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This package provides helper functions for dealing with strings



Package stringutils provides helper functions for dealing with strings.



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func Ellipsis added in v1.13.0

func Ellipsis(s string, maxlen int) string

Ellipsis truncates a string to fit within maxlen, and appends ellipsis (...). For maxlen of 3 and lower, no ellipsis is appended.

func GenerateRandomASCIIString added in v1.9.0

func GenerateRandomASCIIString(n int) string

GenerateRandomASCIIString generates an ASCII random string with length n.

func GenerateRandomAlphaOnlyString

func GenerateRandomAlphaOnlyString(n int) string

GenerateRandomAlphaOnlyString generates an alphabetical random string with length n.

func InSlice

func InSlice(slice []string, s string) bool

InSlice tests whether a string is contained in a slice of strings or not. Comparison is case insensitive

func ShellQuoteArguments

func ShellQuoteArguments(args []string) string

ShellQuoteArguments takes a list of strings and escapes them so they will be handled right when passed as arguments to a program via a shell

func Truncate

func Truncate(s string, maxlen int) string

Truncate truncates a string to maxlen.


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