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const (
	// OpRPCCall is prepended to every rpc response messages, to indicate that the message is rpc response and not a notification.
	OpRPCCall = "r"
	// OpUCanHasSampleInfo notifies when new SampleInfo data is available.
	OpUCanHasSampleInfo = "d"
	// OpUCanHasVerificationProgress notifies when new VerificationProgress data is available.
	OpUCanHasVerificationProgress = "v"
	// OpServiceInfoChanged notifies when the GetServiceInfo data changed.
	OpServiceInfoChanged = "s"

Put notification constants here. Notifications for new rpc data should have the format 'OpUCanHas' + 'RPC Method Name'.


This section is empty.


This section is empty.


type AuthGenericRequest

type AuthGenericRequest struct {
	Token string

AuthGenericRequest is a struct that acts as a generic request struct

type ErrorCode

type ErrorCode string

ErrorCode is a unique and short string code represeting an Error

const (

	// ErrorScriptNotFound is thrown if either the bbb-cmd.sh or bbb-config.sh scripts are not found
	ErrorScriptNotFound ErrorCode = "SCRIPT_NOT_FOUND"

	// ErrorScriptNotSuperuser is thrown if a run scripts need to be run as superuser.
	ErrorScriptNotSuperuser ErrorCode = "SCRIPT_NOT_RUN_AS_SUPERUSER"

	// ErrorScriptIncludesNotFound is thrown when a script includes other bash functions, but the inclusion path (in the script) is invalid.
	ErrorScriptIncludesNotFound = "SCRIPT_INCLUDES_NOT_FOUND"

	// ErrorRedisError is a general Redis related error.
	// There is no differentiation of Redis errors because the front-end most likely handles them similar.
	ErrorRedisError ErrorCode = "REDIS_ERROR"

	// ErrorPrometheusError is a general Prometheus related error.
	// There is no differentiation of Prometheus errors because the front-end most likely handles them similar.
	ErrorPrometheusError ErrorCode = "PROMETHEUS_ERROR"

	// ErrorUnexpected is thrown when a a unknown/unhandled/unexpected error occurrs.
	// It's a catch-all error.
	ErrorUnexpected ErrorCode = "UNEXPECTED_ERROR"
const (

	// ErrorCmdScriptInvalidArg is thrown if the argument for the bbb-cmd.sh script is not known.
	// Not to be confused with ErrorConfigScriptInvalidArg which is for the bbb-config.sh.
	ErrorCmdScriptInvalidArg ErrorCode = "CMD_SCRIPT_INVALID_ARG"

	// ErrorFlashdriveCheckMultiple is thrown if multiple USB flashdrives are found. Needs exacly one.
	ErrorFlashdriveCheckMultiple ErrorCode = "FLASHDRIVE_CHECK_MULTI"
	// ErrorFlashdriveCheckNone is thrown if no USB flashdrive is found.
	ErrorFlashdriveCheckNone ErrorCode = "FLASHDRIVE_CHECK_NONE"

	// ErrorFlashdriveMountNotFound is thrown if no flashdrive found on the passed <path>.
	ErrorFlashdriveMountNotFound ErrorCode = "FLASHDRIVE_MOUNT_NOT_FOUND"
	// ErrorFlashdriveMountNotUnique is thrown if the passed <path> does not uniquely identify a flashdrive.
	ErrorFlashdriveMountNotUnique ErrorCode = "FLASHDRIVE_MOUNT_NOT_UNIQUE"
	// ErrorFlashdriveMountNotSupported is thrown if the flashdrive is either bigger than 64GB or the filesystem is not supported.
	ErrorFlashdriveMountNotSupported ErrorCode = "FLASHDRIVE_MOUNT_NOT_SUPPORTED"

	// ErrorFlashdriveUnmountNotMounted is thrown if there is no flashdrive to unmount at /mnt/backup.
	ErrorFlashdriveUnmountNotMounted ErrorCode = "FLASHDRIVE_UNMOUNT_NOT_MOUNTED"

	// ErrorBackupSysconfigNotAMountpoint is thrown if /mnt/backup is no mountpoint. It's needed to backup the sysconfig.
	ErrorBackupSysconfigNotAMountpoint ErrorCode = "BACKUP_SYSCONFIG_NOT_A_MOUNTPOINT"

