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Workflow workflows retrieves and filters GitHub repos tagged with "alfred-workflow".

It demonstrates the use of the caching and background-process APIs to provide a responsive workflow by updating the datastore in the background.

It shows results based on cached data (if available), and if the cached data are out-of-date, starts a background process to refresh the cache.

The Script Filter reloads the results (by setting Workflow.Rerun) until the cached data have been updated (at which point it's showing the latest data).

This is a very useful idiom for workflows that don't need data that are absolutely bang up-to-date. The user still gets (potentially out-of-date) results, preserving the responsiveness of the workflow, and the latest data are shown as soon as they're available.

This workflow, for example, needs several seconds to retrieve all the search results from GitHub, as there are multiple pages.

NOTE: As the GitHub search is performed in a background process, the output is not visible in Alfred's debugger. Enter the query "workflow:log" to view the log file, where you can see the search progress.

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