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const ExternalConfigName = "apidocs"

ExternalConfigName is the external config name of apidocs.


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func Default

func Default() nirvana.Configurer

Default Configurer does nothing but ensure default config was set.

func Disable

func Disable() nirvana.Configurer

Disable returns a configurer to disable current plugin for a certain nirvana server.

func Files

func Files(files map[string]string) nirvana.Configurer

Files Configurer sets apidocs files config.

func Path

func Path(path string) nirvana.Configurer

Path returns a configurer to set apidocs path.


type Option

type Option struct {
	Path  string `desc:"Path to list information of all API docs"`
	Files string `desc:"Comma separated of apidocsVersion:apidocsPath, it can be v1:./apis/api.v1.json,v2:./apis/api.v2.json"`

Option contains basic configurations of apidocs.

func NewDefaultOption

func NewDefaultOption() *Option

NewDefaultOption creates default option.

func (*Option) Configure

func (p *Option) Configure(cfg *nirvana.Config) error

Configure configures nirvana config via current options.

func (*Option) Name

func (p *Option) Name() string

Name returns plugin name.

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