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Simple Dropbox v2 client for Go.

For a higher level client take a look at go-dropy.


Modelled more or less 1:1 with the API for consistency and parity with the official documentation. More sugar should be implemented on top.


To manually run tests use the test account access token:

$ go test -v





Package dropbox implements a simple v2 client.


Example using the Client, which provides both User and File clients.

d := dropbox.New(dropbox.NewConfig("<token>"))

file, _ := os.Open("Readme.md")

	Path:   "Readme.md",
	Reader: file,
	Mute:   true,

Example (Files)

Example using the Files client directly.

files := dropbox.NewFiles(dropbox.NewConfig("<token>"))

out, _ := files.Download(&dropbox.DownloadInput{
	Path: "Readme.md",

io.Copy(os.Stdout, out.Body)

Example (Users)

Example using the Users client directly.

users := dropbox.NewUsers(dropbox.NewConfig("<token>"))
out, _ := users.GetCurrentAccount()
fmt.Printf("%v\n", out)




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const (
	SearchModeFilename           SearchMode = "filename"
	SearchModeFilenameAndContent            = "filename_and_content"
	SearchModeDeletedFilename               = "deleted_filename"

Supported search modes.

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const (
	SearchMatchFilename SearchMatchType = "filename"
	SearchMatchContent                  = "content"
	SearchMatchBoth                     = "both"

Supported search match types.

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const (
	// GetThumbnailSizeW32H32 specifies a size of 32 by 32 px
	GetThumbnailSizeW32H32 ThumbnailSize = "w32h32"
	// GetThumbnailSizeW64H64 specifies a size of 64 by 64 px
	GetThumbnailSizeW64H64 = "w64h64"
	// GetThumbnailSizeW128H128 specifies a size of 128 by 128 px
	GetThumbnailSizeW128H128 = "w128h128"
	// GetThumbnailSizeW640H480 specifies a size of 640 by 480 px
	GetThumbnailSizeW640H480 = "w640h480"
	// GetThumbnailSizeW1024H768 specifies a size of 1024 by 768 px
	GetThumbnailSizeW1024H768 = "w1024h768"
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const (
	// PaperDocsFilterAccessed indicates that for this paper/docs/list call we
	// only want to get documents that the user accessed.
	PaperDocsFilterAccessed = "docs_accessed"
	// PaperDocsFilterCreated indicates that for this paper/docs/list call we
	// only want to get documents that the user created.
	PaperDocsFilterCreated = "docs_created"

	// PaperDocsSortByAccessed indicates that for this paper/docs/list call we
	// want to sort the returned doc IDs in the order in which the documents
	// were accessed by the user
	PaperDocsSortByAccessed = "accessed"
	// PaperDocsSortByModified indicates that for this paper/docs/list call we
	// want to sort the returned doc IDs in the order in which the documents
	// were modified by any user
	PaperDocsSortByModified = "modified"
	// PaperDocsSortByCreated indicates that for this paper/docs/list call we
	// want to sort the returned doc IDs in the order in which the documents
	// were created
	PaperDocsSortByCreated = "created"

	// PaperDocsSortAscending indicates that for this paper/docs/list call we
	// want to return the doc IDs in ascending order for how they are sorted
	PaperDocsSortAscending = "ascending"
	// PaperDocsSortDescending indicates that for this paper/docs/list call we
	// want to return the doc IDs in decending order for how they are sorted
	PaperDocsSortDescending = "decending"
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const (
	// ExportFormatHTML indicates that we want to download a Dropbox Paper file
	// as HTML.
	ExportFormatHTML = "html"
	// ExportFormatMarkdown indicates that we want to download a Dropbox Paper
	// file as Markdown.
	ExportFormatMarkdown = "markdown"
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const (
	Public           VisibilityType = "public"
	TeamOnly                        = "team_only"
	Password                        = "password"
	TeamAndPassword                 = "team_and_password"
	SharedFolderOnly                = "shared_folder_only"

Visibility types supported.

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const (
	MemberActionMakeEditor MemberAction = "make_editor"
	MemberActionMakeOwner               = "make_owner"
	MemberActionMakeViewer              = "make_viewer"
	MemberActionRemove                  = "remove"

MemberAction possible values.

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const (
	UserNotOnSameTeamAsOwner PermissionDeniedReason = "user_not_same_team_as_owner"
	UserNotAllowedByOwner                           = "user_not_allowed_by_owner"
	TargetIsIndirectmember                          = "target_is_indirect_member"
	TargetIsOwner                                   = "target_is_owner"
	TargetIsSelf                                    = "target_is_self"
	TargetNotActive                                 = "target_not_active"

PermissionDeniedReason possible values

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const (
	Owner           AccessType = "owner"
	Editor                     = "editor"
	Viewer                     = "viewer"
	ViewerNoComment            = "viewer_no_comment"

Access types supported.

