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package driver

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const (
	// DeviceDirectory is a directory where TopoLVM Node service creates device files.
	DeviceDirectory = "/dev/topolvm"

func NewControllerService

func NewControllerService(lvService *k8s.LogicalVolumeService, nodeService *k8s.NodeService) csi.ControllerServer

NewControllerService returns a new ControllerServer.

func NewIdentityService

func NewIdentityService(ready func() (bool, error)) csi.IdentityServer

NewIdentityService returns a new IdentityServer.

ready is a function to check the plugin status. It should return non-nil error if the plugin is not healthy. If the plugin is not yet ready, it should return (false, nil). Otherwise, return (true, nil).

func NewNodeService

func NewNodeService(nodeName string, conn *grpc.ClientConn, service *k8s.LogicalVolumeService) csi.NodeServer

NewNodeService returns a new NodeServer.

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