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type Choice

type Choice struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Choice represents a single story node choice

type Node

type Node struct {
	Text    string
	Choices []Choice

Node represents a story node

func NewNode

func NewNode(text string, choices []Choice) *Node

NewNode initializes a new Node with the given text and predefined list of choice. You can pass in nil for choices and use the AddChoice method of the story Node to add a single choice

func (*Node) AddChoice

func (s *Node) AddChoice(cmd, description string, nextStory *Node)

AddChoice adds a new choice to the story node choices

func (*Node) ExecuteCmd

func (s *Node) ExecuteCmd(cmd string) *Node

ExecuteCmd executes the input cmd against the list of choices and returns the appropriate next node in the graph

func (*Node) Render

func (s *Node) Render()

Render prints the content of this story node

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