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const (
	TooManyRequests = "too_many_requests"

error tag constant values


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var HomeNamespace = &APIPathRoot{Tag: "home"}

HomeNamespace is a Dropbox-API-Path-Root header value used for specifying that Dropbox API requests should be sent relative to a user's home namespace.


This section is empty.


type ACLUpdatePolicy

type ACLUpdatePolicy string

ACLUpdatePolicy determines who can add and remove members from this shared folder.

const (
	ACLUpdatePolicyOwner   ACLUpdatePolicy = "owner"
	ACLUpdatePolicyEditors                 = "editors"

ACLUpdatePolicy types supported.

type APIPathRoot

type APIPathRoot struct {
	Tag         string `json:".tag"`
	NamespaceID string `json:"namespace_id,omitempty"`
	Root        string `json:"root,omitempty"`

APIPathRoot is marshalled onto the Dropbox-API-Path-Root header to indicate which namespace to send Dropbox API requests relative to. doc: https://www.dropbox.com/developers/reference/namespace-guide

func NamespaceIDNamespace

func NamespaceIDNamespace(namespaceID string) *APIPathRoot

NamespaceIDNamespace is a Dropbox-API-Path-Root header value used for specifying that Dropbox API requests should be sent relative to the Dropbox namespace passed in.

func RootNamespace

func RootNamespace(rootNamespaceID string) *APIPathRoot

RootNamespace is a Dropbox-API-Path-Root header value used for specifying that Dropbox API requests should be sent relative to the user's root Dropbox namespace. If a request is sent relative to a namespace that isn't a user's root namespace, then an error occurs.

type AccessType

type AccessType string

AccessType determines the level of access to a shared folder.

type Client

type Client struct {
	Users   *Users
	Files   *Files
	Sharing *Sharing
	Paper   *Paper

Client implements a Dropbox client. You may use the Files and Users clients directly if preferred, however Client exposes them both.

func New

func New(config *Config) *Client

New client.

type Config

type Config struct {
	HTTPClient  *http.Client
	AccessToken string
	Namespace   *APIPathRoot

Config for the Dropbox clients.

func NewConfig

func NewConfig(accessToken string) *Config

NewConfig with the given access token.

type CopyInput

type CopyInput struct {
	FromPath string `json:"from_path"`
	ToPath   string `json:"to_path"`

CopyInput request input.

type CopyOutput

type CopyOutput struct {

CopyOutput request output.

type CreateFolderInput

type CreateFolderInput struct {
	Path string `json:"path"`

CreateFolderInput request input.

type CreateFolderOutput

type CreateFolderOutput struct {
	Name      string `json:"name"`
	PathLower string `json:"path_lower"`
	ID        string `json:"id"`

CreateFolderOutput request output.

type CreateSharedLinkInput

type CreateSharedLinkInput struct {
	Path     string `json:"path"`
	ShortURL bool   `json:"short_url"`

CreateSharedLinkInput request input.

type CreateSharedLinkOutput

type CreateSharedLinkOutput struct {
	URL             string `json:"url"`
	Path            string `json:"path"`
	VisibilityModel struct {
		Tag VisibilityType `json:".tag"`
	} `json:"visibility"`
	Expires time.Time `json:"expires,omitempty"`

CreateSharedLinkOutput request output.

type DeleteInput

type DeleteInput struct {
	Path string `json:"path"`

DeleteInput request input.

type DeleteOutput

type DeleteOutput struct {

DeleteOutput request output.

type Dimensions

type Dimensions struct {
	Width  uint64 `json:"width"`
	Height uint64 `json:"height"`

Dimensions specifies the dimensions of a photo or video.

type DownloadInput

type DownloadInput struct {
	Path string `json:"path"`

DownloadInput request input.

type DownloadOutput

type DownloadOutput struct {
	Body   io.ReadCloser
	Length int64

DownloadOutput request output.

type Error

type Error struct {
	Status     string
	StatusCode int
	Header     http.Header
	Summary    string      `json:"error_summary"`
	Message    string      `json:"user_message"` // optionally present
	Err        interface{} `json:"error"`

Error response.

func (*Error) Error

func (e *Error) Error() string

Error string.

func (*Error) Tag

func (e *Error) Tag() (tag, value string)

Tag returns the inner tag for the error

type FileSharingInfo

type FileSharingInfo struct {
	ReadOnly             bool   `json:"read_only"`
	ParentSharedFolderID string `json:"parent_shared_folder_id"`
	ModifiedBy           string `json:"modified_by,omitempty"`

FileSharingInfo for a file which is contained in a shared folder.

type Files

type Files struct {

Files client for files and folders.

func NewFiles

func NewFiles(config *Config) *Files

NewFiles client.

