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Published: Dec 1, 2016 License: MIT



Connect to your raspberry Pi PiGlow using gRPC


This library will help making RPC calls to a remote Pi with a PiGlow on your network.

Client and Server implementation

You can find 2 reference implementations for a client and server in the examples/ directory. Those 2 are using the bonjour protocol to discover each other, and then, once connected, you can do direct calls to the remote Pi which will be reflected with low latency.

The API for accessing PiGlow is mirroring the excellent go-piglow API, adding error and out of bounds handling. It then uses that library to deal with the PiGlow.

Other languages

As we are using gRPC and protobuf, you can write a client in any languages you need. Just use the piglow.proto file to generate your client code.


If you are using Ubuntu Core on your Pi, you can directly install the server snap with snap install grpc-piglow --devmode --beta. Devmode is needed as the rpi doesn't have the i2c interface exposed yet.


Path Synopsis
Package proto is a generated protocol buffer package.
Package proto is a generated protocol buffer package.

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