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type Certification

type Certification struct {
	URL      string `yaml:"url"`
	Revision string `yaml:"revision"`

Certification ...

type Component

type Component struct {
	Name                  string         `yaml:"name"`
	Key                   string         `yaml:"key"`
	System                string         `yaml:"system"`
	SchemaVersion         string         `yaml:"schema_version"`
	DocumentationComplete string         `yaml:"documentation_complete"`
	ResponsibleRole       string         `yaml:"responsible_role"`
	References            []Reference    `yaml:"references"`
	Verifications         []Verification `yaml:"verifications"`
	Satisfies             []Satisfy      `yaml:"satisfies"`

Component ...

type CoveredBy

type CoveredBy struct {
	SystemKey       string `yaml:"system_key"`
	ComponentKey    string `yaml:"component_key"`
	VerificationKey string `yaml:"verification_key"`

CoveredBy ...

type Dependencies

type Dependencies struct {
	Certifications []Certification `yaml:"certifications"`
	Standards      []Standard      `yaml:"standards"`
	Systems        []System        `yaml:"systems"`

Dependencies ...

type Metadata

type Metadata struct {
	Description string   `yaml:"description"`
	Maintainers []string `yaml:"maintainers"`

Metadata ...

type Narrative

type Narrative struct {
	Key  string `yaml:"key"`
	Text string `yaml:"text"`

Narrative ...

type OpenControl

type OpenControl struct {
	Name           string        `yaml:"name"`
	SchemaVersion  string        `yaml:"schema_version"`
	Metadata       *Metadata     `yaml:"metadata"`
	Components     []string      `yaml:"components"`
	Certifications []string      `yaml:"certifications"`
	Standards      []string      `yaml:"standards"`
	Dependencies   *Dependencies `yaml:"dependencies"`

OpenControl ...

type Parameter

type Parameter struct {
	Key  string `yaml:"key"`
	Text string `yaml:"text"`

Parameter ...

type Reference

type Reference struct {
	Name string `yaml:"name"`
	Path string `yaml:"path"`
	Type string `yaml:"type"`

Reference ...

type Satisfy

type Satisfy struct {
	StandardKey            string      `yaml:"standard_key"`
	ControlKey             string      `yaml:"control_key"`
	Narrative              []Narrative `yaml:"narrative"`
	ControlOrigin          string      `yaml:"control_origin"`
	ControlOrigins         []string    `yaml:"control_origins"`
	Parameters             []Parameter `yaml:"parameters"`
	ImplementationStatus   string      `yaml:"implementation_status"`
	ImplementationStatuses []string    `yaml:"implementation_statuses"`
	CoveredBy              []CoveredBy `yaml:"covered_by"`

Satisfy ...

type Standard

type Standard struct {
	URL      string `yaml:"url"`
	Revision string `yaml:"revision"`

Standard ...

type System

type System struct {
	URL      string `yaml:"url"`
	Revision string `yaml:"revision"`

System ...

type Verification

type Verification struct {
	Key         string      `yaml:"key"`
	Name        string      `yaml:"name"`
	Path        string      `yaml:"path"`
	Type        string      `yaml:"type"`
	Description string      `yaml:"description"`
	TestPassed  bool        `yaml:"test_passed"`
	LastRun     interface{} `yaml:"last_run"`

Verification ...

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