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func ConvertToHostname

func ConvertToHostname(url string) string

ConvertToHostname converts a registry url which has http|https prepended to just an hostname. Copied from to reduce dependencies.

func DetectDefaultStore

func DetectDefaultStore(store string) string

DetectDefaultStore return the default credentials store for the platform if the store executable is available.


type Store

type Store interface {
	// Erase removes credentials from the store for a given server.
	Erase(serverAddress string) error
	// Get retrieves credentials from the store for a given server.
	Get(serverAddress string) (types.AuthConfig, error)
	// GetAll retrieves all the credentials from the store.
	GetAll() (map[string]types.AuthConfig, error)
	// Store saves credentials in the store.
	Store(authConfig types.AuthConfig) error

Store is the interface that any credentials store must implement.

func NewFileStore

func NewFileStore(file store) Store

NewFileStore creates a new file credentials store.

func NewNativeStore

func NewNativeStore(file store, helperSuffix string) Store

NewNativeStore creates a new native store that uses a remote helper program to manage credentials.

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