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Golang sentry web api library


See for finding your authentication token.

Set your token to an environment variable named SENTRY_AUTH_TOKEN




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var (
	// GitHash is the sha hash of the current commit used to build this code.
	GitHash string
	// Version is the semantic version according to the release.
	Version string


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type Avatar

type Avatar struct {
	// Type is the type of avatar set for the entity.
	Type string `json:"avatarType"`
	// ID is a uuid or empty string.
	ID string `json:"avatarUuid"`

Avatar is used to display an avatar for an entity.

type Client

type Client struct {
	// AuthToken is the bearer token for use in the API.
	AuthToken string

	// Domain is the base domain for the api, including https://
	Domain string

	// Timeout in seconds before an api call times out.
	Timeout time.Duration

Client is used to make calls to the sentry web api.

func NewClient

func NewClient(domain string, seconds int, authToken string) *Client

NewClient creates a client with the given domain to make api calls.

func (*Client) APIGet

func (c *Client) APIGet(path string) ([]byte, error)

APIGet calls the API passing in the bearer token.

func (*Client) EventList

func (c *Client) EventList(orgSlug string, projectSlug string, full bool, cursor string) ([]Event, error)

EventList returns a list for the given organization and project.

func (*Client) OrganizationList

func (c *Client) OrganizationList(owner bool, cursor string) ([]Organization, error)

OrganizationList returns the list of Organizations available to the authenticated session.

func (*Client) ProjectList

func (c *Client) ProjectList(cursor string) ([]Project, error)

ProjectList returns the list of Projects.

type Event

type Event struct {
	EventID     string    `json:"eventID"`
	Tags        []Tag     `json:"tags"`
	DateCreated time.Time `json:"dateCreated"`
	User        string    `json:"user"`
	Message     string    `json:"message"`
	Title       string    `json:"title"`
	ID          string    `json:"id"`
	Platform    string    `json:"platform"`
	EventType   string    `json:"event.type"`
	GroupID     string    `json:"groupID"`

Event is a sentry event related to a project.

type Organization

type Organization struct {
	// Name is the name of the org.
	Name string `json:"name"`
	// Slug is the org's unique name.
	Slug string `json:"slug"`
	// ID is the id of the org.
	ID string `json:"id"`

	// Avatar is used to display a picture for an Organziation
	Avatar Avatar `json:"avatar"`

	// DateCreated is the date the org was created.
	DateCreated time.Time `json:"dateCreated"`

	// IsEarlyAdopter flag if the org is under an early adopter account.
	IsEarlyAdopter bool `json:"isEarlyAdopter"`

Organization represents an org in sentry.

func (Organization) String

func (o Organization) String() string

String is formatted version of the Organization struct.

type Project

type Project struct {
	Avatar       Avatar       `json:"avatar"`
	Color        string       `json:"color"`
	DateCreated  time.Time    `json:"dateCreated"`
	Features     []string     `json:"features"`
	FirstEvent   string       `json:"firstEvent"`
	HasAccess    bool         `json:"hasAccess"`
	ID           string       `json:"id"`
	IsBookmarked bool         `json:"isBookmarked"`
	IsInternal   bool         `json:"isInternal"`
	IsMember     bool         `json:"isMember"`
	IsPublic     bool         `json:"isPublic"`
	Name         string       `json:"name"`
	Organization Organization `json:"organization"`
	Platform     string       `json:"platform"`
	Slug         string       `json:"slug"`
	Status       string       `json:"status"`

Project is a sentry project.

type Status

type Status struct {
	ID   string `json:"id"`
	Name string `json:"name"`

Status is used for the status of an entity.

type Tag

type Tag struct {
	Key   string `json:"key"`
	Value string `json:"value"`


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