ErrErrantTransactions = errors.New("detected errant transactions")
	ErrNoTopRunner        = errors.New("unable to determine the top runner")
	ErrTimeout            = errors.New("timeout")

Sentinel errors. To test these errors, use `errors.Is`.

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var ErrNop = errors.New("nop")

ErrNop is a sentinel error for NopOperator


func ConfigureMySQLOnDocker added in v0.9.0

func ConfigureMySQLOnDocker(pwd *password.MySQLPassword, port int) error

func RunMySQLOnDocker added in v0.9.0

func RunMySQLOnDocker(name string, port, xport int) error

func SetLogger

func SetLogger(log logr.Logger)

SetLogger configures MySQL driver logging to use `log`.


type AccessInfo

type AccessInfo struct {
	Host     string `db:"Host"`
	Port     int    `db:"Port"`
	User     string `db:"User"`
	Password string `db:"Password"`

type CloneStatus

type CloneStatus struct {
	State sql.NullString `db:"state"`

CloneStatus defines the observed clone status of a MySQL instance

type GlobalVariables

type GlobalVariables struct {
	ExecutedGTID          string `db:"@@gtid_executed"`
	ReadOnly              bool   `db:"@@read_only"`
	SuperReadOnly         bool   `db:"@@super_read_only"`
	WaitForSlaveCount     int    `db:"@@rpl_semi_sync_master_wait_for_slave_count"`
	SemiSyncMasterEnabled bool   `db:"@@rpl_semi_sync_master_enabled"`
	SemiSyncSlaveEnabled  bool   `db:"@@rpl_semi_sync_slave_enabled"`

GlobalVariables defines the observed global variable values of a MySQL instance

type MySQLInstanceStatus

type MySQLInstanceStatus struct {
	IsErrant        bool
	GlobalVariables GlobalVariables
	ReplicaHosts    []ReplicaHost
	ReplicaStatus   *ReplicaStatus // may not be available
	CloneStatus     *CloneStatus   // may not be available

MySQLInstanceStatus defines the observed state of a MySQL instance

type NopOperator added in v0.11.0

type NopOperator struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

NopOperator is an implementation of Operator that always returns ErrNop.

func (NopOperator) Close added in v0.11.0

func (o NopOperator) Close() error

func (NopOperator) ConfigurePrimary added in v0.11.0

func (o NopOperator) ConfigurePrimary(ctx context.Context, waitForCount int) error

func (NopOperator) ConfigureReplica added in v0.11.0

func (o NopOperator) ConfigureReplica(ctx context.Context, source AccessInfo, semisync bool) error

func (NopOperator) FindTopRunner added in v0.11.0

func (o NopOperator) FindTopRunner(context.Context, []*MySQLInstanceStatus) (int, error)

func (NopOperator) GetStatus added in v0.11.0

func (NopOperator) IsSubsetGTID added in v0.11.0

func (o NopOperator) IsSubsetGTID(ctx context.Context, set1, set2 string) (bool, error)

func (NopOperator) KillConnections added in v0.11.0

func (o NopOperator) KillConnections(context.Context) error

func (NopOperator) Name added in v0.11.0

func (o NopOperator) Name() string

func (NopOperator) SetReadOnly added in v0.11.0

func (o NopOperator) SetReadOnly(context.Context, bool) error

func (NopOperator) StopReplicaIOThread added in v0.11.0

func (o NopOperator) StopReplicaIOThread(context.Context) error

func (NopOperator) WaitForGTID added in v0.11.0

func (o NopOperator) WaitForGTID(ctx context.Context, gtidSet string, timeoutSeconds int) error

type Operator

type Operator interface {
	// Name is the name of the MySQL instance for which this operator works.
	Name() string

	// Close closes the underlying connections.
	Close() error

	// GetStatus reports the instance status.
	GetStatus(context.Context) (*MySQLInstanceStatus, error)

	// IsSubsetGTID returns true if set1 is a subset of set2.
	IsSubsetGTID(ctx context.Context, set1, set2 string) (bool, error)

	// FindTopRunner returns the index of the slice whose `GlobalVariables.ExecutedGtidSet`
	// is most advanced.  This may return ErrErrantTransactions for errant transactions
	// or ErrNoTopRunner if there is no such instance.
	FindTopRunner(context.Context, []*MySQLInstanceStatus) (int, error)

	// ConfigureReplica configures client-side replication.
	// If `symisync` is true, it enables client-side semi-synchronous replication.
	// In either case, it disables server-side semi-synchronous replication.
	ConfigureReplica(ctx context.Context, source AccessInfo, semisync bool) error

	// ConfigurePrimary configures server-side semi-synchronous replication.
	// For asynchronous replication, this method should not be called.
	ConfigurePrimary(ctx context.Context, waitForCount int) error

	// StopReplicaIOThread executes `STOP SLAVE IO_THREAD`.
	StopReplicaIOThread(context.Context) error

	// WaitForGTID waits for `mysqld` to execute all GTIDs in `gtidSet`.
	// If timeout happens, this return ErrTimeout.
	// If `timeoutSeconds` is zero, this will not timeout.
	WaitForGTID(ctx context.Context, gtidSet string, timeoutSeconds int) error

	// SetReadOnly makes the instance super_read_only if `true` is passed.
	// Otherwise, this stops the replication and makes the instance writable.
	SetReadOnly(context.Context, bool) error

	// KillConnections kills all connections except for ones from `localhost`
	// and ones for MOCO.
	KillConnections(context.Context) error

Operator represents a set of operations for a MySQL instance.

type OperatorFactory

type OperatorFactory interface {
	New(context.Context, *mocov1beta2.MySQLCluster, *password.MySQLPassword, int) (Operator, error)

OperatorFactory represents the factory for Operators.