func (*Files) Copy

func (c *Files) Copy(ctx context.Context, in *CopyInput) (out *CopyOutput, err error)

Copy a file or folder to a different location.

func (*Files) CreateFolder

func (c *Files) CreateFolder(ctx context.Context, in *CreateFolderInput) (out *CreateFolderOutput, err error)

CreateFolder creates a folder.

func (*Files) Delete

func (c *Files) Delete(ctx context.Context, in *DeleteInput) (out *DeleteOutput, err error)

Delete a file or folder and its contents.

func (*Files) Download

func (c *Files) Download(ctx context.Context, in *DownloadInput) (out *DownloadOutput, err error)

Download a file.

func (*Files) GetMetadata

func (c *Files) GetMetadata(ctx context.Context, in *GetMetadataInput) (out *GetMetadataOutput, err error)

GetMetadata returns the metadata for a file or folder.

func (*Files) GetPreview

func (c *Files) GetPreview(ctx context.Context, in *GetPreviewInput) (out *GetPreviewOutput, err error)

GetPreview a preview for a file. Currently previews are only generated for the files with the following extensions: .doc, .docx, .docm, .ppt, .pps, .ppsx, .ppsm, .pptx, .pptm, .xls, .xlsx, .xlsm, .rtf

func (*Files) GetThumbnail

func (c *Files) GetThumbnail(ctx context.Context, in *GetThumbnailInput) (out *GetThumbnailOutput, err error)

GetThumbnail a thumbnail for a file. Currently thumbnails are only generated for the files with the following extensions: png, jpeg, png, tiff, tif, gif and bmp.

func (*Files) ListFolder

func (c *Files) ListFolder(ctx context.Context, in *ListFolderInput) (out *ListFolderOutput, err error)

ListFolder returns the metadata for a file or folder.

func (*Files) ListFolderContinue

func (c *Files) ListFolderContinue(ctx context.Context, in *ListFolderContinueInput) (out *ListFolderOutput, err error)

ListFolderContinue pagenates using the cursor from ListFolder.

func (*Files) ListRevisions

func (c *Files) ListRevisions(ctx context.Context, in *ListRevisionsInput) (out *ListRevisionsOutput, err error)

ListRevisions gets the revisions of the specified file.

func (*Files) Move

func (c *Files) Move(ctx context.Context, in *MoveInput) (out *MoveOutput, err error)

Move a file or folder to a different location.

func (*Files) PermanentlyDelete

func (c *Files) PermanentlyDelete(ctx context.Context, in *PermanentlyDeleteInput) (err error)

PermanentlyDelete a file or folder and its contents.

func (*Files) Restore

func (c *Files) Restore(ctx context.Context, in *RestoreInput) (out *RestoreOutput, err error)

Restore a file to a specific revision.

func (*Files) Search

func (c *Files) Search(ctx context.Context, in *SearchInput) (out *SearchOutput, err error)

Search for files and folders.

func (*Files) Upload

func (c *Files) Upload(ctx context.Context, in *UploadInput) (out *UploadOutput, err error)

Upload a file smaller than 150MB.

type FolderAction

type FolderAction struct {
	ChangeOptions string

FolderAction defines actions that may be taken on shared folders.

type FolderPolicy

type FolderPolicy struct {
	ACLUpdatePolicy struct {
		Tag ACLUpdatePolicy `json:".tag"`
	} `json:"acl_update_policy"`
	SharedLinkPolicy struct {
		Tag SharedLinkPolicy `json:".tag"`
	} `json:"shared_link_policy"`
	MemberPolicy struct {
		Tag MemberPolicy `json:".tag"`
	} `json:"member_policy"`
	ResolvedMemberPolicy struct {
		Tag MemberPolicy `json:".tag"`
	} `json:"resolved_member_policy"`

FolderPolicy enumerates the policies governing this shared folder.

type FullTeam

type FullTeam struct {
	ID                string              `json:"id"`
	Name              string              `json:"name"`
	SharingPolicies   TeamSharingPolicies `json:"sharing_policies"`
	OfficeAddinPolicy struct {
		Tag string `json:"tag"`
	} `json:"office_addin_policy"`

FullTeam represents a Dropbox team.

type GPSCoordinates

type GPSCoordinates struct {
	Latitude  float64 `json:"latitude"`
	Longitude float64 `json:"longitude"`

GPSCoordinates specifies the GPS coordinate of a photo or video.

type GetAccountBatchInput

type GetAccountBatchInput struct {
	AccountIDs []string `json:"account_ids"`

GetAccountBatchInput request input. At most 300 ids may be listed.

type GetAccountBatchOutput

type GetAccountBatchOutput []*GetAccountOutput

GetAccountBatchOutput request output.

type GetAccountInput

type GetAccountInput struct {
	AccountID string `json:"account_id"`

GetAccountInput request input.

