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const (
	ModuleBaseCollectioin     = "cc_ModuleBase"
	ModuleHostCollection      = "cc_ModuleHostConfig"
	ApplicationBaseCollection = "cc_ApplicationBase"


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type Logics

type Logics struct {
	Instance storage.DI

func (*Logics) AddSingleHostModuleRelation

func (lgc *Logics) AddSingleHostModuleRelation(ec *eventclient.EventContext, hostID, moduleID, appID int64, ownerID string) (bool, error)

AddSingleHostModuleRelation add single host module relation

func (*Logics) CheckHostInIDle

func (lgc *Logics) CheckHostInIDle(appID, emptyModuleID int64, hostIDs []int64) ([]int64, []int64, error)

check if host belong to empty module

func (*Logics) CreateObject

func (lgc *Logics) CreateObject(objType string, input interface{}, idName *string) (int64, error)

func (*Logics) DelSingleHostModuleRelation

func (lgc *Logics) DelSingleHostModuleRelation(ec *eventclient.EventContext, hostID, moduleID, appID int64, ownerID string) (bool, error)

DelSingleHostModuleRelation delete single host module relation

func (*Logics) GetDefaultModuleIDs

func (lgc *Logics) GetDefaultModuleIDs(appID int64) ([]int64, error)

GetDefaultModuleIDs get default module ids

func (*Logics) GetIDleModuleID

func (lgc *Logics) GetIDleModuleID(appID int64) (int64, error)

func (*Logics) GetModuleIDsByHostID

func (lgc *Logics) GetModuleIDsByHostID(moduleCond interface{}) ([]int64, error)

GetModuleIDsByHostID get module id by hostid

func (*Logics) GetObjectByCondition

func (lgc *Logics) GetObjectByCondition(defLang language.DefaultCCLanguageIf, objType string, fields []string, condition, result interface{}, sort string, skip, limit int) error

func (*Logics) GetObjectByID

func (lgc *Logics) GetObjectByID(objType string, fields []string, id int64, result interface{}, sort string) error

func (*Logics) GetResourcePoolApp

func (lgc *Logics) GetResourcePoolApp(ownerID int64) (int64, error)

GetResourcePoolApp get resource pool app

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