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type FileConfigLookup

type FileConfigLookup struct {

FileConfigLookup is a "bare" structure that implements the project.ResourceLookup interface

func (*FileConfigLookup) Lookup

func (f *FileConfigLookup) Lookup(file, relativeTo string) ([]byte, string, error)

Lookup returns the content and the actual filename of the file that is "built" using the specified file and relativeTo string. file and relativeTo are supposed to be file path. If file starts with a slash ('/'), it tries to load it, otherwise it will build a filename using the folder part of relativeTo joined with file.

func (*FileConfigLookup) ResolvePath

func (f *FileConfigLookup) ResolvePath(path, inFile string) string

ResolvePath returns the path to be used for the given path volume. This function already takes care of relative paths.

type OsEnvLookup

type OsEnvLookup struct {

OsEnvLookup is a "bare" structure that implements the project.EnvironmentLookup interface

func (*OsEnvLookup) Lookup

func (o *OsEnvLookup) Lookup(key, serviceName string, config *project.ServiceConfig) []string

Lookup creates a string slice of string containing a "docker-friendly" environment string in the form of 'key=value'. It gets environment values using os.Getenv. If the os environment variable does not exists, the slice is empty. serviceName and config are not used at all in this implementation.

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