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const (
	Unknown          = iota - 1 // Unknown connection type
	BridgeConnection            // BridgeConnection proxy connection via ssh
	DirectConnection            // DirectConnection socket connection to server

Enum of connection types

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const DefaultAddress = "unix:/run/podman/io.podman"

DefaultAddress is the default address of the varlink socket


This section is empty.


func BatchContainerOp

func BatchContainerOp(ctr *libpod.Container, opts shared.PsOptions) (shared.BatchContainerStruct, error)

BatchContainerOp is a wrapper for the shared function of the same name

func IsImageNotFound

func IsImageNotFound(err error) bool

IsImageNotFound checks if the error indicates that no image was found.

func ProxySignals

func ProxySignals(ctr *libpod.Container)

ProxySignals ...

func ReadExitFile

func ReadExitFile(runtimeTmp, ctrID string) (int, error)

ReadExitFile reads a container's exit file

func StartAttachCtr

func StartAttachCtr(ctx context.Context, ctr *libpod.Container, stdout, stderr, stdin *os.File, detachKeys string, sigProxy bool, startContainer bool, recursive bool) error

StartAttachCtr starts and (if required) attaches to a container


type Container

type Container struct {

Container ...

type ContainerImage

type ContainerImage struct {

ContainerImage ...

type Endpoint

type Endpoint struct {
	Type       EndpointType
	Connection string

Endpoint type and connection string to use

type EndpointType

type EndpointType int

EndpointType declares the type of server connection

func (EndpointType) String

func (e EndpointType) String() string

String prints ASCII string for EndpointType

type LocalRuntime

type LocalRuntime struct {
	Remote bool

LocalRuntime describes a typical libpod runtime

func GetRuntime

func GetRuntime(ctx context.Context, c *cliconfig.PodmanCommand) (*LocalRuntime, error)

GetRuntime returns a LocalRuntime struct with the actual runtime embedded in it

func (*LocalRuntime) Attach

Attach ...

func (*LocalRuntime) Build

func (r *LocalRuntime) Build(ctx context.Context, c *cliconfig.BuildValues, options imagebuildah.BuildOptions, dockerfiles []string) error

Build is the wrapper to build images

func (*LocalRuntime) Checkpoint

Checkpoint one or more containers

func (*LocalRuntime) CleanupContainers

func (r *LocalRuntime) CleanupContainers(ctx context.Context, cli *cliconfig.CleanupValues) ([]string, map[string]error, error)

CleanupContainers any leftovers bits of stopped containers

func (*LocalRuntime) Commit

func (r *LocalRuntime) Commit(ctx context.Context, c *cliconfig.CommitValues, container, imageName string) (string, error)

Commit creates a local image from a container

func (*LocalRuntime) CreateContainer

func (r *LocalRuntime) CreateContainer(ctx context.Context, c *cliconfig.CreateValues) (string, error)

CreateContainer creates a libpod container

func (*LocalRuntime) CreatePod

func (r *LocalRuntime) CreatePod(ctx context.Context, cli *cliconfig.PodCreateValues, labels map[string]string) (string, error)

CreatePod is a wrapper for libpod and creating a new pod from the cli context

func (*LocalRuntime) CreateVolume

func (r *LocalRuntime) CreateVolume(ctx context.Context, c *cliconfig.VolumeCreateValues, labels, opts map[string]string) (string, error)

CreateVolume is a wrapper to create volumes

func (*LocalRuntime) Diff

Diff shows the difference in two objects

func (*LocalRuntime) Events

func (r *LocalRuntime) Events(c *cliconfig.EventValues) error

Events is a wrapper to libpod to obtain libpod/podman events

func (*LocalRuntime) Export

func (r *LocalRuntime) Export(name string, path string) error

Export is a wrapper to container export to a tarfile

func (*LocalRuntime) GenerateKube

func (r *LocalRuntime) GenerateKube(c *cliconfig.GenerateKubeValues) (*v1.Pod, *v1.Service, error)

GenerateKube creates kubernetes email from containers and pods

func (*LocalRuntime) GenerateSystemd

func (r *LocalRuntime) GenerateSystemd(c *cliconfig.GenerateSystemdValues) (string, error)

