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type Config

type Config struct {
	// Dataformat can be one of: json, influx, graphite, value, nagios
	DataFormat string

	// Separator only applied to Graphite data.
	Separator string
	// Templates only apply to Graphite data.
	Templates []string

	// TagKeys only apply to JSON data
	TagKeys []string
	// MetricName applies to JSON & value. This will be the name of the measurement.
	MetricName string

	// Authentication file for collectd
	CollectdAuthFile string
	// One of none (default), sign, or encrypt
	CollectdSecurityLevel string
	// Dataset specification for collectd
	CollectdTypesDB []string

	// DataType only applies to value, this will be the type to parse value to
	DataType string

	// DefaultTags are the default tags that will be added to all parsed metrics.
	DefaultTags map[string]string

	// an optional json path containing the metric registry object
	// if left empty, the whole json object is parsed as a metric registry
	DropwizardMetricRegistryPath string
	// an optional json path containing the default time of the metrics
	// if left empty, the processing time is used
	DropwizardTimePath string
	// time format to use for parsing the time field
	// defaults to time.RFC3339
	DropwizardTimeFormat string
	// an optional json path pointing to a json object with tag key/value pairs
	// takes precedence over DropwizardTagPathsMap
	DropwizardTagsPath string
	// an optional map containing tag names as keys and json paths to retrieve the tag values from as values
	// used if TagsPath is empty or doesn't return any tags
	DropwizardTagPathsMap map[string]string

Config is a struct that covers the data types needed for all parser types, and can be used to instantiate _any_ of the parsers.

type Parser

type Parser interface {
	// Parse takes a byte buffer separated by newlines
	// ie, `cpu.usage.idle 90\ncpu.usage.busy 10`
	// and parses it into telegraf metrics
	Parse(buf []byte) ([]tinymonitor.Metric, error)

	// ParseLine takes a single string metric
	// ie, "cpu.usage.idle 90"
	// and parses it into a telegraf metric.
	ParseLine(line string) (tinymonitor.Metric, error)

	// SetDefaultTags tells the parser to add all of the given tags
	// to each parsed metric.
	// NOTE: do _not_ modify the map after you've passed it here!!
	SetDefaultTags(tags map[string]string)

Parser is an interface defining functions that a parser plugin must satisfy.

func NewCollectdParser

func NewCollectdParser(
	authFile string,
	securityLevel string,
	typesDB []string,
) (Parser, error)

func NewDropwizardParser

func NewDropwizardParser(
	metricRegistryPath string,
	timePath string,
	timeFormat string,
	tagsPath string,
	tagPathsMap map[string]string,
	defaultTags map[string]string,
	separator string,
	templates []string,

) (Parser, error)

func NewGraphiteParser

func NewGraphiteParser(
	separator string,
	templates []string,
	defaultTags map[string]string,
) (Parser, error)

func NewInfluxParser

func NewInfluxParser() (Parser, error)

func NewJSONParser

func NewJSONParser(
	metricName string,
	tagKeys []string,
	defaultTags map[string]string,
) (Parser, error)

func NewNagiosParser

func NewNagiosParser() (Parser, error)

func NewParser

func NewParser(config *Config) (Parser, error)

NewParser returns a Parser interface based on the given config.

func NewValueParser

func NewValueParser(
	metricName string,
	dataType string,
	defaultTags map[string]string,
) (Parser, error)

type ParserInput

type ParserInput interface {
	// SetParser sets the parser function for the interface
	SetParser(parser Parser)

ParserInput is an interface for input plugins that are able to parse arbitrary data formats.

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