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KrakenD opencensus

A set of building blocks for instrumenting KrakenD gateways

Available middlewares

There are the avaliable middlewares to add to the KrakenD pipes.

  1. Backend
  2. Proxy
  3. Router

Available router flavours

  1. mux Mux based routers and handlers
  2. gin Gin based routers and handlers

Check the examples and the documentation for more details




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const (
	ContextKey = "opencensus-request-span"
	Namespace  = "github_com/devopsfaith/krakend-opencensus"



func BackendFactory

func BackendFactory(bf proxy.BackendFactory) proxy.BackendFactory

func GetAggregatedPathForBackendMetrics

func GetAggregatedPathForBackendMetrics(cfg *config.Backend) func(r *http.Request) string

GetAggregatedPathForBackendMetrics returns a path aggregator function ready to reduce path cardinality in the metrics

func GetAggregatedPathForMetrics

func GetAggregatedPathForMetrics(cfg *config.EndpointConfig) func(r *http.Request) string

GetAggregatedPathForMetrics returns a path aggregator function ready to reduce path cardinality in the metrics

func HTTPRequestExecutor

func HTTPRequestExecutor(clientFactory transport.HTTPClientFactory) transport.HTTPRequestExecutor

func HTTPRequestExecutorFromConfig

func HTTPRequestExecutorFromConfig(clientFactory transport.HTTPClientFactory, cfg *config.Backend) transport.HTTPRequestExecutor

func IsBackendEnabled

func IsBackendEnabled() bool

func IsPipeEnabled

func IsPipeEnabled() bool

func IsRouterEnabled

func IsRouterEnabled() bool

func Middleware

func Middleware(name string) proxy.Middleware

func NewHTTPClient

func NewHTTPClient(ctx context.Context) *http.Client

func ProxyFactory

func ProxyFactory(pf proxy.Factory) proxy.FactoryFunc

func Register

func Register(ctx context.Context, srvCfg config.ServiceConfig, vs ...*view.View) error

func RegisterExporterFactories

func RegisterExporterFactories(ef ExporterFactory)

func RequestAttrs

func RequestAttrs(r *http.Request) []trace.Attribute

func ResponseAttrs

func ResponseAttrs(resp *http.Response) []trace.Attribute

func SpanNameFromURL

func SpanNameFromURL(req *http.Request) string

func TraceStatus

func TraceStatus(httpStatusCode int, statusLine string) trace.Status

TraceStatus is a utility to convert the HTTP status code to a trace.Status that represents the outcome as closely as possible.


type Config

type Config struct {
	SampleRate      int            `json:"sample_rate"`
	ReportingPeriod int            `json:"reporting_period"`
	EnabledLayers   *EnabledLayers `json:"enabled_layers"`
	Exporters       Exporters      `json:"exporters"`

type DataDogConfig

type DataDogConfig struct {
	Namespace              string                 `json:"namespace"`
	Service                string                 `json:"service"`
	TraceAddr              string                 `json:"trace_address"`
	StatsAddr              string                 `json:"stats_address"`
	Tags                   []string               `json:"tags"`
	GlobalTags             map[string]interface{} `json:"global_tags"`
	DisableCountPerBuckets bool                   `json:"disable_count_per_buckets"`

type EnabledLayers

type EnabledLayers struct {
	Router  bool `json:"router"`
	Pipe    bool `json:"pipe"`
	Backend bool `json:"backend"`

type EndpointExtraConfig

type EndpointExtraConfig struct {
	PathAggregation string `json:"path_aggregation"`

type ExporterFactory

type ExporterFactory func(context.Context, Config) (interface{}, error)

type Exporters

type Exporters struct {
	InfluxDB    *InfluxDBConfig    `json:"influxdb"`
	Zipkin      *ZipkinConfig      `json:"zipkin"`
	Jaeger      *JaegerConfig      `json:"jaeger"`
	Prometheus  *PrometheusConfig  `json:"prometheus"`
	Logger      *struct{}          `json:"logger"`
	Xray        *XrayConfig        `json:"xray"`
	Stackdriver *StackdriverConfig `json:"stackdriver"`
	Ocagent     *OcagentConfig     `json:"ocagent"`
	DataDog     *DataDogConfig     `json:"datadog"`
	ExtraConfig config.ExtraConfig `json:"extra_config"`