	// ErrorRestoreSysconfigBackupNotFound is thrown if the backup file /mnt/backup/bbb-backup.rdb is not found.
	ErrorRestoreSysconfigBackupNotFound ErrorCode = "RESTORE_SYSCONFIG_BACKUP_NOT_FOUND"

	// ErrorMenderUpdateImageNotMenderEnabled is thrown if the image is not mender enabled.
	ErrorMenderUpdateImageNotMenderEnabled ErrorCode = "MENDER_UPDATE_IMAGE_NOT_MENDER_ENABLED"

	// ErrorMenderUpdateInstallFailed is thrown if `mender -install` failed.
	ErrorMenderUpdateInstallFailed ErrorCode = "MENDER_UPDATE_INSTALL_FAILED"

	// ErrorMenderUpdateNoVersion thrown if no firmware version passed to the script.
	ErrorMenderUpdateNoVersion ErrorCode = "MENDER_UPDATE_NO_VERSION"

	// ErrorMenderUpdateInvalidVersion is thrown if an invalid firmware version passed to the script.
	ErrorMenderUpdateInvalidVersion ErrorCode = "MENDER_UPDATE_INVALID_VERSION"

	// ErrorMenderUpdateCommitFailed is thrown if `mender -commit` failed.
	ErrorMenderUpdateCommitFailed ErrorCode = "MENDER_UPDATE_COMMIT_FAILED"
const (

	// ErrorConfigScriptInvalidArg is thrown if the argument for the bbb-config.sh script is not known.
	// Not to be confused with ErrorCmdScriptInvalidArg for the bbb-cmd script.
	ErrorConfigScriptInvalidArg ErrorCode = "CONFIG_SCRIPT_INVALID_ARG"

	// ErrorEnableClearnetIBDTorAlreadyDisabled is thrown if the tor service is already disabled for the whole system, cannot enable IBD over clearnet.
	ErrorEnableClearnetIBDTorAlreadyDisabled ErrorCode = "ENABLE_CLEARNETIBD_TOR_ALREADY_DISABLED"

	// ErrorSetNeedsTwoArguments is thrown if `bbb-config.sh set <key> <value>` is thrown with not exactly two arguments.
	ErrorSetNeedsTwoArguments ErrorCode = "SET_NEEDS_TWO_ARGUMENTS"

	// ErrorSetBitcoinNetworkInvalidValue is thrown if the set <value> is not "testnet" or "mainnet".
	ErrorSetBitcoinNetworkInvalidValue ErrorCode = "SET_BITCOINETWORK_INVALID_VALUE"

	// ErrorSetBitcoinDBCacheInvalidValue is thrown if the <value> is not an integer in MB between 50 and 3000.
	ErrorSetBitcoinDBCacheInvalidValue ErrorCode = "SET_BITCOINDBCACHE_INVALID_VALUE"

	// ErrorSetHostnameInvalidValue is thrown if the <value> is an invalid hostname according to this regex '^[a-z][a-z0-9-]{0,22}[a-z0-9]$'.
	ErrorSetHostnameInvalidValue ErrorCode = "SET_HOSTNAME_INVALID_VALUE"
const (
	// ErrorDummyAuthenticationNotSuccessful is thrown if the dummy autentication is not successful.
	ErrorDummyAuthenticationNotSuccessful ErrorCode = "DUMMY_AUTHENTICATION_NOT_SUCCESSFUL"

	// ErrorDummyPasswordTooShort is thrown if the provided password is too short.
	ErrorDummyPasswordTooShort ErrorCode = "DUMMY_CHANGEPASSWORD_TOO_SHORT"

	// ErrorSetRootPasswordTooShort is thrown if the provided root password is too short.
	ErrorSetRootPasswordTooShort ErrorCode = "SET_ROOTPASSWORD_PASSWORD_TOO_SHORT"

type ErrorResponse

type ErrorResponse struct {
	Success bool
	Code    ErrorCode
	Message string

ErrorResponse is a generic RPC response indicating if a RPC call was successful or not. It can be embedded into other RPC responses that return values. In any case the ErrorResponse should be checked first, so that, if an error is returned, we ignore everything else in the response.

func (*ErrorResponse) Error

func (err *ErrorResponse) Error() string

Error formats the ErrorResponse in the following two formats: If no error occoured:

ErrorResponse: Success: true

If an error occoured:

