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const DefaultTheme = LightTheme


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var Empty = Render{}

Empty is a blank page.


func RegisterCSSFile

func RegisterCSSFile(path string)

RegisterCSSFile adds the CSS file to the global CSS file, which can be located in /components.css

func SetThemeCookie

func SetThemeCookie(w http.ResponseWriter, theme Theme)

func SetWeakCookie

func SetWeakCookie(w http.ResponseWriter, k, v string)

SetWeakCookie sets an insecure cookie for user settings.

func ThemeM

func ThemeM(next http.Handler) http.Handler


type CommonCtx

type CommonCtx struct {

	Config   Config
	Username string
	Session  *client.Session

type Component

type Component struct {
	Template   string
	Components map[string]Component
	Functions  template.FuncMap

type Config

type Config struct {
	SiteName string `toml:"siteName"`

func NewConfig

func NewConfig() Config

func (*Config) Validate

func (c *Config) Validate() error

type ErrorRenderer

type ErrorRenderer = func(r *Request, err error) (Render, error)

ErrorRenderer represents a renderable page for errors.

type Mux

type Mux struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewHTTPMux

func NewHTTPMux(backendHTTP string, cfg Config) *Mux

NewHTTPMux creates a new frontend muxer with the given backendHTTP endpoint. This endpoint will be used to make HTTP requests to the server.

func NewMux

func NewMux(backendSocket string, cfg Config) *Mux

NewMux creates a new frontend muxer with the given backendSocket as the Unix socket path to call the backend.

func (*Mux) Delete

func (m *Mux) Delete(route string, r Renderer)

func (*Mux) Get

func (m *Mux) Get(route string, r Renderer)

func (*Mux) M

func (m *Mux) M(render Renderer) http.HandlerFunc

M is the middleware wrapper.

func (*Mux) Mount

func (m *Mux) Mount(route string, mounter func(Muxer) http.Handler)

func (*Mux) NewRequest

func (m *Mux) NewRequest(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) *Request

NewRequest makes a new internal request struct. The returned Request pointer is never nil.

func (*Mux) Post

func (m *Mux) Post(route string, r Renderer)

func (*Mux) SetErrorRenderer

func (m *Mux) SetErrorRenderer(r ErrorRenderer)

type Muxer

type Muxer interface {
	M(Renderer) http.HandlerFunc

Muxer implements the interface that's passable to pages' mount functions.

type Page

type Page struct {
	Template   string
	Components map[string]Component
	Functions  template.FuncMap

type Render

type Render struct {
	Title       string // og:title, <title>
	Description string // og:description
	ImageURL    string // og:image

	Body template.HTML

type Renderer

type Renderer = func(r *Request) (Render, error)

Renderer represents a renderable page.

type Request

type Request struct {

	Writer http.ResponseWriter
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Request) Cookie

func (r *Request) Cookie(name string) *http.Cookie

Cookie returns the cookie from the Request. These cookies won't have anything else filled other than the value field.

func (*Request) CookieValue

func (r *Request) CookieValue(name string) string

func (*Request) FlushCookies

func (r *Request) FlushCookies()

FlushCookies dumps all the session state's cookies to the response writer.

func (*Request) IDParam

func (r *Request) IDParam() (int64, error)

IDParam returns the ID parameter from chi.

func (*Request) Me

func (r *Request) Me() (smolboard.UserPart, error)

func (*Request) Param

func (r *Request) Param(name string) string

func (*Request) Push

func (r *Request) Push(url string)

func (*Request) Redirect

func (r *Request) Redirect(path string, code int)

func (*Request) SetWeakCookie

func (r *Request) SetWeakCookie(k, v string)

SetWeakCookie calls SetWeakCookie with the writer in Request.

func (*Request) TokenCookie

func (r *Request) TokenCookie() *http.Cookie

TokenCookie returns the cookie that contains the token if any or nil if none. This function searches the cookie from the smolboard client.

type Template

type Template struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func BuildPage

func BuildPage(n string, p Page) *Template

func (*Template) Render

func (t *Template) Render(v interface{}) template.HTML

Render renders the template with the given argument into HTML.

type Theme

type Theme uint8
const (
	LightTheme Theme = iota
	NordTheme // also light


func GetTheme

func GetTheme(ctx context.Context) Theme

func ParseTheme

func ParseTheme(name string) Theme

func (Theme) String

func (t Theme) String() string

func (Theme) URL

func (t Theme) URL() string

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