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influx-annotate CircleCI

Command line tool to add annotations to an InfluxDB database.

Suitable for batch files, deployment scripts, unicorn logging

Quick start

  • Make sure you've already got InfluxDB up and running. In InfluxDb, create the database that you want to log to.
  • Get the latest release for your platform (it's just a single executable)
  • Log your annotation data:
influx-annotate -server="http://your-influxdb-server:8086" -tags="application=Super unicorn app" -value="Build_20170414.2"

If you need help, just run influx-annotate -h.

There are a few command line parameters available:

Parameter Description
server The InfluxDB server to use. Defaults to 'http://localhost:8086'
database The InfluxDB database to use. Defaults to 'events'
name The measurement name. Defaults to 'build'
value The measurement value
tags Comma separated list of tags. Example: application=My app name,env=dev,machine=server01


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