func NewFactory

func NewFactory(r Resolver) OperatorFactory

NewFactory returns a new OperatorFactory that resolves instance IP address using `r`. If `r.Resolve` returns an error, the `New` method will return a NopOperator.

func NewTestFactory

func NewTestFactory() OperatorFactory

type Process added in v0.8.2

type Process struct {
	ID   uint64 `db:"ID"`
	User string `db:"USER"`
	Host string `db:"HOST"`

Process represents a process in `information_schema.PROCESSLIST` table.

type ReplicaHost

type ReplicaHost struct {
	ServerID    int32  `db:"Server_id"`
	Host        string `db:"Host"`
	Port        int    `db:"Port"`
	SourceID    int32  `db:"Master_id"`
	ReplicaUUID string `db:"Slave_UUID"`

	// the following fields don't appear normally
	User     string `db:"User"`
	Password string `db:"Password"`

ReplicaHost defines the columns from `SHOW SLAVE HOSTS`

type ReplicaStatus

type ReplicaStatus struct {
	LastIoErrno      int    `db:"Last_IO_Errno"`
	LastIoError      string `db:"Last_IO_Error"`
	LastSQLErrno     int    `db:"Last_SQL_Errno"`
	LastSQLError     string `db:"Last_SQL_Error"`
	MasterHost       string `db:"Master_Host"`
	RetrievedGtidSet string `db:"Retrieved_Gtid_Set"`
	ExecutedGtidSet  string `db:"Executed_Gtid_Set"`
	SlaveIORunning   string `db:"Slave_IO_Running"`
	SlaveSQLRunning  string `db:"Slave_SQL_Running"`

	// All of variables from here are NOT used in MOCO's reconcile
	SlaveIOState              string        `db:"Slave_IO_State"`
	MasterUser                string        `db:"Master_User"`
	MasterPort                int           `db:"Master_Port"`
	ConnectRetry              int           `db:"Connect_Retry"`
	MasterLogFile             string        `db:"Master_Log_File"`
	ReadMasterLogPos          int           `db:"Read_Master_Log_Pos"`
	RelayLogFile              string        `db:"Relay_Log_File"`
	RelayLogPos               int           `db:"Relay_Log_Pos"`
	RelayMasterLogFile        string        `db:"Relay_Master_Log_File"`
	ReplicateDoDB             string        `db:"Replicate_Do_DB"`
	ReplicateIgnoreDB         string        `db:"Replicate_Ignore_DB"`
	ReplicateDoTable          string        `db:"Replicate_Do_Table"`
	ReplicateIgnoreTable      string        `db:"Replicate_Ignore_Table"`
	ReplicateWildDoTable      string        `db:"Replicate_Wild_Do_Table"`
	ReplicateWildIgnoreTable  string        `db:"Replicate_Wild_Ignore_Table"`
	LastErrno                 int           `db:"Last_Errno"`
	LastError                 string        `db:"Last_Error"`
	SkipCounter               int           `db:"Skip_Counter"`
	ExecMasterLogPos          int           `db:"Exec_Master_Log_Pos"`
	RelayLogSpace             int           `db:"Relay_Log_Space"`
	UntilCondition            string        `db:"Until_Condition"`
	UntilLogFile              string        `db:"Until_Log_File"`
	UntilLogPos               int           `db:"Until_Log_Pos"`
	MasterSSLAllowed          string        `db:"Master_SSL_Allowed"`
	MasterSSLCAFile           string        `db:"Master_SSL_CA_File"`
	MasterSSLCAPath           string        `db:"Master_SSL_CA_Path"`
	MasterSSLCert             string        `db:"Master_SSL_Cert"`
	MasterSSLCipher           string        `db:"Master_SSL_Cipher"`
	MasterSSLKey              string        `db:"Master_SSL_Key"`
	SecondsBehindMaster       sql.NullInt64 `db:"Seconds_Behind_Master"`
	MasterSSLVerifyServerCert string        `db:"Master_SSL_Verify_Server_Cert"`
	ReplicateIgnoreServerIds  string        `db:"Replicate_Ignore_Server_Ids"`
	MasterServerID            int           `db:"Master_Server_Id"`
	MasterUUID                string        `db:"Master_UUID"`
	MasterInfoFile            string        `db:"Master_Info_File"`
	SQLDelay                  int           `db:"SQL_Delay"`
	SQLRemainingDelay         sql.NullInt64 `db:"SQL_Remaining_Delay"`
	SlaveSQLRunningState      string        `db:"Slave_SQL_Running_State"`
	MasterRetryCount          int           `db:"Master_Retry_Count"`
	MasterBind                string        `db:"Master_Bind"`
	LastIOErrorTimestamp      string        `db:"Last_IO_Error_Timestamp"`
	LastSQLErrorTimestamp     string        `db:"Last_SQL_Error_Timestamp"`
	MasterSSLCrl              string        `db:"Master_SSL_Crl"`
	MasterSSLCrlpath          string        `db:"Master_SSL_Crlpath"`
	AutoPosition              string        `db:"Auto_Position"`
	ReplicateRewriteDB        string        `db:"Replicate_Rewrite_DB"`
	ChannelName               string        `db:"Channel_Name"`
	MasterTLSVersion          string        `db:"Master_TLS_Version"`
	Masterpublickeypath       string        `db:"Master_public_key_path"`
	Getmasterpublickey        string        `db:"Get_master_public_key"`
	NetworkNamespace          string        `db:"Network_Namespace"`

ReplicaStatus defines the observed state of a replica

func (*ReplicaStatus) IsRunning

func (rs *ReplicaStatus) IsRunning() bool

type Resolver

type Resolver interface {
	Resolve(context.Context, *mocov1beta2.MySQLCluster, int) (string, error)

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