	Success: false
	Message: <message>

type GetBaseInfoResponse

type GetBaseInfoResponse struct {
	ErrorResponse       *ErrorResponse
	Status              string `json:"status"`
	Hostname            string `json:"hostname"`
	MiddlewareLocalIP   string `json:"middlewareLocalIP"`
	MiddlewareLocalPort string `json:"middlewareLocalPort"`
	MiddlewareTorOnion  string `json:"middlewareTorOnion"`
	MiddlewareTorPort   string `json:"middlewareTorPort"`
	IsTorEnabled        bool   `json:"isTorEnabled"`
	IsBitcoindListening bool   `json:"isBitcoindListening"`
	FreeDiskspace       int64  `json:"freeDiskspace"`  // in Byte
	TotalDiskspace      int64  `json:"totalDiskspace"` // in Byte
	BaseVersion         string `json:"baseVersion"`
	BitcoindVersion     string `json:"bitcoindVersion"`
	LightningdVersion   string `json:"lightningdVersion"`
	ElectrsVersion      string `json:"electrsVersion"`

GetBaseInfoResponse is the struct that get sent by the rpc server during a GetBaseInfo rpc call

type GetEnvResponse

type GetEnvResponse struct {
	Network        string
	ElectrsRPCPort string

GetEnvResponse is the struct that gets sent by the rpc server during a GetSystemEnv call

type GetServiceInfoResponse

type GetServiceInfoResponse struct {
	ErrorResponse                *ErrorResponse `json:"errorResponse"`
	BitcoindBlocks               int64          `json:"bitcoindBlocks"`
	BitcoindHeaders              int64          `json:"bitcoindHeaders"`
	BitcoindVerificationProgress float64        `json:"bitcoindVerificationProgress"`
	BitcoindPeers                int64          `json:"bitcoindPeers"`
	BitcoindIBD                  bool           `json:"bitcoindIBD"`
	LightningdBlocks             int64          `json:"lightningdBlocks"`
	ElectrsBlocks                int64          `json:"electrsBlocks"`

GetServiceInfoResponse is the struct that gets sent by the RPC server during a GetServiceInfo RPC call

type SampleInfoResponse

type SampleInfoResponse struct {
	Blocks         int64   `json:"blocks"`
	Difficulty     float64 `json:"difficulty"`
	LightningAlias string  `json:"lightningAlias"`

SampleInfoResponse holds sample information from c-lightning and bitcoind. It is temporary for testing purposes

type SetHostnameArgs

type SetHostnameArgs struct {
	Hostname string
	Token    string

SetHostnameArgs is a struct that holds the to be set hostname

type SetRootPasswordArgs

type SetRootPasswordArgs struct {
	RootPassword string
	Token        string

SetRootPasswordArgs is a struct that holds the to be set root password

type SetupStatusResponse

type SetupStatusResponse struct {
	MiddlewarePasswordSet bool
	BaseSetup             bool

SetupStatusResponse is the struct that gets sent by the rpc server during a SetupStatus rpc call. This call is not authenticated and serves as indicator for what to show during the base setup wizzard.

type ToggleSettingArgs

type ToggleSettingArgs struct {
	ToggleSetting bool
	Token         string

ToggleSettingArgs is a generic message for settings that can be enabled or disabled

type UserAuthenticateArgs

type UserAuthenticateArgs struct {
	Username string
	Password string

UserAuthenticateArgs is a struct that holds the arguments for the UserAuthenticate RPC call. The first rpc call should always authenticate first

type UserAuthenticateResponse

type UserAuthenticateResponse struct {
	ErrorResponse *ErrorResponse
	Token         string

UserAuthenticateResponse is the struct that gets sent by the rpc server during a UserAuthenticate call. It contains the session's jwt token.

type UserChangePasswordArgs

type UserChangePasswordArgs struct {
	Username    string
	Password    string
	NewPassword string
	Token       string

UserChangePasswordArgs is a struct that holds the arguments for the UserChangePassword RPC call

type VerificationProgressResponse

type VerificationProgressResponse struct {
	Blocks               int64   `json:"blocks"`
	Headers              int64   `json:"headers"`
	VerificationProgress float64 `json:"verificationProgress"`

VerificationProgressResponse is the struct that gets sent by the rpc server during a VerificationProgress rpc call

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