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type Application

type Application struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Application encapsulates a Jabber/XMPP server application.

func New

func New(output io.Writer, args []string) *Application

New returns a runnable application given an output and a command line arguments array.

func (*Application) Run

func (a *Application) Run() error

Run runs Jabber/XMPP application until either a stop signal is received or an error occurs.

type Config

type Config struct {
	PIDFile string         `yaml:"pid_path"`
	Debug   debugConfig    `yaml:"debug"`
	Logger  loggerConfig   `yaml:"logger"`
	Storage storage.Config `yaml:"storage"`
	Hosts   []host.Config  `yaml:"hosts"`
	Modules module.Config  `yaml:"modules"`
	C2S     []c2s.Config   `yaml:"c2s"`
	S2S     *s2s.Config    `yaml:"s2s"`

Config represents a global configuration.

func (*Config) FromBuffer

func (cfg *Config) FromBuffer(buf *bytes.Buffer) error

FromBuffer loads default global configuration from a specified byte buffer.

func (*Config) FromFile

func (cfg *Config) FromFile(configFile string) error

FromFile loads default global configuration from a specified file.

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