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func NewBinderClient

func NewBinderClient(c client.Interface) binderClient

func NewPersistentVolumeOrderedIndex

func NewPersistentVolumeOrderedIndex() *persistentVolumeOrderedIndex

func NewRecyclerClient

func NewRecyclerClient(c client.Interface) recyclerClient


type PersistentVolumeClaimBinder

type PersistentVolumeClaimBinder struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

PersistentVolumeClaimBinder is a controller that synchronizes PersistentVolumeClaims.

func NewPersistentVolumeClaimBinder

func NewPersistentVolumeClaimBinder(kubeClient client.Interface, syncPeriod time.Duration) *PersistentVolumeClaimBinder

NewPersistentVolumeClaimBinder creates a new PersistentVolumeClaimBinder

func (*PersistentVolumeClaimBinder) Run

func (controller *PersistentVolumeClaimBinder) Run()

Run starts all of this binder's control loops

func (*PersistentVolumeClaimBinder) Stop

func (controller *PersistentVolumeClaimBinder) Stop()

Stop gracefully shuts down this binder

type PersistentVolumeRecycler

type PersistentVolumeRecycler struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

PersistentVolumeRecycler is a controller that watches for PersistentVolumes that are released from their claims. This controller will Recycle those volumes whose reclaim policy is set to PersistentVolumeReclaimRecycle and make them available again for a new claim.

func NewPersistentVolumeRecycler

func NewPersistentVolumeRecycler(kubeClient client.Interface, syncPeriod time.Duration, plugins []volume.VolumePlugin) (*PersistentVolumeRecycler, error)

PersistentVolumeRecycler creates a new PersistentVolumeRecycler

func (*PersistentVolumeRecycler) GetKubeClient

func (f *PersistentVolumeRecycler) GetKubeClient() client.Interface

func (*PersistentVolumeRecycler) GetPluginDir

func (f *PersistentVolumeRecycler) GetPluginDir(podUID string) string

PersistentVolumeRecycler is host to the volume plugins, but does not actually mount any volumes. Because no mounting is performed, most of the VolumeHost methods are not implemented.

func (*PersistentVolumeRecycler) GetPodPluginDir

func (f *PersistentVolumeRecycler) GetPodPluginDir(podUID types.UID, pluginName string) string

func (*PersistentVolumeRecycler) GetPodVolumeDir

func (f *PersistentVolumeRecycler) GetPodVolumeDir(podUID types.UID, pluginName, volumeName string) string

func (*PersistentVolumeRecycler) NewWrapperBuilder

func (f *PersistentVolumeRecycler) NewWrapperBuilder(spec *volume.Spec, pod *api.Pod, opts volume.VolumeOptions, mounter mount.Interface) (volume.Builder, error)

func (*PersistentVolumeRecycler) NewWrapperCleaner

func (f *PersistentVolumeRecycler) NewWrapperCleaner(spec *volume.Spec, podUID types.UID, mounter mount.Interface) (volume.Cleaner, error)

func (*PersistentVolumeRecycler) Run

func (recycler *PersistentVolumeRecycler) Run()

Run starts this recycler's control loops

func (*PersistentVolumeRecycler) Stop

func (recycler *PersistentVolumeRecycler) Stop()

Stop gracefully shuts down this binder

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