type GetAccountOutput

type GetAccountOutput struct {
	AccountID string `json:"account_id"`
	Name      struct {
		GivenName    string `json:"given_name"`
		Surname      string `json:"surname"`
		FamiliarName string `json:"familiar_name"`
		DisplayName  string `json:"display_name"`
	} `json:"name"`
	Email         string `json:"email"`
	EmailVerified bool   `json:"email_verified"`
	Disabled      bool   `json:"disabled"`
	IsTeammate    bool   `json:"is_teammate"`

GetAccountOutput request output.

type GetCurrentAccountOutput

type GetCurrentAccountOutput struct {
	AccountID string `json:"account_id"`
	Name      struct {
		GivenName    string `json:"given_name"`
		Surname      string `json:"surname"`
		FamiliarName string `json:"familiar_name"`
		DisplayName  string `json:"display_name"`
	} `json:"name"`
	Email         string `json:"email"`
	EmailVerified bool   `json:"email_verified"`
	Disabled      bool   `json:"disabled"`
	Country       string `json:"country"`
	Locale        string `json:"locale"`
	ReferralLink  string `json:"referral_link"`
	TeamMemberID  string `json:"team_member_id"`
	IsPaired      bool   `json:"is_paired"`
	AccountType   struct {
		Tag string `json:".tag"`
	} `json:"account_type"`
	RootInfo struct {
		Tag             string `json:".tag"`
		RootNamespaceID string `json:"root_namespace_id"`
		HomeNamespaceID string `json:"home_namespace_id"`
		HomePath        string `json:"home_path"`
	} `json:"root_info"`

GetCurrentAccountOutput request output.

type GetMetadataInput

type GetMetadataInput struct {
	Path             string `json:"path"`
	IncludeMediaInfo bool   `json:"include_media_info"`

GetMetadataInput request input.

type GetMetadataOutput

type GetMetadataOutput struct {

GetMetadataOutput request output.

type GetPreviewInput

type GetPreviewInput struct {
	Path string `json:"path"`

GetPreviewInput request input.

type GetPreviewOutput

type GetPreviewOutput struct {
	Body   io.ReadCloser
	Length int64

GetPreviewOutput request output.

type GetSpaceUsageOutput

type GetSpaceUsageOutput struct {
	Used       uint64 `json:"used"`
	Allocation struct {
		Used      uint64 `json:"used"`
		Allocated uint64 `json:"allocated"`
	} `json:"allocation"`

GetSpaceUsageOutput request output.

type GetThumbnailInput

type GetThumbnailInput struct {
	Path   string          `json:"path"`
	Format ThumbnailFormat `json:"format"`
	Size   ThumbnailSize   `json:"size"`

GetThumbnailInput request input.

type GetThumbnailOutput

type GetThumbnailOutput struct {
	Body   io.ReadCloser
	Length int64

GetThumbnailOutput request output.

type GroupInfo

type GroupInfo struct {
	GroupName string `json:"group_name"`
	GroupID   string `json:"group_id"`
	GroupType struct {
		Tag GroupType `json:".tag"`
	} `json:"group_type"`
	IsOwner         bool    `json:"is_owner"`
	SameTeam        bool    `json:"same_team"`
	GroupExternalID string  `json:"group_external_id,omitempty"`
	MemberCount     *uint32 `json:"member_count,omitempty"`

GroupInfo defines information about the membership group.

type GroupMembershipInfo

type GroupMembershipInfo struct {
	AccessType struct {
		Tag AccessType `json:".tag"`
	} `json:"access_type"`
	Group       GroupInfo          `json:"group"`
	Permissions []MemberPermission `json:"permissions,omitempty"`
	Initials    *string            `json:"initials,omitempty"`
	IsInherited bool               `json:"is_inherited"`

GroupMembershipInfo is information about a group member of the shared folder.

type GroupType

type GroupType string

GroupType determines how a group is created and managed.

const (
	GroupTypeTeam        GroupType = "team"
	GroupTypeUserManaged           = "user_managed"

GroupType possible values.

type InviteeInfo

type InviteeInfo struct {
	Email string `json:"email"`

InviteeInfo contains information about the recipient of a shared folder invitation.

type InviteeMembershipInfo

type InviteeMembershipInfo struct {
	AccessType struct {
		Tag AccessType `json:".tag"`
	} `json:"access_type"`
	Invitee     InviteeInfo        `json:"invitee"`
	Permissions []MemberPermission `json:"permissions,omitempty"`
	Initials    *string            `json:"initials,omitempty"`
	IsInherited bool               `json:"is_inherited"`

InviteeMembershipInfo is information about an invited member of a shared folder.

type ListFolderContinueInput

type ListFolderContinueInput struct {
	Cursor string `json:"cursor"`

ListFolderContinueInput request input.

