Package admin provides an implementation of the API described in auth/schema/adminschema.



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    var (
    	ErrorMissingClient = errorMaker("bad_request", "The 'client' cannot be empty", http.StatusBadRequest)(nil)
    	ErrorInvalidClientFunc = errorMaker("bad_request", "Your client could not be validated.", http.StatusBadRequest)


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    type AdminAPI

    type AdminAPI struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      AdminAPI provides the logic necessary to implement the Admin API.

      func NewAdminAPI

      func NewAdminAPI(userRepo user.UserRepo, pwiRepo user.PasswordInfoRepo, clientRepo client.ClientRepo, connectorConfigRepo connector.ConnectorConfigRepo, userManager *usermanager.UserManager, clientManager *clientmanager.ClientManager, localConnectorID string) *AdminAPI

      func (*AdminAPI) CreateAdmin

      func (a *AdminAPI) CreateAdmin(admn adminschema.Admin) (string, error)

      func (*AdminAPI) GetAdmin

      func (a *AdminAPI) GetAdmin(id string) (adminschema.Admin, error)

      func (*AdminAPI) GetConnectors

      func (a *AdminAPI) GetConnectors() ([]connector.ConnectorConfig, error)

      func (*AdminAPI) GetState

      func (a *AdminAPI) GetState() (adminschema.State, error)

      func (*AdminAPI) SetConnectors

      func (a *AdminAPI) SetConnectors(connectorConfigs []connector.ConnectorConfig) error

      type Error

      type Error struct {
      	Type string
      	// The HTTP Code to return for this type of error.
      	Code int
      	Desc string
      	// The underlying error - not to be consumed by external users.
      	Internal error

        Error is the error type returned by AdminAPI methods.

        func (Error) Error

        func (e Error) Error() string

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