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const (
	StorageDir       = "/etc/letsencrypt"
	ProductionApiUri = "https://acme-v01.api.letsencrypt.org/directory"
	StagingApiUri    = "https://acme-staging.api.letsencrypt.org/directory"
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const (
	AURORA       = Provider("Aurora")
	AZURE        = Provider("Azure")
	CLOUDFLARE   = Provider("CloudFlare")
	DIGITALOCEAN = Provider("DigitalOcean")
	DNSIMPLE     = Provider("DNSimple")
	DYN          = Provider("Dyn")
	GANDI        = Provider("Gandi")
	NS1          = Provider("NS1")
	OVH          = Provider("Ovh")
	ROUTE53      = Provider("Route53")
	VULTR        = Provider("Vultr")
	HTTP         = Provider("HTTP")


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type Account

type Account struct {
	Email        string                     `json:"email"`
	Registration *lego.RegistrationResource `json:"registrations"`
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewAccount

func NewAccount(email string, apiVer ApiVersion, keyType lego.KeyType) (*Account, error)

NewAccount creates a new or gets a stored LE account for the given email

func (*Account) GetEmail

func (a *Account) GetEmail() string

GetEmail returns the email address for the account

func (*Account) GetPrivateKey

func (a *Account) GetPrivateKey() crypto.PrivateKey

GetPrivateKey returns the private RSA account key.

func (*Account) GetRegistration

func (a *Account) GetRegistration() *lego.RegistrationResource

GetRegistration returns the server registration

func (*Account) Save

func (a *Account) Save() error

Save the account to disk

type AcmeCertificate

type AcmeCertificate struct {
	DnsNames     string    `json:"dnsNames"`
	ExpiryDate   time.Time `json:"expiryDate"`
	SerialNumber string    `json:"serialNumber"`

AcmeCertificate represents a CA issued certificate, PrivateKey and Certificate are both PEM encoded.

Anonymous fields: PrivateKey []byte Certificate []byte Domain string

type ApiVersion added in v0.2.6

type ApiVersion string
const (
	Production ApiVersion = "Production"
	Sandbox    ApiVersion = "Sandbox"

type Client

type Client struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Client represents a Lets Encrypt client

func NewClient

func NewClient(email string, kt KeyType, apiVer ApiVersion, dnsResolvers []string, provider ProviderOpts) (*Client, error)

NewClient returns a new Lets Encrypt client

func (*Client) ApiVersion added in v0.4.0

func (c *Client) ApiVersion() string

func (*Client) CertPath added in v0.2.6

func (c *Client) CertPath(certName string) string

func (*Client) ConfigPath added in v0.2.6

func (c *Client) ConfigPath() string

func (*Client) EnableLogs added in v0.5.0

func (c *Client) EnableLogs()

EnableLogs prints logs from the upstream lego library

func (*Client) GetStoredCertificate added in v0.2.6

func (c *Client) GetStoredCertificate(certName string, domains []string) (bool, *AcmeCertificate)

GetStoredCertificate returns the locally stored certificate for the given domains

func (*Client) Issue

func (c *Client) Issue(certName string, domains []string) (*AcmeCertificate, map[string]error)

Issue obtains a new SAN certificate from the Lets Encrypt CA

func (*Client) ProviderName added in v0.4.0

func (c *Client) ProviderName() string

func (*Client) Renew

func (c *Client) Renew(certName string) (*AcmeCertificate, error)

Renew renewes the given stored certificate

type KeyType added in v0.2.6

type KeyType string
const (
	RSA2048 KeyType = "RSA-2048"
	RSA4096 KeyType = "RSA-4096"
	RSA8192 KeyType = "RSA-8192"
	EC256   KeyType = "ECDSA-256"
	EC384   KeyType = "ECDSA-384"

type Provider added in v0.4.0

type Provider string

type ProviderFactory added in v0.4.0

type ProviderFactory struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

type ProviderOpts

type ProviderOpts struct {
	Provider Provider

	// Aurora credentials
	AuroraUserId   string
	AuroraKey      string
	AuroraEndpoint string

	// AWS Route 53 credentials
	AwsAccessKey string
	AwsSecretKey string

	// Azure credentials
	AzureClientId       string
	AzureClientSecret   string
	AzureSubscriptionId string
	AzureTenantId       string
	AzureResourceGroup  string

	// CloudFlare credentials
	CloudflareEmail string
	CloudflareKey   string

	// DigitalOcean credentials
	DoAccessToken string

	// DNSimple credentials
	DNSimpleEmail string
	DNSimpleKey   string

	// Dyn credentials
	DynCustomerName string
	DynUserName     string
	DynPassword     string

	// Gandi credentials
	GandiApiKey string

	// NS1 credentials
	NS1ApiKey string

	// OVH credentials
	OvhApplicationKey    string
	OvhApplicationSecret string
	OvhConsumerKey       string

	// Vultr credentials
	VultrApiKey string

ProviderOpts is used to configure the DNS provider used by the Let's Encrypt client for domain validation

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