type ListFolderInput

type ListFolderInput struct {
	Path             string `json:"path"`
	Recursive        bool   `json:"recursive"`
	IncludeMediaInfo bool   `json:"include_media_info"`
	IncludeDeleted   bool   `json:"include_deleted"`

ListFolderInput request input.

type ListFolderOutput

type ListFolderOutput struct {
	Cursor  string `json:"cursor"`
	HasMore bool   `json:"has_more"`
	Entries []*Metadata

ListFolderOutput request output.

type ListRevisionsInput

type ListRevisionsInput struct {
	Path  string `json:"path"`
	Limit uint64 `json:"limit,omitempty"`

ListRevisionsInput request input.

type ListRevisionsOutput

type ListRevisionsOutput struct {
	IsDeleted bool
	Entries   []*Metadata

ListRevisionsOutput request output.

type ListSharedFileMembersInput

type ListSharedFileMembersInput struct {
	File             string         `json:"file"`
	Actions          []MemberAction `json:"actions"`
	IncludeInherited bool           `json:"include_inherited"`
	Limit            uint32         `json:"limit"`

ListSharedFileMembersInput request input.

type ListSharedFolderContinueInput

type ListSharedFolderContinueInput struct {
	Cursor string `json:"cursor"`

ListSharedFolderContinueInput request input.

type ListSharedFolderInput

type ListSharedFolderInput struct {
	Limit   uint64         `json:"limit"`
	Actions []FolderAction `json:"actions,omitempty"`

ListSharedFolderInput request input.

type ListSharedFolderMembersInput

type ListSharedFolderMembersInput struct {
	SharedFolderID string         `json:"shared_folder_id"`
	Actions        []MemberAction `json:"actions"`
	Limit          uint64         `json:"limit"`

ListSharedFolderMembersInput request input.

type ListSharedFolderOutput

type ListSharedFolderOutput struct {
	Entries []SharedFolderMetadata `json:"entries"`
	Cursor  string                 `json:"cursor"`

ListSharedFolderOutput lists metadata about shared folders with a cursor to retrieve the next page.

type ListSharedMembersContinueInput

type ListSharedMembersContinueInput struct {
	Cursor string `json:"cursor"`

ListSharedMembersContinueInput is the input for continuing listing file/folder members.

type ListSharedMembersOutput

type ListSharedMembersOutput struct {
	Users    []UserMembershipInfo    `json:"users"`
	Groups   []GroupMembershipInfo   `json:"groups"`
	Invitees []InviteeMembershipInfo `json:"invitees"`
	Cursor   string                  `json:"cursor"`

ListSharedMembersOutput enumerates shared file/folder user and group membership.

type MediaInfo

type MediaInfo struct {
	Pending  bool           `json:"pending"`
	Metadata *MediaMetadata `json:"metadata,omitempty"`

MediaInfo provides additional information for a photo or video file.

type MediaMetadata

type MediaMetadata struct {
	Tag        string          `json:".tag"`
	Dimensions *Dimensions     `json:"dimensions,omitempty"`
	Location   *GPSCoordinates `json:"location,omitempty"`
	TimeTaken  time.Time       `json:"time_taken,omitempty"`


MediaMetadata provides metadata for a photo or video.

type MemberAction

type MemberAction string

MemberAction indicates the action that the user may wish to take on the member.

type MemberPermission

type MemberPermission struct {
	Action MemberAction           `json:"action"`
	Allow  bool                   `json:"allow"`
	Reason PermissionDeniedReason `json:"reason,omitempty"`

MemberPermission indicates whether the user is allowed to take the action on the associated member.

type MemberPolicy

type MemberPolicy string

MemberPolicy determines who can be a member of this shared folder, as set on the folder itself.

const (
	MemberPolicyTeam   MemberPolicy = "team"
	MemberPolicyAnyone              = "anyone"

MemberPolicy types supported.

type Metadata

type Metadata struct {
	Tag            string           `json:".tag"`
	Name           string           `json:"name"`
	PathLower      string           `json:"path_lower"`
	PathDisplay    string           `json:"path_display"`
	ClientModified time.Time        `json:"client_modified"`
	ServerModified time.Time        `json:"server_modified"`
	Rev            string           `json:"rev"`
	Size           uint64           `json:"size"`
	ID             string           `json:"id"`
	MediaInfo      *MediaInfo       `json:"media_info,omitempty"`
	SharingInfo    *FileSharingInfo `json:"sharing_info,omitempty"`

Metadata for a file or folder.

type MoveInput

type MoveInput struct {
	FromPath string `json:"from_path"`
	ToPath   string `json:"to_path"`

MoveInput request input.

type MoveOutput

type MoveOutput struct {

MoveOutput request output.

type Paper

type Paper struct {

Paper client for Dropbox Paper.

