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var (
	// MaxGenerateAttempts limits how many times we try to find an available username for a new identity
	MaxGenerateAttempts = 100

	// DefaultGenerator attempts to use the base name first, then "base2", "base3", ...
	DefaultGenerator = UserNameGenerator(func(base string, sequence int) string {
		if sequence == 0 {
			return base
		return fmt.Sprintf("%s%d", base, sequence+1)


func NewAlwaysCreateUserIdentityToUserMapper

func NewAlwaysCreateUserIdentityToUserMapper(identityRegistry identityregistry.Registry, userRegistry userregistry.Registry) authapi.UserIdentityMapper

NewAlwaysCreateUserIdentityToUserMapper returns an IdentityMapper that does the following: 1. Returns an existing user if the identity exists and is associated with an existing user 2. Returns an error if the identity exists and is not associated with a user 3. Creates the identity and creates and returns a new user with a unique username if the identity does not yet exist

func NewLookupIdentityMapper added in v0.4.2

func NewLookupIdentityMapper(mappings useridentitymapping.Registry, users user.Registry) authapi.UserIdentityMapper

NewLookupIdentityMapper returns a mapper that will look up existing mappings for identities


type NoopGroupMapper added in v1.0.5

type NoopGroupMapper struct{}

func (NoopGroupMapper) GroupsFor added in v1.0.5

func (n NoopGroupMapper) GroupsFor(username string) ([]*userapi.Group, error)

type UserNameGenerator added in v0.4.2

type UserNameGenerator func(base string, sequence int) string

UserNameGenerator returns a username

type UserToGroupMapper added in v1.0.5

type UserToGroupMapper interface {
	GroupsFor(username string) ([]*userapi.Group, error)

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