GenerateSystemd creates a unit file for a container

func (*LocalRuntime) GetAllContainers

func (r *LocalRuntime) GetAllContainers() ([]*Container, error)

GetAllContainers gets all Containers and wraps each one in an adapter Container

func (*LocalRuntime) GetAllPods

func (r *LocalRuntime) GetAllPods() ([]*Pod, error)

GetAllPods gets all pods and wraps it in an adapter pod

func (*LocalRuntime) GetImages

func (r *LocalRuntime) GetImages() ([]*ContainerImage, error)

GetImages returns a slice of images in containerimages

func (*LocalRuntime) GetLatestContainer

func (r *LocalRuntime) GetLatestContainer() (*Container, error)

GetLatestContainer gets the latest Container and wraps it in an adapter Container

func (*LocalRuntime) GetLatestPod

func (r *LocalRuntime) GetLatestPod() (*Pod, error)

GetLatestPod gets the latest pod and wraps it in an adapter pod

func (*LocalRuntime) GetNamespaces

func (r *LocalRuntime) GetNamespaces(container shared.PsContainerOutput) *shared.Namespace

GetNamespaces returns namespace information about a container for PS

func (*LocalRuntime) GetPodsByStatus

func (r *LocalRuntime) GetPodsByStatus(statuses []string) ([]*libpod.Pod, error)

GetPodsByStatus returns a slice of pods filtered by a libpod status

func (*LocalRuntime) GetStatPods

func (r *LocalRuntime) GetStatPods(c *cliconfig.PodStatsValues) ([]*Pod, error)

GetStatPods returns pods for use in pod stats

func (*LocalRuntime) GetVersion

func (r *LocalRuntime) GetVersion() (libpod.Version, error)

GetVersion is an alias to satisfy interface{}

func (*LocalRuntime) HealthCheck

HealthCheck is a wrapper to same named function in libpod

func (*LocalRuntime) Import

func (r *LocalRuntime) Import(ctx context.Context, source, reference string, changes []string, history string, quiet bool) (string, error)

Import is a wrapper to import a container image

func (*LocalRuntime) InitContainers

func (r *LocalRuntime) InitContainers(ctx context.Context, cli *cliconfig.InitValues) ([]string, map[string]error, error)

InitContainers initializes container(s) based on CLI inputs. Returns list of successful id(s), map of failed id(s) to errors, or a general error not from the container.

func (*LocalRuntime) InspectVolumes

func (r *LocalRuntime) InspectVolumes(ctx context.Context, c *cliconfig.VolumeInspectValues) ([]*Volume, error)

InspectVolumes returns a slice of volumes based on an arg list or --all

func (*LocalRuntime) KillContainers

func (r *LocalRuntime) KillContainers(ctx context.Context, cli *cliconfig.KillValues, signal syscall.Signal) ([]string, map[string]error, error)

KillContainers sends signal to container(s) based on CLI inputs. Returns list of successful id(s), map of failed id(s) + error, or error not from container

func (*LocalRuntime) KillPods

func (r *LocalRuntime) KillPods(ctx context.Context, cli *cliconfig.PodKillValues, signal uint) ([]string, []error)

KillPods is a wrapper to libpod to start pods based on the cli context

func (*LocalRuntime) LoadFromArchiveReference

func (r *LocalRuntime) LoadFromArchiveReference(ctx context.Context, srcRef types.ImageReference, signaturePolicyPath string, writer io.Writer) ([]*ContainerImage, error)

LoadFromArchiveReference calls into local storage to load an image from an archive

func (*LocalRuntime) LoadImage

func (r *LocalRuntime) LoadImage(ctx context.Context, name string, cli *cliconfig.LoadValues) (string, error)

LoadImage is a wrapper function for libpod PruneVolumes

func (*LocalRuntime) Log

func (r *LocalRuntime) Log(c *cliconfig.LogsValues, options *libpod.LogOptions) error

Log logs one or more containers

func (*LocalRuntime) LookupContainer

func (r *LocalRuntime) LookupContainer(idOrName string) (*Container, error)