func NewPaper

func NewPaper(config *Config) *Paper

NewPaper cretes a new Dropbox Paper client.

func (*Paper) AlphaGetMetadata

func (c *Paper) AlphaGetMetadata(ctx context.Context, in *PaperGetMetadataInput) (out *PaperGetMetadataOutput, err error)

AlphaGetMetadata returns metadata for the requested file. Note that this is an currently an alpha endpoint, and may disappear.

func (*Paper) Create

func (c *Paper) Create(ctx context.Context, in *PaperCreateInput) (out *PaperCreateOutput, err error)

Create creates a Dropbox Paper file on a user's Dropbox Paper.

func (*Paper) Download

func (c *Paper) Download(ctx context.Context, in *PaperDownloadInput) (out *DownloadOutput, err error)

Download a Dropbox Paper.

func (*Paper) GetFolderInfo

func (c *Paper) GetFolderInfo(ctx context.Context, in *PaperGetFolderInfoInput) (out *PaperGetFolderInfoOutput, err error)

GetFolderInfo returns information on which folders the requested Dropbox Paper is part of.

func (*Paper) ListDocs

func (c *Paper) ListDocs(ctx context.Context, in *PaperDocsListInput) (out *PaperDocsListOutput, err error)

ListDocs returns the documents in a user's Dropbox Paper.

func (*Paper) ListDocsContinue

func (c *Paper) ListDocsContinue(ctx context.Context, in *PaperDocsListContinueInput) (out *PaperDocsListOutput, err error)

ListDocsContinue paginates using the cursor from ListDocs.

func (*Paper) PermanentlyDelete

func (c *Paper) PermanentlyDelete(ctx context.Context, in *PaperPermanentlyDeleteInput) (err error)

PermanentlyDelete a file or folder and its contents.

type PaperCreateInput

type PaperCreateInput struct {
	ImportFormat   string    `json:"import_format"`
	ParentFolderID string    `json:"parent_folder_id,omitempty"`
	Reader         io.Reader `json:"-"`

PaperCreateInput is the Dropbox-API-Arg JSON format for providing options on the format, and the parent folder ID if passed in, of the Dropbox Paper being created.

type PaperCreateOutput

type PaperCreateOutput struct {
	DocID    string `json:"doc_id"`
	Revision int64  `json:"revision"`
	Title    string `json:"title"`

PaperCreateOutput is the returned response format for a successful request to the /paper/create endpoint.

type PaperDocStatus

type PaperDocStatus struct {
	Tag string `json:".tag"`

PaperDocStatus contains information about whether a Dropbox Paper is active or deleted.

type PaperDocsListContinueInput

type PaperDocsListContinueInput struct {
	Cursor string `json:"cursor"`

PaperDocsListContinueInput is the payload for /paper/docs/list/continue requests.

type PaperDocsListCursor

type PaperDocsListCursor struct {
	Value      string    `json:"value"`
	Expiration time.Time `json:"expiration"`

PaperDocsListCursor is a cursor to use in /paper/docs/list/continue calls to continue listing papers where the previous list call left off.

type PaperDocsListInput

type PaperDocsListInput struct {
	FilterBy  string `json:"filter_by,omitempty"`
	SortBy    string `json:"sort_by,omitempty"`
	SortOrder string `json:"sort_order,omitempty"`
	Limit     int    `json:"limit,omitempty"`

PaperDocsListInput is the payload for /paper/docs/list requests.

type PaperDocsListOutput

type PaperDocsListOutput struct {
	DocIDs  []string            `json:"doc_ids"`
	Cursor  PaperDocsListCursor `json:"cursor"`
	HasMore bool                `json:"has_more"`

PaperDocsListOutput is the response format for /paper/docs/list and /paper/docs/list/continue.

type PaperDownloadInput

type PaperDownloadInput struct {
	DocID        string `json:"doc_id"`
	ExportFormat string `json:"export_format"`

PaperDownloadInput is the request format for downloading a Dropbox paper, including the paper's ID and the format we want to download it in.

type PaperFolder

type PaperFolder struct {
	ID   string `json:"id"`
	Name string `json:"name"`

PaperFolder contains the ID and display name of a folder containing a Dropbox Paper.

type PaperFolderSharingPolicyType

type PaperFolderSharingPolicyType struct {
	Tag string `json:".tag"`

PaperFolderSharingPolicyType is the folder sharing policy for the folder that contains the requested Drobox Paper; can be either "team or "invite_only".

type PaperGetFolderInfoInput

type PaperGetFolderInfoInput struct {
	DocID string `json:"doc_id"`

PaperGetFolderInfoInput is the request payload format for /paper/docs/get_folder_info requests, indicating the ID of the Dropbox Paper document that the caller wants to get folder information for.

