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func NewKubernetesContext

func NewKubernetesContext() *wfl.Context

NewKubernetesContext creates a new Context which executes tasks of the workflow in Kubernetes.

func NewKubernetesContextByCfg

func NewKubernetesContextByCfg(cfg Config) *wfl.Context

NewKubernetesContextByCfg creates a new Context with kubernetes as task execution engine. The KubernetesConfig configures details, like a default container image which is required when Run() is used or no JobCategory is set in the JobTemplate.


type Config

type Config struct {
	DefaultImage    string
	DBFile          string
	DefaultTemplate drmaa2interface.JobTemplate
	// Namespace in which the jobs are submitted. Defaults to "default".
	Namespace string

Config describes the default container image to use when no other is specified in the JobCategory of the JobTemplate. This allows to use the Run() method instead of RunT().

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