LookupContainer gets a Container by name or id and wraps it in an adapter Container

func (*LocalRuntime) LookupPod

func (r *LocalRuntime) LookupPod(nameOrID string) (*Pod, error)

LookupPod gets a pod by name or id and wraps it in an adapter pod

func (*LocalRuntime) New

func (r *LocalRuntime) New(ctx context.Context, name, signaturePolicyPath, authfile string, writer io.Writer, dockeroptions *image.DockerRegistryOptions, signingoptions image.SigningOptions, forcePull bool, label *string) (*ContainerImage, error)

New calls into local storage to look for an image in local storage or to pull it

func (*LocalRuntime) NewImageFromLocal

func (r *LocalRuntime) NewImageFromLocal(name string) (*ContainerImage, error)

NewImageFromLocal returns a containerimage representation of a image from local storage

func (*LocalRuntime) PauseContainers

func (r *LocalRuntime) PauseContainers(ctx context.Context, cli *cliconfig.PauseValues) ([]string, map[string]error, error)

PauseContainers removes container(s) based on CLI inputs.

func (*LocalRuntime) PausePods

func (r *LocalRuntime) PausePods(c *cliconfig.PodPauseValues) ([]string, map[string]error, []error)

PausePods is a wrapper for pausing pods via libpod

func (*LocalRuntime) PodTop

func (r *LocalRuntime) PodTop(c *cliconfig.PodTopValues, descriptors []string) ([]string, error)

PodTop is a wrapper function to call GetPodPidInformation in libpod and return its results for output

func (*LocalRuntime) Port

func (r *LocalRuntime) Port(c *cliconfig.PortValues) ([]*Container, error)

Port displays port information about existing containers

func (*LocalRuntime) Prune

func (r *LocalRuntime) Prune(ctx context.Context, maxWorkers int, force bool) ([]string, map[string]error, error)

Prune removes stopped containers

func (*LocalRuntime) PruneImages

func (r *LocalRuntime) PruneImages(ctx context.Context, all bool) ([]string, error)

PruneImages is wrapper into PruneImages within the image pkg

func (*LocalRuntime) PrunePods

func (r *LocalRuntime) PrunePods(ctx context.Context, cli *cliconfig.PodPruneValues) ([]string, map[string]error, error)

PrunePods removes pods

func (*LocalRuntime) PruneVolumes

func (r *LocalRuntime) PruneVolumes(ctx context.Context) ([]string, []error)

PruneVolumes is a wrapper function for libpod PruneVolumes

func (*LocalRuntime) Ps

Ps ...

func (*LocalRuntime) Push

func (r *LocalRuntime) Push(ctx context.Context, srcName, destination, manifestMIMEType, authfile, signaturePolicyPath string, writer io.Writer, forceCompress bool, signingOptions image.SigningOptions, dockerRegistryOptions *image.DockerRegistryOptions, additionalDockerArchiveTags []reference.NamedTagged) error

Push is a wrapper to push an image to a registry

func (*LocalRuntime) RemoteEndpoint

func (r *LocalRuntime) RemoteEndpoint() (*Endpoint, error)

RemoteEndpoint resolve interface requirement

func (*LocalRuntime) RemoveContainers

func (r *LocalRuntime) RemoveContainers(ctx context.Context, cli *cliconfig.RmValues) ([]string, map[string]error, error)

RemoveContainers removes container(s) based on CLI inputs.

func (*LocalRuntime) RemoveImage

func (r *LocalRuntime) RemoveImage(ctx context.Context, img *ContainerImage, force bool) (string, error)

RemoveImage calls into local storage and removes an image

func (*LocalRuntime) RemovePods

func (r *LocalRuntime) RemovePods(ctx context.Context, cli *cliconfig.PodRmValues) ([]string, []error)

RemovePods ...

func (*LocalRuntime) RemoveVolumes

func (r *LocalRuntime) RemoveVolumes(ctx context.Context, c *cliconfig.VolumeRmValues) ([]string, error)

RemoveVolumes is a wrapper to remove volumes

func (*LocalRuntime) Restart

func (r *LocalRuntime) Restart(ctx context.Context, c *cliconfig.RestartValues) ([]string, map[string]error, error)