type PaperGetFolderInfoOutput

type PaperGetFolderInfoOutput struct {
	FolderSharingPolicyType PaperFolderSharingPolicyType `json:"folder_sharing_policy_type,omitempty"`
	Folders                 []PaperFolder                `json:"folders,omitempty"`

PaperGetFolderInfoOutput is the response format for /paper/docs/get_folder_info requests, containing information on which folders the requested Dropbox Paper is a part of.

type PaperGetMetadataInput

type PaperGetMetadataInput struct {
	DocID string `json:"doc_id"`

PaperGetMetadataInput is the request payload format for the alpha /paper/docs/get_metadata requests, indicating the ID of the Dropbox Paper document that the caller wants to get metadata for.

type PaperGetMetadataOutput

type PaperGetMetadataOutput struct {
	DocID           string         `json:"doc_id"`
	Owner           string         `json:"owner"`
	Title           string         `json:"title"`
	CreatedDate     time.Time      `json:"created_date"`
	Status          PaperDocStatus `json:"status"`
	Revision        int64          `json:"revision"`
	LastUpdatedDate time.Time      `json:"last_updated_date"`
	LastEditor      string         `json:"last_editor"`

PaperGetMetadataOutput is the response format for the alpha /paper/docs/get_metadata endpoint, containing metadata on a Dropbox Paper.

type PaperPermanentlyDeleteInput

type PaperPermanentlyDeleteInput struct {
	DocID string `json:"doc_id"`

PaperPermanentlyDeleteInput request input.

type PermanentlyDeleteInput

type PermanentlyDeleteInput struct {
	Path string `json:"path"`

PermanentlyDeleteInput request input.

type PermissionDeniedReason

type PermissionDeniedReason string

PermissionDeniedReason is the reason the user is denied a permission.

type PhotoMetadata

type PhotoMetadata struct {

PhotoMetadata specifies metadata for a photo.

type RestoreInput

type RestoreInput struct {
	Path string `json:"path"`
	Rev  string `json:"rev"`

RestoreInput request input.

type RestoreOutput

type RestoreOutput struct {

RestoreOutput request output.

type SearchInput

type SearchInput struct {
	Path       string     `json:"path"`
	Query      string     `json:"query"`
	Start      uint64     `json:"start,omitempty"`
	MaxResults uint64     `json:"max_results,omitempty"`
	Mode       SearchMode `json:"mode"`

SearchInput request input.

type SearchMatch

type SearchMatch struct {
	MatchType struct {
		Tag SearchMatchType `json:".tag"`
	} `json:"match_type"`
	Metadata *Metadata `json:"metadata"`

SearchMatch represents a matched file or folder.

type SearchMatchType

type SearchMatchType string

SearchMatchType represents the type of match made.

type SearchMode

type SearchMode string

SearchMode determines how a search is performed.

type SearchOutput

type SearchOutput struct {
	Matches []*SearchMatch `json:"matches"`
	More    bool           `json:"more"`
	Start   uint64         `json:"start"`

SearchOutput request output.

type SharedFolderMetadata

type SharedFolderMetadata struct {
	AccessType struct {
		Tag AccessType `json:".tag"`
	} `json:"access_type"`
	IsTeamFolder   bool         `json:"is_team_folder"`
	Policy         FolderPolicy `json:"policy"`
	Name           string       `json:"name"`
	SharedFolderID string       `json:"shared_folder_id"`
	TimeInvited    time.Time    `json:"time_invited"`
	OwnerTeam      struct {
		ID   string `json:"id"`
		Name string `json:"name"`
	} `json:"owner_team"`
	ParentSharedFolderID string   `json:"parent_shared_folder_id"`
	PathLower            string   `json:"path_lower"`
	Permissions          []string `json:"permissions"`

SharedFolderMetadata includes basic information about the shared folder.

type SharedLinkPolicy

type SharedLinkPolicy string

SharedLinkPolicy governs who can view shared links.

const (
	SharedLinkPolicyAnyone  SharedLinkPolicy = "anyone"
	SharedLinkPolicyMembers                  = "members"

SharedLinkPolicy types supported.

type Sharing

type Sharing struct {

Sharing client.

func NewSharing

func NewSharing(config *Config) *Sharing

NewSharing client.

func (c *Sharing) CreateSharedLink(ctx context.Context, in *CreateSharedLinkInput) (out *CreateSharedLinkOutput, err error)

CreateSharedLink returns a shared link.

func (*Sharing) ListSharedFileMembers

func (c *Sharing) ListSharedFileMembers(ctx context.Context, in *ListSharedFileMembersInput) (out *ListSharedMembersOutput, err error)

ListSharedFileMembers returns shared file membership by its file ID.

func (*Sharing) ListSharedFileMembersContinue

func (c *Sharing) ListSharedFileMembersContinue(ctx context.Context, in *ListSharedMembersContinueInput) (out *ListSharedMembersOutput, err error)

