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Package freq keeps track of last X seen events. The events themselves are not stored here. So the Freq type should be added next to the thing it is tracking.



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type Freq

type Freq struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Freq tracks the frequencies of things.

func New

func New(t time.Time) *Freq

New returns a new initialized Freq.

func (*Freq) Hits

func (f *Freq) Hits() int

Hits returns the number of hits that we have seen, according to the updates we have done to f.

func (*Freq) Reset

func (f *Freq) Reset(t time.Time, hits int)

Reset resets f to time t and hits to hits.

func (*Freq) Update

func (f *Freq) Update(d time.Duration, now time.Time) int

Update updates the number of hits. Last time seen will be set to now. If the last time we've seen this entity is within now - d, we increment hits, otherwise we reset hits to 1. It returns the number of hits.

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