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func WithPrefix

func WithPrefix(prefix string) func(*Options)

WithPrefix adds the given prefix when loading parameters


type Options

type Options struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Options contains loading options for parameters

type Parameters

type Parameters map[string]interface{}

Parameters represents a parameters map

func FromFlatten

func FromFlatten(m map[string]string) (Parameters, error)

FromFlatten takes a flatten map and loads it as a Parameters map This uses yaml.Unmarshal to "guess" the type of the value

func Load

func Load(data []byte, ops ...func(*Options)) (Parameters, error)

Load loads the given data in parameters

func LoadFile

func LoadFile(path string, ops ...func(*Options)) (Parameters, error)

LoadFile loads a file (path) in parameters (i.e. flatten map)

func LoadFiles

func LoadFiles(paths []string, ops ...func(*Options)) (Parameters, error)

LoadFiles loads multiple path in parameters, merging them.

func LoadMultiple

func LoadMultiple(datas [][]byte, ops ...func(*Options)) (Parameters, error)

LoadMultiple loads multiple data in parameters

func Merge

func Merge(parameters ...Parameters) (Parameters, error)

Merge merges multiple parameters overriding duplicated keys

func (Parameters) Flatten

func (s Parameters) Flatten() map[string]string

Flatten returns a flatten view of a parameters This becomes a one-level map with keys joined with a dot

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