ListSharedFileMembersContinue returns shared file membership by its file ID.

func (*Sharing) ListSharedFolderMembers

func (c *Sharing) ListSharedFolderMembers(ctx context.Context, in *ListSharedFolderMembersInput) (out *ListSharedMembersOutput, err error)

ListSharedFolderMembers returns shared folder membership by its folder ID.

func (*Sharing) ListSharedFolderMembersContinue

func (c *Sharing) ListSharedFolderMembersContinue(ctx context.Context, in *ListSharedMembersContinueInput) (out *ListSharedMembersOutput, err error)

ListSharedFolderMembersContinue returns shared folder membership by its folder ID.

func (*Sharing) ListSharedFolders

func (c *Sharing) ListSharedFolders(ctx context.Context, in *ListSharedFolderInput) (out *ListSharedFolderOutput, err error)

ListSharedFolders returns the list of all shared folders the current user has access to.

func (*Sharing) ListSharedFoldersContinue

func (c *Sharing) ListSharedFoldersContinue(ctx context.Context, in *ListSharedFolderContinueInput) (out *ListSharedFolderOutput, err error)

ListSharedFoldersContinue returns the list of all shared folders the current user has access to.

type TeamSharingPolicies

type TeamSharingPolicies struct {
	SharedFolderMemberPolicy struct {
		Tag string `json:"tag"`
	} `json:"shared_folder_member_policy"`
	SharedFolderJoinPolicy struct {
		Tag string `json:"tag"`
	} `json:"shared_folder_join_policy"`
	SharedLinkCreatePolicy struct {
		Tag string `json:"tag"`
	} `json:"shared_link_create_policy"`

TeamSharingPolicies represents the sharing policies for a Dropbox team.

type ThumbnailFormat

type ThumbnailFormat string

ThumbnailFormat determines the format of the thumbnail.

const (
	// GetThumbnailFormatJPEG specifies a JPG thumbnail
	GetThumbnailFormatJPEG ThumbnailFormat = "jpeg"
	// GetThumbnailFormatPNG specifies a PNG thumbnail
	GetThumbnailFormatPNG = "png"

type ThumbnailSize

type ThumbnailSize string

ThumbnailSize determines the size of the thumbnail.

type UploadInput

type UploadInput struct {
	Path           string    `json:"path"`
	Mode           WriteMode `json:"mode"`
	AutoRename     bool      `json:"autorename"`
	Mute           bool      `json:"mute"`
	ClientModified time.Time `json:"client_modified,omitempty"`
	Reader         io.Reader `json:"-"`

UploadInput request input.

type UploadOutput

type UploadOutput struct {

UploadOutput request output.

type UserInfo

type UserInfo struct {
	AccountID    string `json:"account_id"`
	SameTeam     bool   `json:"same_team"`
	TeamMemberID string `json:"team_member_id"`

UserInfo is the account information for the membership user.

type UserMembershipInfo

type UserMembershipInfo struct {
	AccessType struct {
		Tag AccessType `json:".tag"`
	} `json:"access_type"`
	User        UserInfo           `json:"user"`
	Permissions []MemberPermission `json:"permissions,omitempty"`
	Initials    string             `json:"initials,omitempty"`
	IsInherited bool               `json:"is_inherited"`

UserMembershipInfo is information about a user member of the shared folder.

type Users

type Users struct {

Users client for user accounts.

func NewUsers

func NewUsers(config *Config) *Users

NewUsers client.

func (*Users) GetAccount

func (c *Users) GetAccount(ctx context.Context, in *GetAccountInput) (out *GetAccountOutput, err error)

GetAccount returns information about a user's account.

func (*Users) GetAccountBatch

func (c *Users) GetAccountBatch(ctx context.Context, in *GetAccountBatchInput) (out GetAccountBatchOutput, err error)

GetAccountBatch returns a list of information about users' accounts.

func (*Users) GetCurrentAccount

func (c *Users) GetCurrentAccount(ctx context.Context) (out *GetCurrentAccountOutput, err error)

GetCurrentAccount returns information about the current user's account.

func (*Users) GetSpaceUsage

func (c *Users) GetSpaceUsage(ctx context.Context) (out *GetSpaceUsageOutput, err error)

GetSpaceUsage returns space usage information for the current user's account.

type VideoMetadata

type VideoMetadata struct {
	Duration uint64 `json:"duration,omitempty"`

VideoMetadata specifies metadata for a video.

type VisibilityType

type VisibilityType string

VisibilityType determines who can access the link.

type WriteMode

type WriteMode string

WriteMode determines what to do if the file already exists.

const (
	WriteModeAdd       WriteMode = "add"
	WriteModeOverwrite           = "overwrite"

Supported write modes.

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