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plex2slack-lambda CircleCI

Golang based AWS Lambda handler for sending plex webhook messages to a slack channel. For a standalone service, see plex2slack

Quick start

AWS Lambda setup
  • Download the latest release and setup a new Go based lambda function in AWS. The handler name is plex2slack-lambda
  • Add the environment variable PLEX2SLACK_WEBHOOK_URL to your lambda handler. Set this to your Slack incoming webhook url. It should look something like
AWS API Gateway setup
  • Create a new AWS API Gateway API.
  • In the 'Settings' section for the AWS API Gateway for the new API, make sure to add multipart/form-data under Binary Media Types
  • Create a resource (call it something like 'plex') and create a POST method on the resource. Wire up the lambda handler on the method. Make sure to select Use Lambda Proxy integration
  • Deploy the API


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