type InfluxDBConfig

type InfluxDBConfig struct {
	Address      string `json:"address"`
	Username     string `json:"username"`
	Password     string `json:"password"`
	Timeout      string `json:"timeout"`
	PingEnabled  bool   `json:"ping"`
	Database     string `json:"db"`
	InstanceName string `json:"service_name"`
	BufferSize   int    `json:"buffer_size"`

type JaegerConfig

type JaegerConfig struct {
	Endpoint       string `json:"endpoint"`
	ServiceName    string `json:"service_name"`
	BufferMaxCount int    `json:"buffer_max_count"`

type OcagentConfig

type OcagentConfig struct {
	Address            string            `json:"address"`
	ServiceName        string            `json:"service_name"`
	Headers            map[string]string `json:"headers"`
	Insecure           bool              `json:"insecure"`
	Reconnection       string            `json:"reconnection"`
	EnaableCompression bool              `json:"enable_compression"`

type PrometheusConfig

type PrometheusConfig struct {
	Namespace     string `json:"namespace"`
	Port          int    `json:"port"`
	HostTag       bool   `json:"tag_host"`
	PathTag       bool   `json:"tag_path"`
	MethodTag     bool   `json:"tag_method"`
	StatusCodeTag bool   `json:"tag_statuscode"`

type StackdriverConfig

type StackdriverConfig struct {
	ProjectID     string            `json:"project_id"`
	MetricPrefix  string            `json:"metric_prefix"`
	DefaultLabels map[string]string `json:"default_labels"`

type Transport

type Transport struct {
	// Base may be set to wrap another http.RoundTripper that does the actual
	// requests. By default http.DefaultTransport is used.
	// If base HTTP roundtripper implements CancelRequest,
	// the returned round tripper will be cancelable.
	Base http.RoundTripper

	// Propagation defines how traces are propagated. If unspecified, a default
	// (currently B3 format) will be used.
	Propagation propagation.HTTPFormat

	// StartOptions are applied to the span started by this Transport around each
	// request.
	// StartOptions.SpanKind will always be set to trace.SpanKindClient
	// for spans started by this transport.
	StartOptions trace.StartOptions

	// GetStartOptions allows to set start options per request. If set,
	// StartOptions is going to be ignored.
	GetStartOptions func(*http.Request) trace.StartOptions

	// NameFromRequest holds the function to use for generating the span name
	// from the information found in the outgoing HTTP Request. By default the
	// name equals the URL Path.
	FormatSpanName func(*http.Request) string

	// NewClientTrace may be set to a function allowing the current *trace.Span
	// to be annotated with HTTP request event information emitted by the
	// httptrace package.
	NewClientTrace func(*http.Request, *trace.Span) *httptrace.ClientTrace
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Transport is an http.RoundTripper that instruments all outgoing requests with OpenCensus stats and tracing.

The zero value is intended to be a useful default, but for now it's recommended that you explicitly set Propagation, since the default for this may change.

func (*Transport) CancelRequest

func (t *Transport) CancelRequest(req *http.Request)

CancelRequest cancels an in-flight request by closing its connection.

func (*Transport) RoundTrip

func (t *Transport) RoundTrip(req *http.Request) (*http.Response, error)

RoundTrip implements http.RoundTripper, delegating to Base and recording stats and traces for the request.

type XrayConfig

type XrayConfig struct {
	UseEnv    bool   `json:"use_env"`
	Region    string `json:"region"`
	AccessKey string `json:"access_key_id"`
	SecretKey string `json:"secret_access_key"`
	Version   string `json:"version"`

type ZipkinConfig

type ZipkinConfig struct {
	CollectorURL string `json:"collector_url"`
	ServiceName  string `json:"service_name"`
	IP           string `json:"ip"`
	Port         int    `json:"port"`


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