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Published: Jan 25, 2021 License: MIT


GO - Data Structures and Algorithms

Inspired by the Geeksforgeeks - Top 10 Algorithms in Interview Questions article, the intent of this repository is to solve these questions using the Go Language. GO is a great language choice for technical interviews and hopefully you can find these solutions to the common algorithms/problems easy to understand.

Although this is an introductory material to algorithms and data structures, it assumes that you are familiar with GO programming language syntax and basic concepts.

WIP, the descriptions of the below unsolved yet problems can be found in the orginal article.

Contributions are welcomed - solve a problem and submit a PR.
Contribution guidelines

  • keep the consistency and document the code
  • optimize for readability and simplicity (not over-engineered, best performance is not in scope)


Linked List

Tree / Binary Search Tree

Other Data Structures

Sorting And Searching

Dynamic Programming

BIT Manipulation

Number Theory

String / Array

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