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Package windowsconsole implements ANSI-aware input and output streams for use by the Docker Windows client. When asked for the set of standard streams (e.g., stdin, stdout, stderr), the code will create and return pseudo-streams that convert ANSI sequences to / from Windows Console API calls.

Deprecated: use instead



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var (
	// GetHandleInfo returns file descriptor and bool indicating whether the file is a console.
	// Deprecated: use
	GetHandleInfo = windowsconsole.GetHandleInfo

	// IsConsole returns true if the given file descriptor is a Windows Console.
	// The code assumes that GetConsoleMode will return an error for file descriptors that are not a console.
	// Deprecated: use
	IsConsole = windowsconsole.IsConsole

	// NewAnsiReader returns an io.ReadCloser that provides VT100 terminal emulation on top of a
	// Windows console input handle.
	// Deprecated: use
	NewAnsiReader = windowsconsole.NewAnsiReader

	// NewAnsiWriter returns an io.Writer that provides VT100 terminal emulation on top of a
	// Windows console output handle.
	// Deprecated: use
	NewAnsiWriter = windowsconsole.NewAnsiWriter


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