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GHCL – GitHub ChangeLog Generator

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A changelog generator for GitHub.

The generator works by,

  • Fetching the time of your repository's most recent release,
  • Fetching all pull requests merged after the time of your most recent release,
  • Outputting a summary of those pull requests.

github-changelog-generator must be installed from source. Before doing this, you'll need Go 1.11 or later. To install, run go get -u A github-changelog-generator binary will then be available under your $GOBIN directory.

Usage of github-changelog-generator
  -org string
    	organization (required)
  -repo string
    	repository (required)
  -token string
    	GitHub token (default env GITHUB_TOKEN)
  -url string
    	alternative GitHub API URL, must be a fully qualified URL with a trailing slash (optional)

The output is in the format - #<pull request number> - @<github username> - <pull request title>. An example of the output is shown below.

- #3 - @some_contributor - update contibuting file
- #2 - @myteammate - update
- #1 - @me - First PR

If there haven't been any changes to the repository since the latest release, the changelog generator will not show any output.


Some tests use the network to test against real data. To avoid running these with the rest of the suite, use go test -short ./.... See for more information.


GitHub changelog generator is Apache-2.0 licensed.


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Path Synopsis
Package ghcl provides functionality for generating a changelog entry from GitHub.
Package ghcl provides functionality for generating a changelog entry from GitHub.

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