Restart containers without or without a timeout

func (*LocalRuntime) RestartPods

func (r *LocalRuntime) RestartPods(ctx context.Context, c *cliconfig.PodRestartValues) ([]string, map[string]error, []error)

RestartPods is a wrapper to restart pods via libpod

func (*LocalRuntime) Restore

Restore one or more containers

func (*LocalRuntime) Run

func (r *LocalRuntime) Run(ctx context.Context, c *cliconfig.RunValues, exitCode int) (int, error)

Run a libpod container

func (*LocalRuntime) SaveImage

func (r *LocalRuntime) SaveImage(ctx context.Context, c *cliconfig.SaveValues) error

SaveImage is a wrapper function for saving an image to the local filesystem

func (*LocalRuntime) Start

func (r *LocalRuntime) Start(ctx context.Context, c *cliconfig.StartValues, sigProxy bool) (int, error)

Start will start a container

func (*LocalRuntime) StartPods

func (r *LocalRuntime) StartPods(ctx context.Context, cli *cliconfig.PodStartValues) ([]string, []error)

StartPods is a wrapper to start pods based on the cli context

func (*LocalRuntime) StopContainers

func (r *LocalRuntime) StopContainers(ctx context.Context, cli *cliconfig.StopValues) ([]string, map[string]error, error)

StopContainers stops container(s) based on CLI inputs. Returns list of successful id(s), map of failed id(s) + error, or error not from container

func (*LocalRuntime) StopPods

func (r *LocalRuntime) StopPods(ctx context.Context, cli *cliconfig.PodStopValues) ([]string, []error)

StopPods is a wrapper to libpod to stop pods based on a cli context

func (*LocalRuntime) Top

func (r *LocalRuntime) Top(cli *cliconfig.TopValues) ([]string, error)

Top display the running processes of a container

func (*LocalRuntime) Tree

Tree ...

func (*LocalRuntime) UmountRootFilesystems

func (r *LocalRuntime) UmountRootFilesystems(ctx context.Context, cli *cliconfig.UmountValues) ([]string, map[string]error, error)

UmountRootFilesystems removes container(s) based on CLI inputs.

func (*LocalRuntime) UnpauseContainers

func (r *LocalRuntime) UnpauseContainers(ctx context.Context, cli *cliconfig.UnpauseValues) ([]string, map[string]error, error)

UnpauseContainers removes container(s) based on CLI inputs.

func (*LocalRuntime) UnpausePods

func (r *LocalRuntime) UnpausePods(c *cliconfig.PodUnpauseValues) ([]string, map[string]error, []error)

UnpausePods is a wrapper for unpausing pods via libpod

func (*LocalRuntime) Volumes

func (r *LocalRuntime) Volumes(ctx context.Context) ([]*Volume, error)

Volumes returns a slice of localruntime volumes

func (*LocalRuntime) WaitOnContainers

func (r *LocalRuntime) WaitOnContainers(ctx context.Context, cli *cliconfig.WaitValues, interval time.Duration) ([]string, map[string]error, error)

WaitOnContainers waits for all given container(s) to stop

type Pod

type Pod struct {

Pod encapsulates the libpod.Pod structure, helps with remote vs. local

func (*Pod) GetPodStatus

func (p *Pod) GetPodStatus() (string, error)

GetPodStatus is a wrapper to get the status of a local libpod pod

type PodContainerStats

type PodContainerStats struct {
	Pod            *Pod
	ContainerStats map[string]*libpod.ContainerStats

PodContainerStats is struct containing an adapter Pod and a libpod ContainerStats and is used primarily for outputing pod stats.

type RawTtyFormatter

type RawTtyFormatter struct {

RawTtyFormatter ...

func (*RawTtyFormatter) Format

func (f *RawTtyFormatter) Format(entry *logrus.Entry) ([]byte, error)

Format ...

type Volume

type Volume struct {

Volume ...

type VolumeFilter

type VolumeFilter func(*Volume) bool

VolumeFilter is for filtering volumes on the client


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