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type ACME

type ACME struct {
	Email       string   `description:"Email address used for registration"`
	Domains     []Domain `` /* 162-byte string literal not displayed */
	StorageFile string   `description:"File used for certificates storage."`
	OnDemand    bool     `` /* 178-byte string literal not displayed */
	CAServer    string   `description:"CA server to use."`
	EntryPoint  string   `description:"Entrypoint to proxy acme challenge to."`
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ACME allows to connect to lets encrypt and retrieve certs

func (*ACME) CreateConfig

func (a *ACME) CreateConfig(tlsConfig *tls.Config, CheckOnDemandDomain func(domain string) bool) error

CreateConfig creates a tls.config from using ACME configuration

type Account

type Account struct {
	Email              string
	Registration       *acme.RegistrationResource
	PrivateKey         []byte
	DomainsCertificate DomainsCertificates

Account is used to store lets encrypt registration info

func (Account) GetEmail

func (a Account) GetEmail() string

GetEmail returns email

func (Account) GetPrivateKey

func (a Account) GetPrivateKey() crypto.PrivateKey

GetPrivateKey returns private key

func (Account) GetRegistration

func (a Account) GetRegistration() *acme.RegistrationResource

GetRegistration returns lets encrypt registration resource

type Certificate

type Certificate struct {
	Domain        string
	CertURL       string
	CertStableURL string
	PrivateKey    []byte
	Certificate   []byte

Certificate is used to store certificate info

type Domain

type Domain struct {
	Main string
	SANs []string

Domain holds a domain name with SANs

type Domains

type Domains []Domain

Domains parse []Domain

func (*Domains) Get

func (ds *Domains) Get() interface{}

Get []Domain

func (*Domains) Set

func (ds *Domains) Set(str string) error

Set []Domain

func (*Domains) SetValue

func (ds *Domains) SetValue(val interface{})

SetValue sets []Domain into the parser

func (*Domains) String

func (ds *Domains) String() string

String returns []Domain in string

type DomainsCertificate

type DomainsCertificate struct {
	Domains     Domain
	Certificate *Certificate
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

DomainsCertificate contains a certificate for multiple domains

type DomainsCertificates

type DomainsCertificates struct {
	Certs []*DomainsCertificate
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

DomainsCertificates stores a certificate for multiple domains

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