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type FakeDiskManager

type FakeDiskManager struct {
	FakePartitioner           *FakePartitioner
	FakeFormatter             *FakeFormatter
	FakeMounter               *FakeMounter
	FakeMountsSearcher        *FakeMountsSearcher
	FakeRootDevicePartitioner *FakePartitioner
	FakeDiskUtil              *fakedevutil.FakeDeviceUtil
	DiskUtilDiskPath          string

func NewFakeDiskManager

func NewFakeDiskManager() *FakeDiskManager

func (*FakeDiskManager) GetDiskUtil

func (m *FakeDiskManager) GetDiskUtil(diskPath string) boshdevutil.DeviceUtil

func (*FakeDiskManager) GetFormatter

func (m *FakeDiskManager) GetFormatter() boshdisk.Formatter

func (*FakeDiskManager) GetMounter

func (m *FakeDiskManager) GetMounter() boshdisk.Mounter

func (*FakeDiskManager) GetMountsSearcher

func (m *FakeDiskManager) GetMountsSearcher() boshdisk.MountsSearcher

func (*FakeDiskManager) GetPartitioner

func (m *FakeDiskManager) GetPartitioner() boshdisk.Partitioner

func (*FakeDiskManager) GetRootDevicePartitioner

func (m *FakeDiskManager) GetRootDevicePartitioner() boshdisk.Partitioner

type FakeFormatter

type FakeFormatter struct {
	FormatCalled         bool
	FormatPartitionPaths []string
	FormatFsTypes        []boshdisk.FileSystemType

func (*FakeFormatter) Format

func (p *FakeFormatter) Format(partitionPath string, fsType boshdisk.FileSystemType) (err error)

type FakeMounter

type FakeMounter struct {
	MountCalled         bool
	MountPartitionPaths []string
	MountMountPoints    []string
	MountMountOptions   [][]string
	MountErr            error

	RemountAsReadonlyCalled bool
	RemountAsReadonlyPath   string
	RemountAsReadonlyErr    error

	RemountFromMountPoint string
	RemountToMountPoint   string
	RemountMountOptions   []string
	RemountErr            error

	SwapOnPartitionPaths []string
	SwapOnErr            error

	UnmountPartitionPathOrMountPoint string
	UnmountDidUnmount                bool
	UnmountErr                       error

	IsMountPointPath   string
	IsMountPointResult bool
	IsMountPointErr    error

	IsMountedDevicePathOrMountPoint string
	IsMountedResult                 bool
	IsMountedErr                    error

func (*FakeMounter) IsMountPoint

func (m *FakeMounter) IsMountPoint(path string) (result bool, err error)

func (*FakeMounter) IsMounted

func (m *FakeMounter) IsMounted(devicePathOrMountPoint string) (bool, error)

func (*FakeMounter) Mount

func (m *FakeMounter) Mount(partitionPath, mountPoint string, mountOptions ...string) error

func (*FakeMounter) Remount

func (m *FakeMounter) Remount(fromMountPoint, toMountPoint string, mountOptions ...string) (err error)

func (*FakeMounter) RemountAsReadonly

func (m *FakeMounter) RemountAsReadonly(mountPoint string) (err error)

func (*FakeMounter) SwapOn

func (m *FakeMounter) SwapOn(partitionPath string) (err error)

func (*FakeMounter) Unmount

func (m *FakeMounter) Unmount(partitionPathOrMountPoint string) (didUnmount bool, err error)

type FakeMountsSearcher

type FakeMountsSearcher struct {
	SearchMountsMounts []boshdisk.Mount
	SearchMountsErr    error

func (*FakeMountsSearcher) SearchMounts

func (s *FakeMountsSearcher) SearchMounts() ([]boshdisk.Mount, error)

type FakePartitioner

type FakePartitioner struct {
	PartitionCalled     bool
	PartitionDevicePath string
	PartitionPartitions []boshdisk.Partition
	PartitionErr        error

	GetDeviceSizeInBytesDevicePath string
	GetDeviceSizeInBytesSizes      map[string]uint64
	GetDeviceSizeInBytesErr        error

func NewFakePartitioner

func NewFakePartitioner() *FakePartitioner

func (*FakePartitioner) GetDeviceSizeInBytes

func (p *FakePartitioner) GetDeviceSizeInBytes(devicePath string) (uint64, error)

func (*FakePartitioner) Partition

func (p *FakePartitioner) Partition(devicePath string, partitions []boshdisk.Partition) error

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