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Published: Apr 1, 2020 | License: MIT | Module:



const (
	Phone     = "phone"
	Mail      = "mail"
	Password  = "password"
	FirstName = "first_name"
	LastName  = "last_name"
	IDPan     = "id_pan"
	BankCard  = "bank_card"
	IDAadhaar = "id_aadhaar"

func String

func String(maskType string, data string) zap.Field

todo 这个可以做成一个map

type Mask

type Mask interface {
	LastName(data string) string
	FirstName(data string) string
	IDPan(data string) string
	IDAadhaar(data string) string
	BankCard(data string) string
	Password(data string) string
	Mail(data string) string
	Phone(data string) string

func GetMark

func GetMark() Mask

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